How Earth and humans are interlinked

New Science / Thursday, February 21st, 2013

A short overlook on different energetic features on Earth, so I do not have to explain the scientific stuff later on.

Let us look at the brain before moving on. The picture above is from BBC News, but it will do as an illustration of what I wish to explain.

What we need as well is a list over frequencies in the brain:

Delta 0,5-4 Hz. Measured in infants and sleeping adults.
Theta 4-8 Hz. Measured in smaller children and sleeping adults.
Alpha 8-13 Hz. Relaxed condition. Measured in the occipital lobe area.
Beta1 13-33 Hz. Active and attentive state. Measured primarily in the parietal and frontal lobe areas.
Gamma/beta2 33-69 Hz. So-called higher consciousness.

Naturally colors, light etc. are measured in other units than Hz and the imaging from BBC News have been manipulated into matching colors in Thz with the brain waves in Hz, so my aim here is not to make a direct comparison with the brain waves and the spectrum of light.

How we view light has a lot to do with the features of the outer eye and the visual center in the dorsal area of the brain. This is not what I am aiming for, i.e. the scientific explanations and the correspondence between light, sound, color, brain waves and frequencies – you can figure this out, if you find it important. What needs to be noticed though is that the different areas in the brain, cf. the picture, functions on different frequencies, cf. the list over frequencies in the brain and that is has been combined into a 3D illustration, where we see (if you click on the BBC News link) how this looks like, when steams of energy works.

When you understand that reality and you are made out of frequencies, energy and atoms (different expressions for the same thing), you understand that matter and the way matter functions have to do with its frequencies and the context, i.e. the surrounding frequencies, are interrelated, or exchange properties of interference. If one context applies a range of different energies unto another field of energy, having a slightly different frequency, a so-called peripheral or “encasing” will occur, but they are still two distinct systems functioning within different spectrums of energy, albeit they might have nodal points were they have constructive or destructive interference. In spite of their dissimilarity in appearance it does not mean they are not interlinked and effect each other:

The magnetic field of Earth range in between audio frequencies of about 1.3 kHz near the Equator to 2.5 kHz near the Poles, around 2 kHz being typical of mid-latitudes. Thus proton (hydrogen nucleus) EFNMR frequencies are audio frequencies of about 1.3 kHz near the Equator to 2.5 kHz near the Poles, around 2 kHz being typical of mid-latitudes. Examples of molecules containing hydrogen nuclei useful in proton EFNMR are water, hydrocarbons such as natural gas and petroleum, and carbohydrates such as occur in plants and animals.

In terms of the electromagnetic spectrum EFNMR frequencies are in the ULF (300 hertz and 3 kilohertz) radio frequency bands. Extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) with frequencies from 3 to 300 Hz, and corresponding wavelengths from 100,000 to 1000 kilometers.

The Schumann resonance holds a spectrum of frequencies beginning at 3 Hz and extends to 60 Hz and interestingly enough it is most active during daytime, following the human awakening state of consciousness, because as I would propose the Schumann resonance is not just an earthly phenomenon, but the outer expression of the collective consciousness field (CCF). Despite the scientific explanation that the variations reflect the fluctuations of the Sun – well it does ALSO reflects the Sun:

The lowest-frequency mode of the Schumann resonance is at a frequency of approximately 7.83, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 Hertz, which is caused by the daily increase and decreases in the ionization of the ionosphere because of variations in radiation from the sun. This has the effect of reducing the height of the ionosphere at noon local time.

The Schumann resonace day and night

During nighttime, the human brain produces: Delta 0,5-4 Hz. Measured in infants and sleeping adults and Theta 4-8 Hz. Measured in smaller children and sleeping adults.

During daytime, the human brain produces: Beta1 13-33 Hz. Active and attentive state. Measured primarily in the parietal and frontal lobe areas.

Coincidence? Hardly.

As Dr. Rollin McCraty puts it:
“For example, changes in the earth’s magnetic field are associated with changes in brain and nervous system activity; performance of athletic, memory and other tasks; sensitivity in a wide range of extrasensory perception experiments; synthesis of nutrients in plants and algae; the number of reported traffic violations and accidents; mortality from heart attacks and strokes; and incidence of depression and suicide. It’s interesting to note that changes in geomagnetic conditions affect the rhythms of the heart more strongly than all the physiological functions studied so far.

There is also evidence in some cases that people’s brainwaves can synchronize with the rhythm of the electromagnetic waves generated in the earth’s ionosphere. When people say they “feel” an impending earthquake or other planetary events, such as weather changes, it is possible that they may be reacting to the actual physical signals that occur in the earth’s field prior to the event.

While it is not difficult to conceive that life-forms embedded in the earth’s magnetic fields could be affected by modulations in these fields, it is a more far-reaching proposition to suggest that the earth’s fields can be influenced or modulated by human emotions. Nevertheless, GCI researchers theorize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the activity in the earth’s field. In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this could be thought of as a planetary stress wave, and in cases where a positive wave is created, it could create a global coherence wave. This perspective is supported by research at the Institute of HeartMath, which has shown that emotions not only create coherence or incoherence in our bodies, but, like radio waves, also radiate outward and are detected by the nervous systems of others in our environment.

It is now clear that our nervous systems detect these electromagnetic waves generated by others in our environment, but there is also evidence of a global effect when large numbers of people create similar outgoing waves.”

I for certain feel when the Sun has major bursts of plasma, hitting Earth – so to follow up on your daily energetic constitution, hear the 3MIN News as a forecast of the energetic fluctuations, which you will become more sensitive to.

Further reading – recommended if you still doubt the interconnection:

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