Economy, Spiritual Perspectives / Saturday, May 21st, 2016

Golden Reflection

In the Name of the Almighty Presence of God ‘I AM’, the Holy Christ Selves of All Humanity,

We summon all great Beings, Powers, and Legions of Light concerned with the economic stability of the Nations of the Planet Earth to 



Beloved Archangel Michael and Lady Astrea


All financial institutions, all financial complexes, all activities concerned with the economic structure of the World. Remove the cause, core, effect, record and memory back to the very beginning of the time of all misuse of money or energy patterns of exchange.


Beloved Saint Germain and Beloved Lord Zadkiel

Penetrate and saturate all financial structures with the MOST POWERFUL ACTIVITY OF THE VIOLET FIRE ever known! ( 3X )


Beloved Lord Helios and Lady Vesta

Place all control of finances and economic systems on Earth into the hands of those who serve the Light of God and dissolve all else by the SACRED FIRE here and now and forever sustained.


‘I AM’

The wise investment of energy and substance by all servers of Light who receive these benefits for the blessing of All Humanity.


Beloved Angel of Restoration

Restore to us now the Divine Plan for Harmonious Balance in the distribution of the Earth’s abundance and the limitless supply of the Universe.


We gratefully accept this done in DIVINE ORDER

and in accordance with GOD’S HOLY WILL

‘I AM’!


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