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Bruce Cathie – In or Out of Harmony?

One summer evening in 1952, a young New Zealand pilot and several friends stood outside at an Auckland airfield watching what could only be described as a UFO.

For Bruce Cathie it marked the beginning of a serious study of the phenomenon which has spanned the last 46 years. His work has led him to reach some startling conclusions, the publication of numerous books in support of his theories, and at the same time his findings have drawn the attention of leading scientists around the world.

By the early 1970s Cathie had accumulated facts supporting his contention that the recorded movements of UFOs conformed precisely to an intricate network of energy grid lines spanning the Earth, and which are an integral part of the structure of this planet. He theorizes that the UFOs position themselves directly above these global lines, tapping in on a natural energy source freely available at these co-ordinates. They then are free to conduct surveillance operations of the entire planet.

Cathie makes other claims, including the statement that scientists from a number of countries have already been conducting secret research for several decades using knowledge gained during the examination of crashed UFOs. He insists that governments have not only built similar craft but flown them.

These clandestine experiments, based on the harnessing of gravitational energy, have served only to add to the increasing worldwide reports of UFO sightings by the general public.
“I was taken into a laboratory and interviewed by scientists and afterwards they admitted that they were working in 15 dimensions. They can do all the things that a UFO can do,” revealed Cathie in a 1992 Radio Australia broadcast. “I think that we have already been on the moon before the moon landings and have gone into other dimensions,” he said.
Cathie believes there are an infinite number of dimensions and that each is divisible by the same number as ourselves are in now.

His research has led him ever deeper into the field of mathematics.
“The whole universe is based on maths and this is how I became aware of what is going on around us, ” he remarked during the same radio broadcast.
The success of his efforts, he reported, can be measured by the fact that the New Zealander had been contacted and was actively being visited by scientists engaged in similar work. “I was not aware I was finding out anything specific until being visited by these men, then I realized I must have been doing something important,” Cathie revealed.

Knowledge of the global energy grid is being kept from the world, he claims. The revolutionary work of Nikola Tesla has also been quietly disregarded.
“Tesla himself was setting up a system for free world energy when he died, and this is one regret. People at the top have suppressed it. The knowledge is so advanced there would be a financial collapse around the world,” he maintains.
Stung by both ridicule and criticism, Bruce Cathie was once asked to prove his claim of being able to predict a nuclear test. “I found that a bomb has to be detonated on a geophysical point at a particular time,” he said. His reasoning for this relates to his claimed harmonic lines of force [see the work of Carl P Munck, Michael Lawrence Morton etc elsewhere on this website], or the geophysical position of the sun in relation to specific points located on the earth’s surface.

Calculations carried out by Cathie led him to forecast the exact time a French nuclear test would be carried out on a remote atoll in the south pacific during 1968. Armed with his theory and mathematical knowledge, he then determined that the geophysical points of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in relationship to the sun matched precisely the timing of the American atomic bombing of these two Japanese cities at the end of World War II.

Cathie believes that it is not possible to simply conduct a nuclear explosion at any time and at any point on the world’s surface, without carefully calculating the relationship between the sun and the earth.

To bolster this claim he reports that the U.S. trained its bomber crews to drop their payload in 300 foot circles for three months prior to the actual attack on Japan.
“They [the bombs] could not just be dropped anytime. Everything had to be accurately calculated,” he said.
Cathie has written a number of books based on his ongoing research. These include:
Harmonic 33
Harmonic 695
The Pulse of the Universe: Harmonic 288
Bridge to Insanity
The Energy Grid
The Harmonic Conquest of Space

He aroused worldwide interest after first postulating the existence of a worldwide electromagnetic grid pattern, directly associated with UFO sightings.

In a number of published works, Cathie has carried his researches many stages further, demonstrating the grid and its powers are already known to and being used by the ‘atomic nations’.

He claims, because of this fact, the test facilities have to be precisely positioned on the geometric grid.

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