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The fact of the matter is, human beings are magnificent. One of the most important things that we need to change in order to experience this aspect of ourselves is our perspective on learning. For example, how can we learn from the perspective that we have all knowledge within us, instead of the perspective that we are empty until knowledge is installed from the inside out? In other words, how can we practice learning from within?

We have been conditioned to believe that we are empty beings in need of filling. We have been told that we are born as a blank slate (‘Tabula Rasa’), and that we must learn in order to equip ourselves with knowledge that was inherently lacking.

But is this even true? Or is this assumption in light of recent discoveries in need of revision …

One of the contentions of the holofractographic universe model we have been exploring so far (in black whole dynamics and the origin of consciousness and also in the nature of mind and our holographic brain) is that we are pure consciousness, in a universe of pure energy/consciousness, and that we are holographic expressions of the whole. Therefore in a very real sense, we have access to all information in the universe through ourselves.

It is all available within us.

But our conditioning is not conducive to an experience of that nature of ourselves. If we believe that we are empty in need of filling, we will not discover the knowledge within, and we will not realize that we have all information within ourselves. Our only task in life is not to become more, but to realize and express what we already are. Learning from within is a perceptual shift that will help us do just that.

The Power of Memory

Our minds are more powerful than we can comprehend, but we do not give them a chance to show their power. Instead we were conditioned to learn by copying and note-taking which is much less efficient, and diminishes our memory and the true power of our minds. In Egyptian mythology, when Thoth (Theuth) invented writing he went to the God Amon who was the king of Egypt in that remote epoch, and he implored him to introduce writing to the populace. This was Amon’s reply:

“O most expert Theuth, one man can give birth to the elements of an art, but only another can judge how they can benefit or harm those who use them. And now, since you are the father of writing, your affection for it has made you describe its effects as the opposite of what they really are. In fact it will breed forgetfulness into the soul of those who learn it: they will not practice using their memory because they will put their trust in writing, which is eternal and depends on signs that belong to others, instead of trying to remember from the inside, completely on their own. You have not discovered a potion for remembering but for reminding; you provide your students with the appearance of wisdom, not its reality. Your invention will enable them to hear many things without being properly taught, and they will imagine that they have come to know much while for the most part they will know nothing. (Underworld, p.93)”

Imagine yourself reading a book (or listening to a lecture), and then storing the important facts in your mind consciously without ever having to write down a word, and being able to consciously remember them whenever you wish. Then as you gather information over time on you continually activate that knowledge, connect and relate the already present ideas, information, and images you have stored in your mind-field with the new, and in essence create an infallible network of knowledge and understanding all within yourself.

You will not have to rely on your notes for anything, but will have it all available within you. The reason why this is so important is because it helps us develop not only our memory, but our abilities to memorize, contemplate, imagine, and to know from within ourselves. And this is only first step to a whole new level of consciousness and relationship with the field which I call learning from within.

This is what is missing in the world today. We all feed off external sources of information and just Google search a fact we want to know, but then forget it almost immediately afterwards. This is not true knowledge, nor intelligence because we are always taking the opinions of others without taking the time to know, to think, and to understand for ourselves. Thus we “give the appearance of wisdom, not its reality … [we] imagine we have come to know much while for the most part we know nothing.”

When we interpret reality all from within ourselves, this conditions us to think things through on our own and come to our own conclusions, and to recall from within. And when we do this we also create the internal conditions to tap into universal consciousness and intelligence.

Then we become open and available for true insight, intuition, and wisdom not just in terms of learning and understanding, but also as guidance for our lives.

The written word is a wonderful mode of transmission of knowledge directly from the mind one to the mind of another, unimpeded by separation in space or in time. This is one of the greatest ways to learn, and to develop our ability to imagine and to think along with great minds because we are literally thinking their thoughts as we read their words.

Yet at the same time as writing is a fantastic form of self-expression and creativity, I believe it should have a minimal place in the learning process. To start using your memory and your mind to their fullest potential, and to begin learning from within, here are a few suggestions to help get you there.

Learning From Within

1. Stop taking notes. This is the most essential step of this ancient learning method, learning from within. We have been conditioned to take notes in order to learn, but as Amon stated on the topic of writing, “In fact it will breed forgetfulness into the soul of those who learn it: they will not practice using their memory because they will put their trust in writing, which is eternal and depends on signs that belong to others, instead of trying to remember from the inside, completely on their own. You have not discovered a potion for remembering but for reminding.”

By diverting our attention while learning (through reading, observing, or listening) we are not fully taking in the information, and we most definitely are not using our memories to their fullest capacity. In fact we are completely bypassing our memories. Instead of engaging our attention and our energy to remember and record information in our mind-field, we are engaging our attention and energy on recording what has been said on paper. Therefore it is not recorded within us.

2. Be Patient and take time to contemplate. This isn’t a process to learn something quickly, although you will be able to learn much faster if you develop your mind and memory to work in this fashion. This is a process of tapping into the true powers of your consciousness, expanding your mind to conceive of your true potential, and understand the true nature of yourself and reality.

Learning from within is a practice of cultivating deep understanding and wisdom, and expanding your mind.

Because the majority of us haven’t used our memory/mind in this way before, it is important to be patient. If information doesn’t seem to stick at first, don’t fret. Adopt the perspective that you are mastering the subject over time, and simply continue to study and meditate on the material. The more that we genuinely contemplate what we have learned, the deeper it is internalized within us.

3. Use a highlighter. When you come across important information, quotes, or facts while reading, highlight it. Not just on the page, but in your mind as well. Reread the paragraph or selection a few times until it is fixed and clear in your mind and imagination and then move on. This is called reading with deliberation. When you read/learn in this fashion there is no need to take notes or copy down the information.

When you highlight it you can be assured that you will be able to find it again quite easily if necessary and thus you will not be as worried that you will not be able to remember since you did not write the fact or idea down. But more importantly, you are training your memory. This is what we don’t do when we take notes. When we take notes we write things down but without specifically intending on remembering, and so we usually forget.

When you intend on remembering and give yourself no other option but to remember, you will be absolutely astounded at what you pick up. You will easily remember important ideas, dates, figures, people, and facts as a whole unit. Not all of it to be sure, but the most essential information which you will build on over time. And when you practice writing about it, you will remember those ideas and be able to use them creatively in your work and in your life.

This ability will only improve the more that you train your memory, and the more that you learn about the subjects you have chosen to study.

4. Learn Daily. Even if it just for a half an hour a day, this will greatly develop your retention and understanding of the material, especially at first. When just starting out the process of retraining your brain to learn and to remember entirely from within, you will need to build a foundation of understanding.

It may take some time to build this foundation, because you will be learning everything in a new way. The majority of what we have previously learned was only on the surface, but this is learning from the inside out.

Take time to build the foundation – just by creating the new habit of studying consistently, nothing else required – on the subject of your choice, and a time will come much sooner than you think when you find it coming through you spontaneously and powerfully.

It will come through you like as a stream of information, and you will find yourself making new connections and having new insights not just about what you have learned, but of your life, yourself, and the world, and how it all relates directly to one another.

This is the true purpose of learning. Once you begin to feel and experience this veritable stream of information, you will also gain a sense of what it feels like channeling/downloading information directly from the field. Ultimately we have this potential. We can download information directly from the field even if we have never learned it through an external source before.

In truth this is what all great and inspired creative works are, and this is also why this process of learning from within is so important: because it helps us to experience what it is like storing information within the field, and extracting it from the field. Once we become acclimatized to this process, eventually we will make a shift where we will naturally start extracting information from the field that we didn’t consciously place there.

This is insight, and this is a key step to a whole new experience of and relationship with the universe.

5. Write about it in your own words. If you absolutely have to make a note to yourself about an idea, then stop whatever you are doing and give yourself to the development of the idea. Write about it in your own words, exactly in the way that it is playing in your mind.

If you can write about something fluently and thoroughly, then you have a good foundation, and your ideas have taken on a life of their own.Once this foundation has been created they will keep developing expanding, and forming into deeper and more profound ideas and insights.

You will never forget knowledge once it takes this form, for it has become a part of you.

Writing makes us better thinkers. Note taking doesn’t. The process of exploring the ideas through creative writing helps us to establish them firmly in our minds so that we never have to go back and refer to what we wrote because that information will have become a part of us.

When writing, it is way more important at first to write what you know for yourself to get all of your ideas down. Once your ideas are down in a first draft, then your subconscious works on the ideas, and you will consistently build on them and fine tune them over time.

Our culture in general focuses too much on thinking about and remembering what other people have said, and the facts they discovered, and the result is that most of us don’t think, let alone discover, anything for ourselves.

6. Meditate. Memory is the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind; between your limited individual consciousness and universal consciousness. Our subconscious mind (universal consciousness) is a field of information like the internet (without its physical counterpart) within which everything that has ever happened is holographically encoded and is available to us.

When you meditate you increase the connecting link between your conscious mind and your subconscious, thereby creating and cultivating greater powers of memory, understanding, and thus intelligence than you dreamed possible. Not to mention the benefit of healing the human energy field.

A New Relationship to the Field

Learning in this fashion cultivates an indescribable sense of power and connection.The next step of the evolution of human consciousness is going to be a step towards a new way of interacting with the unified field (reality/universal consciousness). One that requires no books, no notes, and no diagrams, only thought, memory, and imagination.

This is the first step to that shift in consciousness.

By learning from within we are learning how to really use our minds and our imaginations and memories, and thus we are preparing for this shift in our consciousness. When you learn to learn and experience in this fashion not only will you discover your mind acting in stupendous and unfathomable ways, making connections you never would have consciously thought of making, but you will also find insight and information coming to you directly.

The more that you know and engage in learning from within, the more that you come to regard yourself as a source of knowledge. Not merely a container of it, but knowledge itself. And that is a perspective and self-image which is much more closely aligned with your true nature, and with the nature of the universe.

This is the power of learning from within … and it is just the beginning.



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