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Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, August 7th, 2016

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After our entry into the Timelines Convergence; and the hard cleansing which was followed by, this had an impact on the awakening people of earth as follows:

Some of them clashed with the barriers of their inner sub-consciousness, thus hindering their spiritual progress,, and some of them been helped from this hard cleansing in overcoming the obstacles of their inner sub-consciousness and their spiritual progress has increased and moved on, generally; this led to more awakening among the people on planet earth, and therefore it led to an entry in the breakthrough phase..

What happened & what is going to happen in the breakthrough phase?

Based on the great awakening that took place in the period of timelines convergence, the percentage of the collective consciousness has increased, and has become above 50% now , and based on this percentage in the law of universe ;  the galactic community considered what happened as an approval from the people of earth to them to go through direct intervention in the internal affairs of a planet on the physical level, to meet the demands of their brothers and children in this planet,, whereas the interference before was external outside the planet and internally indirectly based on specific agreements..

The decision of direct intervention had led to take some new decisions (Both internally and externally for the planet) of which:

Intensification of direct action on the dismantling of Plasma and Veil Technology, especially after getting rid of the major negative sub-timelines that related to the new timeline which happened after the increasing of the percentage of the collective consciousness recently…

Intensification the appearance of the light space ships in the earth’s atmosphere, to help in preparing people on the fact of disclosure, and accelerate the process of the disclosure files..

Dropping off specialized teams (non-physical beings) to support the awakening of the light workers & Light warriors, and work with them on strengthening and activating the Network Energy of the planet…

The event (physically) & pulse (spiritually) are the peak point of that breakthrough phase..

The Natural Ascension people
with the supporting of the Oneness beings & the light beings will work hard on raising the light pillars to help in the process of the breakthrough, and to be the connecting point between the earth and the sky, in order to promote the building of the cities of Light, and to be stations for the physical and multi-dimensional contacts..  

There will be 7 cities of light, and the 8th will be the Crystal City,, those cities will be the healthy environment which will contain and save all the ready people for changing in the period of transformation as healthy communities..

Those Cities will help people to:
1- understand how to deal with the galactic community…

2- enlighten them for the new life and the new dimensions that waiting for them..
3- prepare them for the ascension plan..

Through this breakthrough phase, the earth will enter the physical changes even coincide with the period of the change & prepare herself for the ascension…and as a result we will witness the following:

–  Many changes on the sky view like:  Colors, huge clouds, huge lights … this is due to powerful penetrations in the veil, and this is already happening now , and will increase significantly soon, so as to prepare for the Peak Point…

–  Weakness of the Electromagnetic field around the planet, and an increase in the super Galactic Wave & Gamma Ray inside the planet..

– The people will feel more pressure on their auras as a result of their exposure to Gamma Rays which will work on decoding the blockage of the DNA, and restoring our original strand DNA..( activating the DNA )  and this means ; open the Kundalini  and raise in stages the vibrations of our bodies to reach the state of building the light body ,, …of course this will happen for those whom are ready for this stage..

–  Differences in the water level and its movement, this will happen in different parts of the earth to prepare for the return of the original condition of planet earth..

–  The impact and the emergence of some of the archeological sites (ancient sites) that belonging to the ancient civilizations which contains Portals and Vortex ,, this emergence will help earth to return to its origin conditions,, and that will happen naturally..

–  Finally; after our entry into the timelines convergence & breakthrough phase , I see from here that the earth ship has moved … so fasten your belts ,, and don’t seek for specific time,because it is happening now, and everyone will see based on his level of consciousness ..

Some people now are living this, and start moving to the areas and communities that align with their consciousness, and they feel what is happening now within their auras and their inner planes, and sometimes they can see it within their third eye, and can interact with the manifestation law to prepare themselves to their launch..

Some people still seeking for specific time, and they will feel and see everything at the time of the peak point (the pulse) , and this will reduce their chance to prepare themselves by much of what is going to happen around them at this moment “ the peak point” and this will affect their spiritual growth  and their concentrating on the inner..

Here I would like to advise you to look from a higher perspective and take this matter seriously, and this is the meaning of belief [you need your belief to believe in things you haven’t seen yet physically,, because if you see it physically, you don’t need the belief because it will become an approve and a fact in front of your eyes] ,,  and why you need the belief now , because it strengthen your inner planes &  your spiritual account…and at the right moment ,, the law of manifestation will manifest your belief as a world in front of your eyes..





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