A New Vibration For Humanity

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by Jennifer Hoffman

As you ascend from the third dimension to higher dimensions of being, different aspects of your spiritual body are being activated. You become more aware of your spiritual nature and gain a new perspective of your journey. Your are more present in your Source connection and remove the veil between the spiritual and material worlds, with access to new possibilities for your reality.

The change in vibration allows you to step outside of karma and your emotional DNA and you can access a new heart energy, your spiritual heart. This heart energy is free of emotions, judgments, pain and all memory of lifetimes of suffering. It is your direct connection to Source and to unconditional love.

Your emotional heart is how you connect to others on the material plane. Your feelings of like and dislike, being in love or not, feeling fear or joy are all part of your emotional heart energy. This energy carries imprints of every past life, everything you have suffered and all of the fear that has been part of your lifetimes of experience. Many of your choices are made from your emotional heart energy for it carries the unresolved karma you have with everyone in your soul group. When you apply forgiveness to these relationships you close the connections to your emotional heart and open new connections in your spiritual heart.

Your spiritual heart carries the energy of unconditional love and has no karma for there is no karma in the higher dimensions. It connects to others through compassion and is able to recognize and connect to the divinity in everyone. There are no soul groups bound by soul wounds within this space, all who are at this vibration are part of every soul group for it is here that you understand the One-ness of All. It is in your spiritual heart that you can find peace, joy that surpasses happiness, true love and freedom from the restrictions and dense energies of the material plane.

This is a new vibration for humanity, one that is available to those who choose it from the space of willingness to blend the spiritual and material, to forego their need for emotional validation to creating their own reality according to the desires of their heart and soul. It is available to those who are willing to end karma and forgive unconditionally. You can still enjoy the same emotions that are part of your human experience, but on a different level, without the attachments to others that create the complications and lessons of your soul journey. And when you love from your spiritual heart you are joining your heart with that of the Creator, creating a vibration of unconditional love that can be experienced by all.




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