Galactic hUmaNITY ~ New Earth ~ a Star-Nation Among the Stars ★

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With our esential identity firmly recognized as ONEness, our soul begins to speak to us, to guide us. That deeper part of us WE have always known to be there comes to the forefront as wisdom now guides us. WE now realize our connection to who WE are consciously which includes a galactic family of many life forms based in ONEness.

WE become reacquainted with our brothers and si-stars from other dimensions and galaxies. WE come home to the fact that WE are galactic citizens. WE have always had the abilities to navigate the Stars and other dimensions to recognize our ONEness with all creation. WE just forgot. Whether WE recognize it or not, they are there guiding us behind the scenes. Whatever evolution is, ONE thing is clear the more evolved WE become, the more connected WE recognize WE are. Nothing has changed, just the recognition of it, which is subtle yet profound with earth-shaking implications.

WE have the Galactic Federation to thank for Earth humans not destroying themselves many times over by now. There have been countless incidences when the Galactic Federation has diffused nuclear launches out of control. Without them, hUmaNITY on Earth would all be dead by now. The Galactic Federation is a benevolent large group of star nations devoted to peace in the Universe. Earth is soon to become a member, as soon as this small rouge group controlling Earth is removed from power, and/or when enough of Earth’s population actively embraces LOVE and a reunion with our galactic family.

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The Galactic Federation has The Holy Grail. The location of The Holy Grail is undisclosed. This chalice is made of 144 + 144,000 facets of polished moldavite. It activates the 144 + 144.000 Light-Masters. Each facet contains a code for a Light-Master and when the Light hits the facet, the Light-Master is activated. The 144 + 144.000 is a complex mandala, and each Light-Master will have an important role to play, to create the New Earth.

The 144 + 144.000 are now awake, and preparing for the roles that they are here to play. The 144 + 144.000 are in human form but contain the genetics and codes (activated by Sirius & our higher self) that allow us to move into the New Earth in order to prepare the ground, for the visions that will take place to move the human race into a new level of consciousness.

144 + 144,000 is the number of Light-Masters that must attain Christhood (i.e. ascend) and will reactivate the Christ Light into the Christ Grids to transmute Mother Earth and hUmaNITY.

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LOVE, ONE Inner Light & a New Earth to EveryONE ★



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  1. Where did the Holy Grail originate, before the assumed location of Jerusalem? Could you explain more about the meaning of the 144+144.000, and the significance of the number of facets on the goblet? Is the same Holy Grail attributed to Jesus? Does it have anything to do with the Sinclairs or the St. Clair’s? Who is the “small rouge group” to which you refer? Since they have become more desperate and unpredictable, and insufficient numbers of our Earth population will embrace Love before irreversible damage is done, will the Galactic Federation take the initiative to activate the facets of the Holy Grail sufficient for the visions to take place in order to move the human race to a new level of Consciousnes for the New Earth? BG

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