Healing The Earth Without Government by Wes Annac

Spiritual Perspectives, Transhumanism / Sunday, February 15th, 2015




Some of us are convinced this is one of the only ways to restore the world to its once pristine condition, but it isn’t. Like we’ve been exploring in this segment, there are plenty of big and small things we can do to heal the earth and we don’t need to get the elite’s attention to do them.

It’s unfortunate that they’re at the top of a political pyramid of their own design, and they’ve put themselves in the powerful positions that enable them to decide what is and isn’t done for the sake of the earth.

A lot of our politicians are in bed with the corporations who are hurting the earth and they won’t think twice before they work in those corporations’ interests, so for the most part, we can’t count on our government or anyone in a position of political influence to enact legislation that’ll help the earth.

They might pass laws that look good on paper, but there’s always some kind of catch that diminishes the laws’ value or effectiveness.

We have to rely on ourselves and each other to save the world, and this makes it more important to do what we can to make life better for our planet and everyone on it. We have to ask ourselves what lifestyle changes we can make to sustain the earth, and we obviously can’t be selfish anymore.

By ‘being selfish’ I mean embodying the self-serving quality that causes us not to think about how our actions impact the world or even the people around us.

A lack of selfishness is usually filled by a desire to openheartedly serve others and question how our actions affect them and this beautiful world of ours, so we’ll want to diminish our tendency to think only about ourselves. In its place can be a relentless desire to help others.

As strange as it sounds, helping other people throughout the day actually helps the earth. This segment is mostly centered on what we can do to help the environment, but true planetary healing doesn’t just result from environmental initiatives – it also results from the things we do to keep our minds open, stay aligned with love and make other people’s lives easier.

There’s a lot we can do beyond protecting the environment, even though it’s one of the most important aspects of the earth’s restoration. We can find a quiet place in nature to meditate at a few times a week, and as we do, we can envision all the poisons that have seeped into the earth’s ground being cleaned.

We can envision waters that have been poisoned by oil being cleaned, and the animals who’ve come close to death being cured. We can help the animals who have died as a result of our environmental destruction receive soul-level healing and move beyond their trauma.

We can envision a planet that’s loved and respected by its people, and we can meditate on what we should do to make all these changes happen. The rational world would obviously criticize the idea of using meditation, visualization or a higher vibration to heal the earth, because most people think these things have little to do with actual, concrete action.

Visualization alone might not create the changes we want to see, unless everyone does it together. It’s a lot more powerful than most people give it credit for, however, because they’re still unaware of spirituality or the idea that we can use spirit, meditation, visualization, etc. to make real and lasting changes.

It’s important to remember that this reality, however dense or spiritually suffocating at times, is just as spiritual as any higher realm. Nothing about this reality makes it spiritually suffocating beyond the things people have done to it, and we can reverse the selfish, unaware actions of man by embracing spirituality and selflessness.

This reality is as spiritual or non-spiritual as we let it be, and if we tap into our greater spiritual abilities and collectively use them for the earth’s benefit, we might be surprised at what we achieve. Those of you who follow David Wilcock probably know about the meditation effect, and I’ll explain it briefly here.

The meditation effect is something groundbreaking that happens when large numbers of people get together in groups all around the world to meditate, thereby raising the collective vibration. Around the time of one particular worldwide meditation, terrorism was found to be reduced by over 50%.

Large groups of people meditating all around the globe caused a significant reduction in terrorism, and if we all got together and utilized our spiritual abilities to heal the earth, we could very well make some changes.

I think the earth relies on us to get together and meditate on its restoration. It also relies on us to take direct, social action, but neither avenues are complete without each other. Activism’s a great, direct way to raise awareness and create change, but it’s incomplete if we can’t help the earth from the spiritual side of the veil too.

Meditating on change is a great way to fix things on the spiritual side, but it’s incomplete if we practice it without doing anything to raise awareness among the general public. Both of these things combined will help our cause significantly, but we have to embrace them both before we can know for sure.

In conclusion, we can’t rely on our governments to fix the mess they’re partially responsible for, and we certainly can’t rely on the corporations who have our governments in their pockets. We have to rely on each other and our spirituality to heal the world, and as long as we’re aligned and genuine in our intent, making change might actually be easy.

Everything’s hard at first, but with dedication and consistency, it always gets easier. We’ll want to stay socially and spiritually dedicated if we want to restore the world to its former condition, and relying on each other will be more helpful than turning to the forces who require our complacent allegiance to thrive.

We have all the power, and we can heal this world as quickly as it was hurt – we just have to realize it and get to work with love in our hearts and dedication in our minds.




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