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Ascension / Monday, October 21st, 2013

“Your heart is your compass to follow. Your Heart Chakra is a midway station that translates the energetic information you are receiving from all of your chakras. There are three chakras below it and three chakras above it in your personal chakra system and these chakras are all connected via your central channel of your Sushumna and the polar energy channels of your Ida and Pingala. While it may seem logical that information is best perceived in your higher chakras that are near your head – the heart is the chakra which translates information from physical to emotional and psychic and vice versa. It is this translation process which makes sense of energies that your body and mind cannot fully comprehend. That is because energy is understood the best through feeling – everything else is a translation of feeling into these higher and lower chakras. If you want to know what is going on with yourself, a situation or information you need only go inward and feel your heart. The heart doesn’t just feel – it knows. To know, you must feel. This is finding your own truth. This is why it is recommended that you constantly center yourself in your heart chakra.


Likewise, the next midway station in your trans-personal chakra system would be your Solar Chakra which is why there is a strong emphasis on aligning with your Higher Self, since the Solar Chakra is connected to this aspect of yourself. The Solar Chakra has two cosmic chakras (Universal and Galactic) above it and two resident chakras beneath it (Lunar and Planetary). The Solar Chakra translates information from higher and lower realms just as your Solar Deity Sol transmits and receives vast amounts of information from cosmic regions and transmits them to your planet while recording information about your planet and sending it out into the cosmos. Likewise, your Higher Self is the midway station between the universal mind of Great Spirit and your individual perception of self as a singular soul upon your planet.


Though many teachings have referred to another chakra above your heart and call it your “Higher Heart”, perhaps you should consider that perhaps your Solar Chakra is your Higher Heart. Perhaps your Higher Heart is your Higher Self. Perhaps there’s lost meaning behind what is now seen as “Sun Worship” by the ancients, and why those who sun-gaze properly receive great benefits. Your Sun is a the perfect symbol of the Heart Chakra in perfect balance and health. It gives its light freely without asking for anything in return. It gives your whole planet life. It is the most brilliant source of natural light that you currently experience and interact with in this time on a personal daily basis.


Just as your Sun does not give light with expectations or selfish motivations, so it is with the heart when it is balanced and healthy. Your Sun knows that there is no lack of light to share, thus it shares freely of itself. So it is with all pure heart. The energy of light has always been information and love. These three concepts are one, a holy trinity of truth.”



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