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Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, April 3rd, 2015

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channeled by Anita Küttner-Kroll, March 31, 2015
translated by Georgi Stankov

Georgi Stankov

Even if this message discusses well-known esoteric truths, it is highly relevant at this moment for one simple reason. We have commenced to create our world in a conscious manner and we must be aware that this creation is subject to some simple but fundamental laws.

One of them is that we, consciously or unconsciously, create anything we experience. When we look at this world as given and only seek to make us comfortable in it, as the majority of the people actually does, then we come very soon to the basic idea that we live in a permanent state of scarcity.

In my two theoretical articles the other day: “How to Put the Pieces Together” and “Personal Reflections” I identify the perception of scarcity as the primary cause of all evil in this world. Although this finding appears plausible, yet it is an undeniable fact that most people take no notice of it, because otherwise we would not need to observe all these wars and conflicts and the ever-increasing poverty of humanity on this planet.

All-That-Is is abundance, creative abundance, and the same is true for each one of us, especially now that the energetic structures for instant creation have already been set up and activated by us on this uppermost mother planet with the opening of the last portal on March 20th,

After all, what I perceive, and as we have been insured by the Elohim, the big breakthrough will come very soon, possibly next month, even if we know that linear time is an illusion. Everything speaks for an imminent quantum leap in our ability to create immediately and we are the ones that can speed up or slow down this process, as Anita’s message clearly states on this issue.

A second fundamental truth is that we create both our outer world and our inner world at the same time. The exterior world is the consensual reality of all incarnated souls and changes very slowly according to the collective beliefs and prejudices of the majority. This is a very slow process, as we regretfully observe today.

At the same time – and here comes the big news of which Anita’s message, in line with the Elohim’s message, makes us aware – we decide as Creator Gods solely and alone how we should experience this consensual reality. And now be attentive: We can make the decision to continue experiencing this reality from the standpoint of our limited 3D consciousness or distance ourselves entirely from this world and decide to adopt the multidimensional approach of our souls.

This is the crossroad at which we all stand now. Those, who have wholeheartedly embraced the multidimensional vision of things of their souls, will very soon undergo a massive expansion of consciousness and de facto ascend – i.e. transfigure their physical body into a crystalline light body. This first Ascended Masters will not disappear from this reality, because their bodies will still remain visible here, at least for those people who have also raised their frequencies sufficiently. Only they will now have immense powers of creation and will immediately begin to act as Logos Gods, serving humanity and leading it to new horizons. As I said, the chances are very high that this will happen as early as next month with some of us.

However, what needs to be of central gnostic importance to all of you is that there is now also a subjective reality existing besides the consensual collective reality. Actually, it has always existed, but it has not been perceived, or rather denied, by most incarnated souls and this attitude determined the old 3D holographic model.

Now the rules of the game have changed fundamentally, and some of us, who have already transfigured their bodies, will demonstrate this fact also visibly to everyone. This includes all attributes of an Ascended Master as bilocation, immediate creation, etc. Or as the Elohim tell us in their latest message:

A refined reality that now exposes more truth; a reality that then nurtures more of humanity and where more of humanity then softens to life, as lies are exposed and one can now return to breathing with relief, in the knowledge that you, the Light warriors, are now truly on the “other” side, the side of honest recognition, where your power is drawn back to you, returned to you, in a kind of sudden enlightened moment.

This statement coincides fully with those of Anita’s HS. So, here we have a remarkable consistency. Now enjoy the clear message of Anita HS and immediately begin to think, feel and create from the fulcrum of your soul, if you really want to ascend. We must now meet our souls half-way before they descend fully into our bodies and build the paradise on earth. This is what one should understand under the term “harmonic convergence‘.



Dear sister, you are creating with everything you do, say, or perceive your own world. Yes, even the perception creates your world. You decide what you perceive and what not. In this way, your very own world arises. And so it is for everyone. This is nothing new, as it was always like that. For this you need do nothing great, it is just the nature of your Being.

What is new now, is that you become aware more and more of this obvious process and therefore can also deliberately influence what you create. That is, until now you have created your world more or less unconsciously and now you have, depending on the level of consciousness, acquired the ability to specifically interact with the formation of your world. This is the personal level of what is happening right now.

Of course you are creating, each one on his own, and all together your common world. But how you experience this world, is entirely the creative act of each individual. Because the experience of the world is as much a creative act as the creation of this world. As such, there is of course no collective destiny. Even when the outer fate of two people looks very similar, viewed from the outside the inner experience of these two people can be totally different. This is what we mean when we say that everyone creates his own world.

We would like to once again focus on how your common world is changing now – even in your perception. You have been for example so far mainly conditioned to perceive strongly what you are missing. Yes, you are conditioned to perceive conditions of scarcity in a more pronounced way than states of abundance. If you look at your world, you will be able to see that it is true. You perceive scarcity much easier than true wealth. The reason for this is that you have separated yourself from your soul, and thus make experiences separated from the source. As long as this separation is your reality, you perceive scarcity everywhere.

This has of course serious implications. What is there, appear to you more as a matter of fact. What is missing, is what you feel more or less as painful. And by this selective perception you create individually and collectively a world of scarcity. Unless you begin to counteract, each one for himself. This is then entirely a conscious creation. The creation of worlds of scarcity happens, so to speak, automatically as long as you create unconsciously. Now, when you begin to consciously create, you can counteract this automatism and create more and more consciously worlds of abundance.

That is, first, each one of you can create as an individual for himself a world of abundance. This was basically always the case. However, only very few people were aware of this fact, and even less have considered the consequences and started to create abundance for themselves. Now more and more people become aware of their capabilities and therefore can accomplish this task with greater clarity.

Anyone who is becoming aware of this already helps in the re-creation of your world.

Dearest Masters, dearest creators of worlds, dearest Co-Creator Gods, all of you create your world together. And indeed it is so, all of you have already created your world together. You have already created your new world. It is your old world that was there from the very beginning. Only you have brought it now to the brink of total destruction by your creativity, by your unconsciousness and by your obstinacy. This fact is so obvious and no one would seriously dispute it.

Now you have actually reached the point where you can reverse this trend again. You, all together! As everyone of you begins to awaken and to realize and use his potential.

That is the point. And you have all the energetic support that you need. For, as we have already stated, your world has already exceeded the outermost point of contraction and thus the longest apparent distance from the Source. Now you are all together already on the way back.

For this purpose all these energy increases were needed in order to bring you to this point. Now you can start to relax more and more. You really have the worst already behind you. Now it is possible for each one of you and together as a collective to bring a new world into Being, the one you have already created. Now you can visualize this new world of abundance through your being and your actions.




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