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Let us speak of the purpose, power and potential of words. All humanity uses words. We use words to communicate with you. Words can create nations or destroy lives, build up or tear down, inspire or devastate. Therefore, words have power, and their intent is defined by the one speaking them.

What are words and from where do they get their source of power? From a utilitarian perspective, words are an expression of thought to communicate with another. Now part of the issue with humanity’s utilization of words is that they may not be an accurate expression of what is being said or conveyed, i.e. a lie.

Words are filtered through the conscious mind and are, therefore, subject to all of its influences. But their misuse does not diminish their power–perhaps, empowering something the speaker does not wish to create. “To create?” We must then be implying that words are by their nature a creative force. We believe you have ample evidence in your own life that this is true.

Now, this brings us back to our initial question of where do words get their power? Let us start with a sobering thought that every word ever spoken forever resides in the archives of consciousness. Spoken enough or by many, they will express in physical form.

Words contain power but not by the content of their message but the emotion that expresses them. Words are simply the messengers of thought.  It is the intention of the words that contains the power. Therefore, be it love, kindness and inspiration—or control, manipulation and deceit—words create the intention for which they were expressed.

Perhaps this explanation may be helpful at this point. Based upon the above statement, the deceiver is the deceived; the controller is the one being controlled; and the manipulator is being manipulated. A lie is a futile attempt to hide the truth; it cannot occur in consciousness. A truth of consciousness is no lie has ever been made truth by speaking it, no matter by how many; and no truth has ever been made a lie by stating it is not so. It is this law of consciousness that keeps the higher dimensions free of control, manipulation and deceit.

Therefore, the intention of your words empower them. And, yes, words have been shown to be a poor communicator of thought both for the speaker to express themselves clearly and the listener to understand what is being said. Words mean different things to different people based upon culture and life experience. Between countries they are simply different which complicates communication.

So what is the common denominator of communication? How can humanity speak to each other and be heard? We have mentioned that emotion is the force behind the power of words.

Emotion is also the universal message understood by all humanity. It will be sometime before humanity will simply know what another wishes to communicate; for, the demise of the negative ego consciousness must occur first so humanity no longer fears others knowing their secret thoughts. Yet, until then you can strive to create an alignment between your thoughts you wish to express and the intent delivering them.

This is important to identify and strive for since what you express, you will experience.  And that your words’ ultimate impact is on yourself; for, the receiver has the choice to accept or not accept your words. Be it a curse or a blessing, it is yours. This is an important distinction to make that your words only affect you and have absolutely no power over another. Your declarations are self-proclamations—be they of love or disdain.

Now we understand that words have uplifted you as well as hurt you. That occurs if the speaker knows either a weakness or a desire of your heart. But in either case it is your choice if you allow the message to touch you.

So are we saying that words have no impact on another? If that were true, the words upon this page would fade away. Words are the expression of your consciousness and carry a vibrational frequency that others will respond to if they are in resonance with it. The imagery of a tuning fork is an excellent example of what we are seeking to describe.

As a result, your consciousness may create your reality, but your words either decorate or destroy it. Therefore, speak your words consciously and let the import of their message be a worthy expression your soul’s contribution to consciousness.



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