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Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, September 15th, 2015



We make conscious choices and decisions on a daily basis. Some choices and decisions are a matter of personal preference such as sleeping in a little longer on the weekend or eating dinner an hour later than usual. Other choices and decisions are spontaneous and seem not to have an immediate relevancy in our future, such as deciding to drive to work using a different route instead of our usual way. Then realizing, in hindsight, we actually avoided a major accident that would have blocked our regular traffic route for hours. Or perhaps you are spontaneously invited by some friends to go out for an evening and reluctantly go, but in your impromptu decision to go, the result was meeting a new significant person of interest. By consciously deciding to use an alternative route or spontaneously going out with friends are examples of how our Unconscious Self intuits a stream of consciousness beyond our Conscious Self. These kinds of “intuition” based decisions will become more common for you, dear Ones, as the stream of Fifth Dimension Consciousness begins to intertwine into our Conscious Awareness from September 24, 2015 through October 27, 2015! Our “intuition” based decisions will be serving to demonstrate that the entry into our future Spiritual Destiny, or destination, in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is in process!
The Universe’s Fifth Dimension will not “drop into our laps,” dear Ones, we will have to Create the Fifth Dimension on Earth by accessing the stream of Fifth Dimension Consciousness being Created through Mother Earth’s generation of her own Fifth Dimensional Harmony Vibration Field! You have 12 perception and awareness centers already available through all Seven of your body’s Chakras and your five physical sensory organs harmonizing in unison, so engaging them into practice will be where the Universal Energies will be guiding you from September 24, 2015 through October 27, 2015! In aligning your Love with Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration you will find that your intuition based decisions, or “following your gut feeling,” will facilitate your transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension even more efficiently than would be possible through the use of Fourth Dimensional logic. Currently upon Mother Earth’s waning Fourth Dimension, Fourth Dimensional logic involves social trust based upon the certainty of mutual benefit, such as trading your time for money, trusting that your nation’s currency is as valid as the government’s word, and trusting that democratically elected political leaders will always look out for the benefit of all the people in their districts. There is, however, no place in Fourth Dimensional logic for social trust involving exchanges of Love, for these are rendered as personal and private.
The Universal Energies are currently aligning many Fifth Dimensional background factors into the forefront. Fifth Dimension Awareness introduced us to the many new possibilities and transformational concepts required to comprehend and understand our transition with Mother Earth into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, but Fifth Dimension Consciousness will be guiding us into the practicality of Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! This will become especially True during the days of Fifth Dimension Consciousness from September 24, through October 27, 2015! It is not that you will be “left behind” by any means, as Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Fifth Dimension will occur with our participation or without us, but it will be Time to orient our conscious choices and decisions for the Fifth Dimension! Your answers will come to you by accessing all 12 of your perception and awareness centers and “following your gut feeling” into the Fifth Dimension! There will be little hindrance in deciding and choosing what you will want to do and how you will Live your Life to demonstrate, role model and lead the way into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on Mother Earth! Even though the many factors of Mother Earth’s waning Fourth Dimension will prevail, it will not be possible for anyone to change them!
Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Fifth Dimension is on a schedule with the Universe and cannot be deterred, stalled, or hindered by any Soul, not even God! Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is made solely by the choice and decision of Mother Earth alone! God and the Universe will serve to assist Mother Earth by supporting her choice and decision, much like God and the Universe will be supporting each and every unique individual Soul’s choice and decision to transition with Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension, but it can only be initiated with one’s individual choice and decision! And this is what Fifth Dimension Consciousness is all about, dear Ones, to choose and decide to implement the practicality of the Fifth Dimension’s experience! Once the Energy from September 24, 2015 through October 27, 2015 completes, the Impulse to begin into the Future of Man and Light will begin! The Future of Man and Light will not be formed on Fourth Dimensional logic to trust man’s systems, but upon the Spiritual Essence of Love – to Create a social environment free of competition, comparison, judgment and fear for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension by you and the Legion of Light! You will not face any intrusions, disruptions, or interferences, by the lack of misunderstanding by Man of Destiny Souls, for you will have God’s Harmony Vibration, God’s Auric Field of His/Her Individuality within the spectrum of Energy encompassing the entire Universe, assisting you!
To be versed in the vernacular of Fifth Dimension Consciousness is to return to the feelings and understandings felt within your Heart’s Expression Chakra! The Heart’s Expression Chakra is presently available to you at the very instant of your transformational choice and decision to ponder your future in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! We may not be consciously aware yet what the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will physically “look like” or even how it will “feel.” By aligning into Fifth Dimension Consciousness, we will begin to consciously “know” what Life on Earth will be like on May 22, 2016, when Mother Earth has completely merged into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension – by making conscious efforts into the future as if the future were NOW! And it is, dear Ones! The future is not Created when you get there, but is initiated in the Present Moment of NOW! Creating the future before it arrives is only accomplished by generating an emphasis upon Loving thoughts, feelings, and imagination into what it is and what you will become in the future! This will only be accomplished by remaining open through the spontaneous effort of choosing and deciding in the mode of Fifth Dimension Consciousness!
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