Revenge Of The Robber Barons

Alternative News, Economy, Zeitgeist / Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

By Jim Kirwan

The San Francisco Chronicle was founded in 1865
By 1880
It had the largest circulation on the West Coast
And was Sold in 2000 to Hearst Communications Inc.
Amid a FrontPage series of political firestorms
Collectively-reminiscent of the criminality involved in
The Days of the Robber Barons

“The eight years in America from 1860 to 1868 had uprooted institutions that were centuries old, changed the politics of a people, transformed the social life of half the country, and wrought so profoundly upon the entire national character that the influence cannot be measured short of two or three generations.” The Gadarene progress was more rapid than Mark Twain had anticipated; it worked itself out close to the bitter end before he died thirty- seven years later.

Twain’s satire was merely a prologue; the play followed, and the main characters are all well- known names. There was Commodore Vanderbilt (who conferred that naval distinction on himself because he ran a ferryboat between Staten Island and the Battery); and Jay Gould, who built himself a mansion just up the road from the property which now houses The Foundation for Economic Education. There was Daniel Drew, and Jim Fisk, and Andrew Carnegie; there was Huntington, Stanford, Harriman, Rockefeller and Morgan. I’ve listed here ten names; add ten more if you wish, or a thousand more. The point is that these “robber barons,” as they’ve been called, were a mere handful of men whose deeds and misdeeds have been lovingly chronicled by three generations of journalists and muckrakers.

Conniving with Politicians

These extravagant characters have been represented as exemplars of unrestrained individualism at its worst, fiercely competitive, practitioners of undiluted laissez faire capitalism. They were nothing of the sort. So far were they from wanting a genuinely free market economy that they bought up senators and paid off judges in order to stifle competition. They did not want a government that would let them alone; they wanted a government they could use.

Had they been able to understand the original idea of laissez faire they would have opposed it. They were-not individualists; they did not believe in a fair field and no favor; they stacked the odds against their competitors.

The last thing Vanderbilt, Gould, Carnegie and the others wanted was open competition in a game where the best man wins. To the contrary! They connived with politicians to obtain advantages for themselves by controlling government and the law; they manipulated the public power for private gain. And the government was eager to oblige.

This was done openly, and virtually everyone knew about it. Witty commentators referred to certain politicians as the Senator from coal, or the Senator from railroads, or the Senator from steel. Observing the situation in Pennsylvania, one critic was led to remark that Standard Oil had done everything with the legislature—except refine it! Such political practices were a far cry from the vision of James Madison, who had declared that “Justice is the end of government, and justice is the end of civil society.” The Gilded Age was a throwback to the age-old practice of using political power for the economic advantage of those who hold office, and for their friends.” (1)

The Robber-Barons completed their unifying lock on this nation when transcontinental-railroads became the one-big reality. With that feat, created by immigrant and foreign slave labor: The massive and primary resource businesses in ‘America’ became semi-unified via the creation of privately-owned rails, along with the telegraph, that had suddenly unified a half-conquered nation from coast to coast.

Timber, food, steel, coal, oil and virtually all commercial goods and services became booty that could be shipped and controlled by the already criminal-banks who were tightening controls on heavy-industries. This created very aspect of the new and private-commercial march of progress. The Robber-Baron “breakthrough” turned this young-nation into a nearly-lawless place that was to become dominated by railroad power over travel, and communications, with transcontinental-shipping that was virtually unregulated!

Almost unnoticed was the re-emergence of old-world European class-slavery, child-labor, and the primitive world, that immigrants were fleeing when they came to America.

By the late 1860’s: Once again the only people who counted here were the intensely-filthy rich who became untouchable…

This stealth coup almost succeeded…

A new Gilded-Age had again been created by a few élites with an eye toward total control of the entire nation from top to bottom. These Robber-barons are the same people that are still remembered throughout the country—not as the criminals they obviously were, but as revered Americans, which they never were!

But at the time there were huge problems. The wider-society suffered so massively that eventually it was this suffering that brought an end to this primitive pre-emptive strike against humanity. The new Robber Barons of today have scrubbed much of just how the end of the Robber-Barons came about, from the web: But the fact is those original criminals were defanged and declawed across the board ­ eventually—but they were not directly punished then which was a huge mistake Which we are repeating.

By the time Global-BANKERS had created the stock-market crash of 1929, (Just 16 years after the FED illegally stole the Treasury) it was clear that the elites and their power-grabs had to be controlled and totally shut down: If there was to ever be any chance for this country to thrive. That huge-mistake is still alive. It consisted of


That failure is what brought the US and people everywhere to the edge of the global-collapse ­ scheduled to begin this month!

That’s why this time we must begin by ending the Federal Reserve, and end, by destroying the treason-loving traitors who have occupied the United States for the last one-hundred years.

Americans must stop treating politicians as law-abiding people. They are unindicted criminals, and are only free because we have failed to charge them with their crimes against the Constitution and the people of this nation. The same is true of the outlaw-state-police.

These troglodytes are not officers of any law; they are trigger-happy thugs that have killed Americans with callous disregard for the lives or property of every American which they routinely target for absolutely no reason at all.

If there were any justice in this place today—these traitor-cops would be shot on site, rather than to allow them to continue their criminal-rampage across this land from coast to coast…

No doubt people across the country will begin to find new ways to deal with these criminals for themselves: Because it is clear that neither the legal system, nor those charged with keeping their officers in check will do anything to stop this slaughter of innocent people in the name of their-false-flag-terror that has been a total lie since ~

The USI Attacked the United States of America on 911, in 2001.

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1)  The Robber Barons and the Great Gilded Age


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