Bruce Cathie Maps the World Grid with Gridpoint Atlas

New Science / Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Forty-five years ago, Captain Cathie began his investigation into the World Grid® system. His initial interest was sparked by a sighting of an unidentified flying object over one of the local harbours in Auckland, New Zealand. He was immediately aware that there were machines, other than normally-known aircraft, moving through our airspace, which appeared to be more highly advanced technically than our own.

As time went on, it became known to him that many other fellow pilots and radar operators around New Zealand were also sighting similar machines which were carrying out manouvres and flying at speeds that exceeded the capabilities of all known types of aircraft. It became obvious that either our own scientists had very advanced secret knowledge or we were possibly being visited by highly advanced beings from outer space. Later, as more information was received, it appeared that both these answers were possible.

The captain commenced his own research project and plotted sighting positions onto an airways map which covered the New Zealand area and eventually discovered that a definite pattern emerged which indicated that the unknowns were under intelligent control. Several years later a complex geometric grid system was completed which covered the whole world surface. The patterns were eventually broken down into mathematical and geometric coordinates which could then be directly related to gravity, light speeds and the earth’s magnetic fields. From that point on the research developed at a faster pace and culminated in a series of unified equations and sets of unified tables which could be related to all branches of scientific research.

A major breakthrough occurred when it was discovered that the mathematical base, which was harmonic in nature, could be related to the detonation of atomic devices. This fact indicated that all atomic activity was geometric in nature and that an all out atomic war was illogical. All detonation times and places could be pre-calculated by both sides in this type of war which virtually meant stalemate. It was after this fact was made known, that the research activity of Captain Cathie became noticed by certain governments and intelligence agencies. Tests were made of the knowledge held and the harmonic mathematical theories were then admitted to being correct.

The research is ongoing and now, many years later, a computer program has been produced which carries out all the required calculations related to the light, gravity and earth magnetic field values. It has been found that many ancient building sites such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, etc., show relationships with this unified harmonic mathematical system and indicates that the knowledge is not new. The civilizations at these times must have had scientific knowledge of a highly advanced nature.

We are now in the process of relearning this lost science. If the discovered harmonic unified equations can eventually be accepted by the scientific community as correct, then we may be on the threshold of true space travel which has no barriers. The equations show that light speed is not a constant and that time itself is a variable. Under these conditions there is no place out there in space that we cannot reach. Obviously, there is more mathematical knowledge to be discovered, but it appears that the code has been broken.  Soon, with a bit of luck, we on Earth may have the chance to join our neighbours out there in the vast blackness of space.


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