2012 and Nibiru + Avebury Manor crop circle (July 15, 2008)

Earth Changes, Galactics, Nibiru / Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Let’s put some light to the pictogram that appeared in Avebury Manor on July 15, 2008.

The pictogram is a clear depiction of our planetary system on 23-24 Dec 2012, two or three days after the End of the Long Count Calendar – December 21, 2012.

It is a clear selection of two groups:

One group consist of thin circles and depicts the orbits of  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Pluto.

The other one with bold circles consists of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

“They” insist that we pay attention to two things:

First: the first anomaly is in  Pluto’s orbit, which clearly depicts that this heavenly body will be influenced by the outer gravitation from some passing body, planet or comet.

Second: the second anomaly is split into two groups. Can this be understood as a separation of our solar system into two groups, as result of the extreme Sun’s activity in combination with some extreme powerful gravitation of a passing body or comet?

The message is perfectly clear – it’s our solar system on 23-24 Dec 2012.

All this would not be so significant if 7 days after, on 22 July an update didn’t appear.

And what was on it, says absolutely everything we need to know!

It indicates huge geological changes and movements in our solar system as a result of the Sun’s expansion in mass and strong gravitational pull from the outside.

Have a look at the update and see for yourself:

The mass of the Sun is bigger by more then 25% and the planets Mercury and Venus are completely burned.


Attention: The person who depicted this diagram had made an error in the orbits of the Earth and Mars. They are both put in the same orbit, and its only a technical error.

Let’s proceed with the analysis:

The Earth with its companion (if the dot in it represents the Moon) together with  Mars are staying in their orbits but dangerously close to the Sun.


It does not take to be a genius what this CME activity and Sun’s close gravity pull mean for Earth’s balance, magnetic and geological Poles.

According to this, we are facing  a new extinction of  human kind!

This is enough, but let’s see what else reveals the update of the 15 July pictogram.

After a short analysis, it becomes clear that the second pictogram (the update of the first one) is not depicting our solar system on 23, 24 Dec 2012 (it was only used to bring our attention to this time frame of 2012) but 8 days before the End of the Long Count Calendar – 13 Dec 2012.

Everything becomes clear from this point…and there is no doubt anymore what they are trying to say.

From the left side we see the approaching of a huge object (number 10) that is probably Planet X which has a strong gravitation which is influencing Pluto’s orbit and then a New Moon and a Bright Comet from the right side.

Expansion of the Sun is obvious, together with the swallowing of its two closest planets. Mercury and Venus are completely burned by the Sun.

If this pictogram is correct, our solar system will never be the same!


What is not completely clear to me is the huge circle outside of the planetary orbits.

Mr. Harold Stryderight considers that they are depicting an expanded view of the lunar orbit.


With that,  in the planetary depiction of the Earth there is a dot inside, and on the bold circle outside the planetary orbits a similar symbol is shown, there is a high possibility that it is the zoomed orbit of the Moon around the Earth through the year.

About the other smaller figures close to the huge bold circle I can not comment because I honestly don’t know what they are trying to say with them.

Maybe if everything stays as it is, and the Shadow Government does not implement NWO at least during the summer season, new input will come and people will surely decode them.

Also surely there is someone over there that probably has the answers but we have already received the basic download.

I’m not sure about this but it is not bad if we see the pictures and the analysis of Mr. Harold Stryderight.


However, this is a confirmation from the 1996 pictogram where it is clearly shown that from the Earth for the first time some kind of cosmic rays from the galactic center will become visible.


What effect they will have on our solar system and on the life forms that live here, we have already explained.


We still need more input, but even from this little that we got, its 80% clear what is coming in 2012…

Alignment that is very important for us and also was for the ancients is on 21 Dec 2012.

This pictogram depicts our Solar System on 23-24 Dec 2012.


Here is the link to Solar System Live:


Please type: 2012-12-24

Compare the pictogram of the 22 July 2008 and it becomes clear.

2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Useful Leads:

There are high indications that climate change will increase, to extreme, as we approach the point of the perfect alignment with the galactic center on 21 Dec 2012.

This will be a natural result from the exposure of the maxim gravitational pull which comes from  Sgr A* and from the passing celestial body that is close to our solar system and which as presented in the crop data, will intercept in 2012 an area close to Pluto.

If the galactic core which is in the center of the flatten disk has gravitational power to hold stars and planetary systems distant to 50,000 light-years in each direction, you better believe that it has power to do much more.

The stellar disk of the Milky Way is around 100,000 light-years in diameter and to hold all this together and to maintain the spin it takes extreme power. As we stated before, this engine is the Super Massive Black Hole, and Hubble Telescope discovered that is the case also with most of galaxies. In fact they are starting to find them everywhere but … it’s a huge Space, everything is possible.

Anyway, it will soon become obvious that the climate is out of control and more and more “surprises” will start to appear.

Tornados, Cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, shifting in the planetary magnetic balance, tsunamis and you name it, will eventually lead to a Shift in the Magnetic polarity of the Earths energetic grid and finally to a Shift in Geological Poles.

It starts to become clear to more and more people what Pole Shift in the geological aspect means.

It means new Global Flood, tearing apart of tectonic plates, sinking parts of continents, rising of new land, deadly CMEs and etc.

Not to mention the Sun, which by “coincidence”, will go through Pole Shift again, which so far, as far as we know, it was doing every 11 years.

The last Pole Shift was in 2001 the next one is in 2012.

Interesting, the more you dig, more and more it’s coming back to you, and its saying: “What more do you want, are you stupid or something…”

In magnetism North rejects North, but attracts South and vice versa.

Imagine if the Sun comes as close as it is depicted in the pictogram, and switches its polarity, in the moment of the flip  its magnetic pull will certainly interfere with our magnetic and geological Poles.

There are already drastic changes in the magnetism of the Poles and not to mention changes in the geological Poles. It’s all connected with planetary spinning, then on the outer influence of the Sun, then directly to Sgr A* and so on and on.


excerpt slightly edited for better readability from the original at : http://www.postkvantnost.com/gloabal_awareness.htm



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4 Replies to “2012 and Nibiru + Avebury Manor crop circle (July 15, 2008)”

  1. Based Upon my research, a circle with a dot in the middle is a planet made or Earth/Rock
    a circle with nothing in the middle (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, pluto) actually have dark matter/black hole as their Nucleus. Therefore PlanetX is depicted as a black hole that is approaching, not a planet. http://darkmattersalot.com

  2. There is a plethora of false and deliberately misleading information out there about Planet X/Nibiru, the Annunaki, and the Mayan Calendar. This video essay touches on some very valid, and unpublished news (especially the public media, and major government groups. Needless to say, the majority of what is made public is done so to produce fear in the human population.

    What is NOT in the public media is the presence of benevolent Light ships by the tens of thousands that are stationed in orbit around our planet. They are from the Intergalactic Federation of Light. They are higher dimensional beings who have been described by some as “the Watchers.” Representing many galactic civilizations that are thousands, if not millions, of years older than Earth Humans, in history they have been perceived as angels, Divine Spirits, and even Ascended Masters as Jesus is sometimes described. We can’t detect them because they are “cloaked” in a higher dimension (energy vibration). Their stated purpose, through channeled sources, is to help maintain human evolution, to protect Gaia and Humanity from the dark beings, and to prepare us for Ascension to the 5th dimension of existence.

    This Good News, this act of Love initiated by Source, began many Earth years ago; and as our solar system crossed that invisible precessional border between Pisces and Aquarius on December 12, 2012, there was a pulsing of energy from the Central Sun, the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, that has reached us. This Light energy is transforming everything – planets, suns, moons, and life. Even the Christian Bible prophesied this (I Corinthians 15:51b,52a). As well, astronomers have observed and recorded this cosmic phenomenon.

    What do you prefer to believe? Will we all perish in an apocalyptic destruction of our planet? Will we be reduced even further into slavery by the dark ones? Or will we actually be “changed… in the twinkling of an eye” to higher dimensional beings who will be welcomed into the intergalactic community as 5th dimensional contributors to the Creator’s infinite evolution of Life?

    In the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 30:15-19, Moses, speaking the words of “the LORD”, said,
    “See, I have set before you this day, life and good, death and evil. If you obey the commandments of the LORD your God….. Then you shall live and multiply…..”

    We have a choice. What do you choose?

    Bill G.***+

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