Your Body is a Gateway to Your Cosmic Full Spectrum Potential

Ascension / Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

7th March 2013
By Mona Bhattacharya
Guest Writer for Wake Up World
The quality of your life can be attributed to this one simple fact: It’s all about your frequency! After all, we live in a vibrational universe, and any upward shifts in your frequency actually increases the quality of your experience. Collectively, we have recently tuned up and moved into a new Universal vibration, one which holds a much higher resonance.. This frequency is calling forth a higher consciousness, forever changing the face of how we, as human beings, engage and navigate the world. It’s happening. Whether you are aware and awake to this fact matters not….it’s still happening. The frequency shift is also the reason why many of us are experiencing and witnessing more challenges and breakdowns of late, both personally and globally. In fact, we can attribute this to the rapid decline of financial and political structures. These paradigms are naturally falling away to make room for the new. This new frequency is softer yet potent and purposeful. From here, we are establishing new structures, paradigms, and ways of being. These are very exciting times!

Your BODY is actually the very thing at your disposal that can open you to a full-spectrum life…it’s here to serve YOU. In this context, it is not solely about the maintenance of your physical structure, it is primarily about activating your body–through particular glands and organs–which is designed to be utilized in a number of remarkable and previously unforeseen ways. As a result, your life becomes infinitely more delightful, progressive, interesting, fulfilling, intentional, exceptional, relaxing, surprising, and perfectly in line with your true purpose for being here! And this is the very reason why you are ready for to activate the torus or LumenOctave within your body. Activating the body’s LumenOctave ensures the exponential expansion to adapt to the new and higher frequency with seamless ease, and to properly sustain it and utilize it! This is the body’s way to access to cosmic energy and universal knowledge, the kind that will connect you to the ONLY conduit for this profound and pertinent knowledge–your physical body.
Consider that we are actually designed to feel good–all the time. It’s simply a matter of being taught how to follow one particular instinct in your body…that of Bliss. This is the highest of all frequencies we can experience. To finally know your body in a “sensational” way is to empower you to move from a mental construct of navigating life. You will be taught how to detect and connect with those feelings in your body–to connect you to the sensation of bliss– which is your inherent and most powerful and effective navigational system. Your physical, inner guidance system that will never steer you wrong! To restore the natural abilities that your body provides, you will, undoubtedly, discover and connect to your truest self. This sense of self may have been hidden from your view since birth Yet now, you’re going to discover the exciting truth about who you really are, and you’ll truly be amazed at what you can do!
Human beings are finally ready for this kind of upward frequency shift, and, actually, our evolution depends on it. Get to know the intelligence that you are by reprogramming your whole system with powerful light and sound! This is the work of LumenOctave.


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Your Body is a Gateway to Your Cosmic Full Spectrum Potential

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