Crop Circles Decoded: A Massive Wave Of Cleansing Light Is Pouring In !

Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, August 7th, 2016

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by Aluna Joy Yaxkin,

Messages from the 2 latest crop circle formations.

This year’s crop circle season is still continuing to thrill us with many star-like formations. This season is flooded with a theme of stars and stellar energy. Now we understand a bit of the reason for this trend.

The crop circle (linked below), that appeared on July 28th, is an 8 petaled star, the number of perfect harmony.

I also see that each of the eight petals are divided directly down the center. This reminds me of the little known fact that the great pyramid of Giza is actually an 8 sided structure; not 4. In certain light, you can see the division down the front side of all four sides of the great pyramid. The great pyramid is a massive energy generator. It is one of those places that I am very grateful that I am not inside it when it is actually turned on.

When I asked about this formation, I received that pyramidal energy (in Earthly and stellar formations) were powering up for something big. This didn’t necessarily mean the great pyramids in Egypt, but it could. This pyramidal energy comes from the dimension ruled by sacred geometry, or the universally common language of math. It is a basic law throughout the universe. Our now finely tuned nervous systems and advancing DNA will experience a greater awakening from its still semi-hibernating state. We can expect to see an acceleration of energy from earthly pyramids and sacred node points on the Earth in the very near future (End of this crop circle’s message). A link to this crop circle is here

Then we were thrilled when another incredible formation appeared a couple of days later on July 30th.

It was created with 20 points in a very unusual, inverted star pattern. I find it really interesting that the points are radiating inwards toward a large sphere. I feel the points connect to the 20 sacred days (perspectives – personalities) of the mayan calendar. These 20 sacred days represent the core of our programming (routines and habits), our personality (how we perceive the world) and destiny (our soul purpose). So….. I asked about this, and I received another brief message. I was shown that the sphere was our Earth, and we were being told that it is NOW in the process of receiving a huge and incredible influx of powerful and transformational energy and LIGHT. But what was even more exciting is that I was shown that a powerful inward portal has been created (a wormhole in time and space of sorts) of which the Earth and humanity will pass through. This is the beginning of what could be a 180 degree shift in many ways the mass population does things, and how they perceive the world around them. Those people who are feeling that their job was done and over might very well get new, evolved job descriptions and a new boost toward even higher goals.

These messages came through with a lot of peaceful and positive energy. This portal is part of our divine plan. Everything is right on point and is in perfect divine timing. No creation of any kind that is out of alignment with natural law will be allowed to go through this portal. Let’s just say there will be a lot of necessary shakeups in the world, and people will have their eyes opened. The Star Elders rarely give me timelines based on any calendar, but I got the feeling from them that we are starting to move through this portal right now. It will intensify with the two eclipses in September, (we will be working the ancient ley lines in England) and by November or early December, we will begin to understand more about what this portal represents to us as a collective humanity, and how it will change our lives and our higher and evolved abilities to manifest and create. Then it will be time for some relaxation and celebration as we begin our re-entry process in a new field of time and space. We will be in the Palenque pyramids in Mexico for this re-entry on the other side of this portal. (See more about this pilgrimage on our website at

The link to this crop circle is here

The bottom line to these message is…. that where we are, as the human race and mother Earth, feels very positive in spite of the fact that everything is looking massively distorted, bordering insanity, with a mass delusion of separation being magnified, and humanity at large appearing to have lost any form of common sense (This does not apply to those reading this. Sadly those who need to read this won’t). All this collective insanity is being flushed to the surface to be cleared out before we pass through this portal. Those still believing in the insanity and imbalances as truth will have tremendous trouble with the next couple of months. This portal will also allow those who are done with their work here to leave their bodies in a blast of light filled with great blessings. Those who recognize the truth and can see the imbalances and mis-creations, and who work in the best way possible in harmonious directions, will find the Earth, your bodies and life in general begin to lighten up. I am already feeling grateful!


Crop Circles Decoded: A Massive Wave Of Cleansing Light Is Pouring In!

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