Gregg Prescott: The Singularity – Compressing Time Online

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By Gregg Prescott, M.S.,, August 29, 2015

when ur online, did u ever notice how some ppl abbreviate words?

e.g. i <3 u

Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero theory suggests that time is spiraling towards the singularity.  Within McKenna’s premise, how we relate to one another online is also becoming compressed.  Is there a metaphysical reason behind this phenomenon?

Online, there is a noticeable compression of our language in terms of how our language is being compacted into the simplest form, yet it’s recognized and accepted by almost everyone, with the exception of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. Just about everyone has used some of the following compressions:

lol, lmao, bc, brb, ffs, k, tc, i <3 u, etc..

Think about the next stage in our evolution regarding speech.  In time, we’ll be completely transparent as we increase in our telepathic abilities. Is the reduction in written speech a precursor to what lies ahead?  Are we compressing our language into its simplest form as a segue into becoming a telepathic society?


Our potential to learn has grown exponentially with the inception of the computer, which merely translates code into something we can tangibly understand. When you look at a photo online, it’s not really a picture, it’s a computer code translated into a photograph. Our minds are also coding to become more efficient while using less memory.

This also related to watching TV. Did you ever say, “I saw this program the other day…”   When you watch TV, you’re literally being “programmed” into a specific train of thought.  Additionally, while watching TV, your mind isn’t working or focused on the compression of information. When you escape the matrix, you’re able to de-program your mind from all of the fear and ego-ladened material on TV.

Fortunately, when we become a Type 1 civilization, there will no longer be the need for TV as we know it.  Any “programming” will be in the best interests of humanity, so if you like watching horror flicks or the nightly news, then enjoy them in 3d while they’re still available but keep this in mind:  There’s a reason why horror flicks and the nightly news are being shoved down our throats… to keep us in the vibration of FEAR.

Some studies indicate that we only use 30% of our brains. Is there a reason why 70% of our mind is “idle” right now?  Imagine if you read a 500 page book and were able to send that information to another being with just a simple, compressed holographic thought?  Once the grid of consciousness is fully connected, then our minds will become thousands of time more powerful than any computer.  Like a computer, perhaps the unused 70% of our minds will become our “reserve memory”?

It would be easy to write the compression of thought off as being lazy but as we all know, everything happens for a reason.  Keep this in mind as time is spiraling towards the singularity.


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