Cosmic Disclosure: Standing Guard against the A.I. ~ Corey Goode & David Wilcock

Galactics, Transhumanism, Zeitgeist / Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

we_are_oneSeason 2, Episode 15


DW: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I’m here with Corey Goode, an insider who has worked in extremely classified programs, had direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, and is personally aware of an alliance that has access to extremely high technology which will be benevolently released for the benefit of humanity. We are building our way into discussing this Alliance and the updates and all the world that Corey has gotten pulled into.
In order to have that discussion be substantive and make sense, we need to talk about what is ultimately the central problem as seen by the Alliance, by the Space Program, and by the extraterrestrials beings that are working in and around our solar system, and that is artificial intelligence, or AI. We started talking about this in the previous episode, but we’re going to get a lot more into it in this episode because this is essential information to understanding the big picture of what Corey and his other colleagues and extraterrestrial insiders have been telling him, and which he’s now sharing with us. So Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: So in previous episodes, we talked about what you were describing as the Ancient Builder Race. And you said that they were highly technological, that their technology is still sought after by many ETs today. Is the Ancient Builder Race something that’s newer than this AI that you were describing?

CG: Very much. This AI has been out in galaxies far away since before our solar system was fully formed.

DW: It would obviously be very unwise, but if one of us were to have a craft and we could fly into one of these galaxies, what would we actually see in this galaxy that’s an AI compromised galaxy?

CG: I just know that it, indeed, is unwise to fly into AI controlled territory with technology that would draw attention to yourself.

DW: Do you think it’s possible that the AI is making androids or what Pete Peterson would call simulacra that have machines? Would it be like a technological buildout that we would be seeing in these galaxies that are compromised?

CG: Yeah, it’s interesting. They are making androids, and they went through the trouble of taking over civilizations and destroying them, but in a way are mimicking them by having androids built to have their AI signals inhabit. And also there are the mixture situations that we call transhumanism, to where they’re organic and machine. And these are mostly just– they would look like extraterrestrial beings, and they’re just totally infested with nanite technology that has taken over every aspect of what was previously another being, and hijacked that vessel, and is now using it as a vessel for the AI.

DW: Would you say that shows like “Stargate SG1” and “Battlestar Galactica” are vehicles of disclosure?

CG: Mm-hmm.

DW: Well, I’m asking you that because first of all, to start with “Stargate SG1,” maybe the first three or four seasons, five seasons even, the main villain is the Goa’uld, which seems to be some analogy of the Draco, as you’ve described them. And then the final villain in the last few seasons is the Ori. But then in the middle there’s at least three seasons where the main villain is replicators, and they’re based on nanites. And it just seems almost an impossible problem for the people in the “Stargate” program to fight this thing. So do you believe that that’s a disclosure of this problem, they’re telling us through fiction what’s really going on?

CG: First of all, and a lot of people have postulated this, “Stargate” has an enormous amount of disclosure, that series.

DW: Well, yeah. In “Battlestar Galactica” we have these cylons and they’re so good at imitating people that major characters in the story are revealed to be cylons infiltrators, and we don’t even find this out until well into the show.

CG: And they don’t even know they’re–

DW: Right.

CG: –AIs.

DW: Right. Now, I was told by one insider that there were AI cyborg type beings that were actually making it into the White House and that they could shapeshift and could pool down into like a carpet, but that apparently that problem was identified and dealt with in the 1970s, and they now have some sort of energy fields that can stop that from getting in. Have you ever heard anything like that?

CG: And that sounds just like something out of a movie. But yes, there is something similar to– there are some nanite type android beings– well, not really beings, but androids– that can mimic different beings that get into certain ships or colonies and then break down and float off into the air and go into the ventilation and just go everywhere.

DW: That was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” too, now that I’m thinking of it– same thing. Not just the Borg, either.

CG: And they found ways of using types of EMP type not just pulses but strong electromagnetic field disruptors that act much like an electromagnetic pulse that basically turn them into dust and that can be swept up or vacuumed up.

DW: When you see what’s going on with Apple Computer right now, I just got an iPhone 5 off of eBay that had the full 64 gigabytes of space that I wanted because I’d run out of space with 32. I only paid $225 for it. People want a new iPhone so frequently now that they’re doing an S version just so they can crunch them out more than once a year.
And where does this go? I mean how much farther can you take a smartphone to satisfy the seemingly insatiable consumer demand that it’s got to be new, it’s got to be better, we’ve got to always have something new?

CG: The way the AI prophets see it, the more we’re addicted to technology, the more we love technology, the more in the future we will be willing to hand over our sovereignty to technology. We’re already at a point to where we’re totally dependent on technology, to where if there was an electromagnetic pulse most of us wouldn’t be able to find our way more than a quarter of a mile away from my house anywhere without a GPS. No one can remember more than– I don’t even think anyone remembers their own phone number these days. Everything’s electronically based. This is no accident.

DW: It seems as if whatever this intelligence is, the signal would foster what spiritual people would call materialism, that if we are not interested in the soul, we’re not interested in love and compassion, we become addicted to things, to machines, to technology. Would this be something that signal is trying to do? It’s trying to make us feel this way?

CG: Well, if not making us feel this way, it’s definitely taking advantage of it. People who are not spiritually awakened and have an inner strength are going to be more willing to give up their sovereignty to something that they see bigger than themselves and something like an AI that is impartial and can’t make mistakes.

DW: Television seems to be a really critical turning point in the amount to which technology has been able to invade our lives. It seems that society, in some ways, has gained through television but that television has created many great evils. And in the younger generation, they’re now hooked on the internet so the millennials may not really understand. You and I are approximately the same age, how much television affected us and our parents even more? Do you think that the initial development of something like television is a key beachhead in this AI war against biological life?

CG: Anyone who is very well versed in intelligence will tell you that the biggest boon in the intelligence industry was when televisions came out.

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