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by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 14, 2020 Today I would like to expand more on the current final phase of the ascension as already discussed in my previous publication. The events are unfolding now with breathtaking speed and this is the most optimistic trend I have witnessed in the last two and half […]


The Elohim: This is more than an ID shift – it is a Transgalactic Shift of the earth to a new quantum configuration of space-time continuum

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives

  by GEORGI STANKOV posted on FEBRUARY 14, 2017 Tonight I experienced the most dramatic and life-threatening event since I anchored the protuberance field with codes for the understanding of the new Theory of the Universal Law last summer. Read: August 6th and 7th, 2016: The Creation of the Protuberance Field for the Two Spiritual World Centres […]



Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

  Georgi Stankov, July 12, 2016 The latest publication was the crowning and the final accord of my editorial activities associated with this reality. I have finished with my mission in this world and have to move on. From now on I will focus my entire mental forces on the preparation for my new […]


Georgi Stankov – Multi Dimensional Creativity

Ascension, Spiritual Perspectives

art by Casperium by GEORGI STANKOV channeled by Anita Küttner-Kroll, March 31, 2015 translated by Georgi Stankov Introduction Georgi Stankov Even if this message discusses well-known esoteric truths, it is highly relevant at this moment for one simple reason. We have commenced to create our world in a conscious manner and we must be aware […]