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Ascension, Galactics, Spiritual Perspectives / Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Today I would like to expand more on the current final phase of the ascension as already discussed in my previous publication. The events are unfolding now with breathtaking speed and this is the most optimistic trend I have witnessed in the last two and half decades since I consciously participate in the ascension process. It is the time we have been waiting for, for so long and it has finally arrived. The worse it gets from now on, the better it is for us as this is the foundation for the realization of all our dreams regarding the new earth. We cannot build the new reality we dream of unless the old world is fully destroyed, just as we cannot cook an omelette unless we break the eggs first.

What do we observe in the last 24- 48 hours? Obviously, the ruling cabal and their political stooges in the capitals of power around the world have planned this fake coronavirus fear-mongering event a long time ago. It stems from the same outdated and never really effective dark requisites of the past when collective lies and deceptions worked well for the dark cabal and they could effectively mire the masses. Since 2000 we have had almost every year a fake epidemic that always fizzled out without any major impact. The WHO announced a few times a pandemic and then fully failed thus losing any respectability.

This time, they decided to employ a virus family that is known for more than 80 years and is endemic in the broad population without causing any major outbreak of diseases. That is why nobody has so far heard of this group of one-strand RNA viruses that are very similar to the flu virus, SARS and a number of other RNA viruses that are very common in the human population. These viruses are contained by most humans in their bodies and play an important synergistic role in the biological regulation of the body. Each one of us harbours thousands of viruses in the physical body without causing any disease.

A virus disease, e.g. a common cold, can occur only when the immune system is suppressed but this is true for all other diseases. I have explained this in-depth in volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation where I have dedicated almost half of my book to explain the functioning of the human immune system and have achieved at least half a dozen remarkable breakthroughs, each one of them worth a Nobel Prize according to the current scientific standards.

This night I had a notable encounter with higher dimensional beings in the lucid dream state and had a prolonged discussion that continued even after I woke up. It is closely related to what will happen in the coming days and weeks and that is why I would like to share it with you.

For the first time in many months, I slept lightly and with ease. I had a repeating dream all night – I met with a Vegan scientist, an ET from Vega. I must admit that I know nothing of this humanoid civilisation but Amora told me that they are closely involved in the human incarnation experiments on the earth and many seedings have been initiated through Vega.

He told me that he is very much interested in the General Theory of Biological Regulation as it will be the foundation for the introduction of new genetic technologies. I responded that this theory actually does not deal in detail with the genetic code although it explains for the first time how the proteins are encoded from the DNA code and what is the energetic mechanism of their function. This is a major novel breakthrough of the Universal Law in bio-sciences. He confirmed that exactly these new theoretical breakthroughs are the basis for the new genetic technologies they intend to introduce on the new earth. The Vegan scientist was a rather tall man in the 50’s, very eloquent, calm and sovereign.

He then mentioned that he is supporting me with donations. I was incredulous and asked if he has sent his donation per PayPal as I hadn’t received any from him. “No”, he said, “We are making donations our way as a group donation.” Then he showed me a big flyer where many new scientists were presented with a small photo. The photos covered the two pages of the flyer. “These are the scientists who we sponsor”, he told me. He was obviously referring to the new scientists who will introduce these new genetic technologies based on the General Theory of Biological Regulation. Many PAT members were also present during this conversation with the Vegan scientist, including Amora, and this was a very reassuring sign that this encounter really happened and constituted an important decision regarding the future of mankind.

Finally, I asked him why he focuses on this theory and not also on the new physics of the UL as presented in volume I and volume II. I did not get an explicit answer from him but when I woke up I received the answer directly from my HS, respectively from my guides:

“The General Theory of the Biological Regulation is closely connected to the current fake outbreak of the coronavirus. It will expose it as a big lie and will address the existential fears of the broad population. It will urge them to turn away from the current failed healthcare system and accept the new forms of healing that you shall offer in the new healing centre here in Diano Marina.”

This fits perfectly well into what we are getting yesterday and today from our HS. I have to explain this in more detail.

Currently, the dark ruling cabal has fully adopted the dynamics and timetable of our ascension schedule as they are desperate, have lost fully their power and are forced to act quickly in a disastrous manner. The current worldwide lockdown due to this fake coronavirus outbreak was planned a long time ago, given the fact that in the last 4 years there was no official epidemic since the ruling cabal lost the power with Brexit in the UK and with the election of Trump in the USA in 2016. These are the two darkest countries that are under the full control of the dark elite. Before that, they invented each year an epidemic to scare the people.


Now, this lockdown is part of the cabal’s initial plan to install the NWO but will instead lead to their total demise. With this maximal desperate intervention to clamp down on the entire human population, the cabal has set the stage for the big changes which we shall introduce this year. They knew that the equinox energies will bring about these energetic changes as the Arcturians have announced and wanted to prevent them. Therefore, we are getting very strongly now that after March 21 till the end of this month and surely in April something very big will happen.

Amora sees it in close connection with the imminent breakthrough of the UL and also with the appearance of the healing centre here in Diano Marina, Italy. That is why they told us to rest now as to be ready for the whirlwind that will be unleashed very soon.

Since 2012, I have been writing over and over again that the final phase of the ascension will manifest as a beautiful resolution through the escalation of the confrontation between the light and the darkness. It represents the inner dialectical logic of the ascension process. This is how karma is always resolved and now we are living in the epoch of instant karma.

Evil people harbouring darkness make decisions and perform actions based on their dark patterns of thought and negative emotions; they are always targeting and harming other innocent people in their proximity, and even far away when governments and countries are involved whom they accuse of the same darkness they harbour (e.g. the dark USA accusing the more light-filled Russia for everything that does not work in America). It is like the proverbial ant that can’t be “calm and placid as she is full of formic acid”. One can be passive-aggressive while hiding under the veil of an enlightened new ager and even has the chutzpah (shameless audacity) to condemn our noble role as a light warrior as deplorable aggression, only to end up in a toxic meltdown caused by the lack of elementary personal tolerance that exposes this person automatically as an extremely vicious and dark entity. Here I am talking about a recent personal, very unpleasant experience.

This is an invariant pattern in human relations that makes life on this toxic planet a veritable hell. It is a leitmotif in our discussions on this website.

In the case of the ruling cabal who believe in their delusion that they are still in charge of this planet, they are now desperately trying to lock down the entire human population by inventing a worldwide pandemic and pretending that they are doing this enslavement of humanity in order to save human lives, i.e. from a humanistic point of view. This is the usual insidiousness and preposterous duplicity of the former PTW that no longer works as the people are beginning to awaken to the truth under the barrage of the new Source energies carrying this truth and opening their heart and throat chakras.

But this dark behaviour is very effective in destroying the old matrix and we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, do not need to do anything or make our hands dirty. This also applies to personal relationships – all the dark humans who have not done the inner work, even if they pretend to be enlightened, are currently exposing themselves more effectively than any intervention or exposure on our part would be able to achieve. Everything is unfolding in a beautiful, almost aesthetic manner – I would never have imagined that darkness can be exposed so elegantly as this is happening nowadays. Here I am, of course, talking from personal experience but I extrapolate this experience onto the world stage as it represents the same despicable darkness.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that parallel to the announcement of this fake virus outbreak, also all financial markets are crashing. It should be well known that the Orion monetary system is bankrupt since 2008 and everything that has been done since then to prolong its clinical death was to pump more and more obsolete liquidity in the system – creating money out of thin air – that enriched the few very rich and impoverished the masses. Four QEs (quantitative easings) of the central banks, NIRP and ZIRP (negative, respectively zero interest rates) and the recent liquidity injections of the FED have kept the clinically dead western banking system so far alive. The robo-traders propelled the equity markets to ridiculous heights in the absence of any real physical traders. These inflated indices were absolutely artificial and have nothing to do with the real crumbling US and western economies that are in the Greatest Depression of all times since 2008. I have written a lot on this subject until I got tired of repeating myself and stopped.

Now this charade has come to an end and I cannot even feel any joy as I have been waiting for this to happen for so long that now that it has come true my emotions are wiped out in this respect and have turned towards a completely new and much more rewarding direction – towards our new 5D creations that will soon manifest. We as humans can think and feel only one emotion at a time and I am not sure if this a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, we are now witnessing the separation of the two worlds – the old world of the 3D matrix that is now irrevocably crumbling and the emergence of the new 5D earth as presented by the local cities of light. That is why we had to arrive in Diano Marina where our healing centre and the Infinity portal are located in the very last minute before they locked down the entire Apennine peninsula. Now they are planning the lockdown of the entire planet and the US has already announced a national emergency. I am sure the EU will follow soon. The cabal are truly sawing the branch on which they sit and this is a joyful picture to behold.

Therefore, I would recommend the PAT to rest now, fully retreat and just keep your vibrations high and be optimistic. Actually, you have every reason to be ecstatic what we have achieved against all odds. The victory is ours and we only need to savour the fruits of our victory before it also becomes past and we move to new adventures. Because we are irredeemable adventurers…


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