2022: Omicron-Decepticon and the Year of Medical Fascism on Steroids ∞ Sergey Baranov

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December 17th, 2021

By Sergey Baranov

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

-David Rockefeller, 1994

Words fail to describe my astonishment looking at the current global events.

As a cult survivor who was subjected to brainwashing for years, and came out of it with a sane and sound mind, I recognize the cult-like mind control being imposed on the entire world. The only difference is that this time it’s much more destructive. At least we, the cult members, could physically leave the cult we were in. There was a world outside of it. But how can you quit the COVID cult when the whole world has become it? We can’t live on a Moon. Here is all we have and our homeland has been infected.

Unfortunately, some people are quitting living altogether, not being able to deal with it. What a pain for the family members who are left behind. Teens who never reached their 20th birthday are no longer around to enjoy live. I’ve recently met a 19-year-old girl who came to visit with her mother. She lost three friends of her age to suicide in 2020 during the lockdowns in the United Kingdom. They couldn’t take this psychological torture inflicted upon everyone and just ended their lives.

There are two diseases that the world was hit by. COVID, the first one that is easily treatable with over the counter cheap medication, sunlight and rest; a lab-made biological agent that was created and released into the world by the same people who are now in charge of health policies. And the second disease —the fear of COVID that can be deadly if not treated with critical thinking and reasoning. The erosion of freedom and the implementation of totalitarian global regime is by far greater threat than a flu-like virus that has 99.9% survival rate.

A problem was created, a time was given for the public to react, and a solution was offered. A classic manipulation and mind control tactic. The virus is the problem, fear of it is the reaction, and a so-called vaccine is the solution. Thus, a multibillion business operation guaranteed by the government has been launched. Meanwhile, countless people are getting injured and dying from a vaccine which does not protect you from either the virus nor the transmission of it to others. Just look at the Gibraltar, for example. A fully vaccinated nation is seeing a rise in cases and deaths. When I was growing up, the vaccines we were given actually worked!

Transition between vaccinated people is happening; this is not only admitted but is also explained by the most prestigious medical journal in the world. Lancet has published the following paper in which it clearly states two facts: first is that the viral load in vaccinated people is 251 times higher and second, that the neutralizing antibody level after vaccination is lower. That simply means that the vaccinated people are more contagious and their immune system becomes less effective in fighting pathogens after the vaccination. This is science. Fact-chek that!

Despite the official data coming from Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland and other countries with the highest vaccinated rates, that shows the breakthrough cases and deaths surging, the vaccine hysteria is being pushed on adults, and now on children, all over the world. But if this was not enough, we are now hearing about doctors who gives patients false diagnosis of a mental disorder if they connect their heart attack with their recently received vaccination. They say it’s all in your head, imagined without having a base in reality. A friend has told me recently, that her mother who lives in Switzerland, had a heart attack a week after the vaccinations, went to see a doctor, who then told her that her heart attack was caused by a sclerosis she doesn’t have! Her opinion that it was caused by the COVID shot was firmly dismissed. Apparently, doctors, who we supposed to trust with our health, cannot be trusted. Such a scale of criminality has never been seen before in a recorded history.

Even the invisible COVID is easier to see than the fear of it. People don’t see it because they are in it. Like a fish can’t see the surrounding it ocean because it’s swimming in it, people can’t see the surrounding fear because they are scared. People are so scared that they are literally willing to die to stop being afraid. And this is happening all over the world. The mainstream media journa-terrorism that started 20 months ago is responsible for this tragedy. Twisting the truth while serving their masters, mainstream journalism has lost all credibility. Everywhere you go, you see the fear of COVID. Not the COVID itself, but the fear of it. COVID is the unseen demon, an omnipresent ghost that is hidden from your view but you always feel its presence. We are being hunted by it day and night, outdoors and indoors.

Fear is a tool of control. Falling victim to manipulation and coercion is the result of it. Those who control it can force you do anything. I must admit that at least is something the psychopaths in charge have done well. Their fearmongering campaign is quite effective.

Externally, there is no way out of it. It’s everywhere. It has permeated the very fabric of life on Earth. COVID and the pandemic have become the new God, the mocking of which is considered a blasphemy. This insanity could not be brought about without your participation. If you say NO to fear, there will be no fear. Fear is a choice, not an obligation. You chose to be afraid. That’s the truth of it. I chose not to, so I am not. Fear is a mind parasite that cannot stick to you if you repel it with reasoning, critical thinking and humor. Satire has a unique ability to penetrate through mental defenses and reveal truth. Since when COVID and the plandemic became HOLY? Should we just call it the Holy Covid 19? To me, it’s just a poorly scripted shitshow with bad actors, and terrible performance. Laughter and humor are great medicines which can reduce your tension and fear. Here is one example. Just three minutes of animated cartoon can shake you out of it and remind you about your already forgotten taste of freedom and ease. This short episode from the South Park shows precisely the state of the world we currently live in. Hysteria, mass hypnosis and psychosis. Everyone can relate to it.

But why this is happening? Why do people react to it in such an undesirable, life shuttering way? There is a reason for it, quite apart from the obvious mainstream media’s fear-mongering designed to maintain a high level of fear and a threat that’s good for their sponsors. The reason for it is rather simple. It’s the lack of spiritual connection in people’s lives. Once you have felt the Divine within and have connected to the source of Life, you simply don’t have a space inside yourself to host fear. You are just full of light that easily expels the darkness. Fear-parasites cannot get to you. They die upon contact with you in real life like vampires dies when exposed to the sunlight in the movies. You burn it with your inner light. Your connection to your true Self and through it to the Universe is what empowers you and gives you the fortitude to confront the induced fear and evil. Call it God, call it Evolution, call it whatever you want, it makes no difference. Forces higher than human exist regardless through which lenses you look at them. You can connect to them through the universal Wi-Fi that is constantly being emitted by Nature. This is what I call to be connected, even though I am off line. This is the source of your spiritual power that cannot be taken away from you since it is ingrained in your human nature. It’s is you and you are it. It’s only a matter of perception. This is why the powers that shouldn’t be are investing so much into mass media propaganda. Its goal is to capture your attention, hypnotize you and shape your perception. Information creates perceptions and perceptions affect behavior. Those who control information, control your perceptions and therefore your behavior. This is how it works in cults too. They create an external enemy, maintain a constant perception of fear, and offer a solution to it in a form of blind following. To someone like me, observing current world events is painfully ridiculous!

But the moment you realize that the “emperor has no clothes” this spell gets broken. The hypnosis breaks down and it no longer affects you.

I never was a good subject for hypnosis. I wrote about my encounters with hypnotists in my books. I even was expelled from a stage once when I was mocking the hypnotizer. His words did not affect me and my body was not trembling following his commands like those of the others. Instead I made people laugh by lifting my leg when a hand was asked to be lifted and vice versa. But of course, I received a higher education in the cult, where I spent a number of years. I’ve shared about it in my first book Path Seeking Truth in a World of Lies, published in 2013. It was in the cult that I received my “Ph.D” in resisting mind control. This education is serving me today, living in a hypnotized world.

After contemplating the subject for a while, I came to a simple conclusion that provides an answer to why all this is actually happening and what makes this possible. It seems to me, that the real problem is actually rooted in us. An average person just cannot believe that the government lies to the people. In the same exact way, a cult member cannot believe that his leader is lying to the members. But in fact, it’s what both of them do best. Questioning authority is not ingrained in our cultural programming. Quite on the contrary, blindly believing it, is. Terence McKenna was right when he said that culture is not your friend.

When one learns new information that challenges a deeply held belief, faced with inconsistencies that defy logic, ethics, and morality, one cannot help but turn a blind eye to avoid a painful feeling of cognitive dissonance. Thus, ignoring the truth is a mental response to the inner conflict which arises from an apparent contradiction between a projected image and reality. This happened in the cult all the time. Same thing is now happening in the world today. It takes courage to face the truth but the process is rewarding. It liberates your mind.

Regardless of what name you chose to label these higher forces than human, this is what happens when people do not have spiritual connection with the Universe. They fall victims to fear and mind control. Your direct spiritual experience can provide you with protection against fear and brainwashing. In the materialist, modern society, spirituality is a concept mostly found in a dictionary. It is not a reality that people are living in. In the modern world, being connected, means simply being online. When you place your identity in material world, you lose the grip of reality when your perception shutters. You simply don’t have anything to hold on to. I hope that the turmoil that began 20 months ago has emphasized to many the importance of spiritual living. By spiritual, I do not mean religious. To me, these are two different concepts. I see organized religion as a substitute to actual spirituality. It’s more of a painkiller that is designed to suppress a genuine spiritual hunger. Spiritual for me is experimental, it’s a direct experience of the Divine within. Spiritual to me is entheogenic. But I digress.

Here I want to focus more on the darkest time ahead when medical fascism will be imposed upon the whole world, something that has already began in Australia. We need to fight it there before it spreads. The fate of Australia is the fate of the world. It’s just a beta test. It will be exported worldwide. COVID concentration camps will become reality in many countries and vaccine terrorism will be undeniable.

Of course, there will always be those whose minds are fixed and cannot be changed with facts. Dr. Malone explains this phenomenon very well.

The good news is that we don’t need to wake everyone up, just a critical mass of freedom loving people who do not want their children to inherit a dystopian, fascist world. And there are a lot of us out there. Millions! All we need is to unite and overcome our differences such as race, religion, social status, which are constantly fanned by the same terrorist mainstream media outlets that are fueling division. All this is nothing but a mirage, illusory boundaries that are preventing us uniting against the real threat, the New World Order, totalitarian global regime and the ugly child of Fascism and Communism. Unity is the only force that can defeat these power-hungry demons.

We all are one human race and no one wants to live as a slave. Slavery is death. We cannot go there.

When Moronicron, a strain that is producing extremely mild symptoms according to the doctor who discovered it in South Africa, loses its momentum of fear, there will be more strains coming at you, intending to scare you into greater submission. Let me guess what comes next. Pi, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Omega? They might skip the Pi, because it sounds like a pee strain, not too convincing or scary, but the other few are good candidates. I expect to see the Sigma sometimes around spring, and Upsilon or Omega by the summer of 2022.

Submission to medical tyranny is the goal of the psychopaths in power, the masters of puppets we see on TV. Their intent is to transform human beings into transhumanist, genderless, microchipped fully controlled biorobots. But whether or not humanity will be led towards this is undetermined. It can go either way and it depends on how many of us are willing to shapeshift from the sheeple mentality into the werewolf. It’s all a matter of choice. Fear leads to conformity. Courage leads to freedom.

Humanity is good at surviving. We are the living proof of it. Fighting diseases is what humans have been doing since the very beginning. And we made it so far. Our immune system is trained to hunt pathogens by millions of years of evolution. Another question is keeping it in a good shape, something that is not encouraged by the mainstream media and the TV doctors. Not good for business, I guess. Healthy people don’t need their products.

Apart from the need to maintain your physical health, you need to develop a strong immune response to lies, which feels like a disgust in your guts. It’s like you eat something rotten but with your mind. It provokes vomiting. You have to learn to avoid consuming information that makes you fall mentally ill; a buffet that is available for free for daily consumption on your TV. You need to install a mental firewall to protect you against the mind control aimed at you daily by the mainstream media. It seems like with the implementation of social distancing, we were also distanced from our own judgment, instincts and intuition. The cancel culture was able to cancel reasoning as well.

How to develop this quality? It’s actually quite easy. You just have to start thinking for yourself and stop being afraid to be criticized for having your own view on things even if your opinion does not conform to the mainstream narrative. Expressing your views freely as you feel it is the next step in developing it.

If you haven’t already realized that you have been subjected to an illegal psychological torture in order to break your will and submit to medical tyranny, it’s time you should. The psychological torture leads to medical torture. Involuntary medical treatment is torture by definition. It aims at breaking your will further.  Humiliated, demoralized and dragged out of their minds, people become docile. Docility leads to extreme conformity and submission. While the mainstream media is creating an army of drug-induced brain dysfunctional dwellers in a zombie like existence with inability to reason and with a broken will to resist tyranny, you can say NO to it and refuse it altogether. Demons Be Gone! That’s all there is! Even in a prison people have the right to refuse coercive treatments. While being a prisoner and being physically constrained, their minds and spirits remain free. So, what are we then if we have fewer rights than prisoners while committing no crime? Cattle that need to be controlled? I guess that explains the ”herd immunity” concept. Apparently, for those in power, we are nothing but a herd that needs to be shepherded.

Where is your human dignity? Have you not seen Spartacus? I recommend you do if you haven’t. I would suggest watching the original movie directed by Stanley Kubrick in the 1960s, with Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. I saw it when I was a kid and could never forget it throughout my life. It captures the spirit of freedom and human dignity. Perhaps my father took me to see it for a reason; to teach me this concept to live by.

The bottom line is that nothing will ever change in our world for the better unless the people wake up from the media-induced trance and stand up for their freedom. The right of self-defense is an innate right to all humans living on this planet. It’s the law of life. Defending yourself from physical and psychological assaults is your human right that is not given to you by the government. Rather it is built in you and given at birth by the forces higher than human.

Here is a video that explains in an eloquent way the dystopian digital nightmare that is hidden behind the vaccine passport, a pandora’s box that is better to keep forever closed. I concur with it 100%.

It’s time to break the psychological Pavlovian dog training and simply but firmly say NO to tyranny. This madness and an insidious assault on our freedom needs to stop if we want our children to live as free human beings.

Nuremberg trials 2.0 must be called for and all who are responsible for creating, and releasing the virus, along with those who have contributed to the suppression of the early treatment, and those who were and still are promoting a fear narrative, aiding and abetting the informational terrorism must be brought to justice. Millions of lives have already been ruined by the biggest criminal fraud in human history and many more millions will be destroyed in the years ahead. The mass-murder of humanity must be stopped before it becomes history.

Please watch one of my videos The Great Awakening, which I made during the lockdown in Peru in 2020, while being placed on house arrest with 7 billion people without committing a crime.

About the author:

Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, a healing center in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. He is the author of Path: Seeking Truth in a World of LiesThe Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion and The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos. Sergey’s passion for life on Earth and its preservation is the driving force behind his work. You can contact Sergey at www.huachumawasi.com. Follow Sergey on Instagram @huachumawasi

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