Le’Vell Zimmerman ~ Ascension is not about being vegan, how long or how much you meditate

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, August 29th, 2016

3ed Eye

Le’Vell Zimmerman

It is necessary to recognize how many souls who have access to these transmissions are privileged not only by having access to this divine assistance though this particular platform of divine guidance, but also in having access to the electronic devices to view this information, and a whole plethora of other blessing that often go overlooked by the mind identity that choices to complain about the miracle of life that is this now moment.

As you continue to ground yourself in more balance and acceptance of this now your sensitivity level and awareness expands into embracing more and more of your own glory, where your love is recognized in every aspect of creation beyond the Ego’s judgements of right/wrong, or good/bad.

The divine gift of being alive is embraced through your continued expression of gratitude, where we recognize how many newly awakened souls with various opinions and conveniences throughout their living environment remain focused on superficial judgements in reference to being awakened that are only reflective of one’s own sense of immaturity and dissatisfaction which is addressed through focusing more within and not on what the mind feels others are doing “wrong”.

Ascension is not about being vegan, how long or how much you meditate, your associated with aspects of the Spiritual Hierarchy, comparison/competition, drinking out of glass bottles, or any other superficial aspect of the illusion, where in truth there are many highly evolved Ascended Masters incarnate amongst humanity at present who are much more advanced that most of humanity and don’t have access to fresh fruits, clean drinking water, or expensive food products, however continue to cultivate a balanced sense of gratitude for every breath and are elevating beyond all fearful distortions here on this journey.

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