“Comet” Ison Starseeding New Life On Earth ?

Earth Changes, Galactics / Thursday, November 21st, 2013


The Group through Steve Rother, have been consistently putting out messages for years, in a live format,  has put out a specific video to address several issues around Ison…. some highlights:

1. Earth’s protective shield is down, this will help starseed debris to get through.

2. Earth will not be smashing into Ison, or will not be destroyed.

3. Earth may receive ‘dust’ from Ison… this ‘dust’ may bring new lifeforms and we might be able to see it or feel it.

4. All previous life on earth, was planted through comets and asteroids.

5. Amino acids chains are found on asteroids.

6. Ison leaving huge trail of debris containing new seeds of life for planet earth.

7. Nasa won’t be helpful through this process. (duh!)

8. Celebrate new lifeforms coming to planet on Nov. 28 in particular… U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday

9. Do not fear this ‘comet’… celebrate it!


Panspermia, Seeding the Universe with Life

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