Within us all is a pathway that leads to an inner secret labyrinth …

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Temple of Light


..”Within us all is a pathway that leads to an inner secret labyrinth, a doorway which leads us to the true tree of knowledge, the space which contains the full spectrum of remembrance not unlike the Egyptian Hall of Records. As they say, only a spirit that has a heart as light as a feather can ever cross the gates of the Oracle and reach that inner higher level, for beyond those gates we encounter what many call the shadow, the energy that influences our unconscious impulses and desires. Are we truly ready to cross that gate and return to our point of origins? Are we truly ready to confront the process of the Hall of Judgment? Have we been truly expressing our best in this life experience? Have we been doing what we can on a daily level to ensure our ascension beyond this living level? What we discover is that we are never doing enough in this realm, for there is never enough ‘time’ to experience the infinite possibilities that can unfold before us. The inner journey casts a reflection that takes us beyond this level of existence, as a remembrance of our true divine nature arises and restores our true balanced heart center. For it’s far too easy to let ourselves become stagnant and get stuck in loops of lower level thoughts of thinking, it’s far too easy to walk the path that leads us to decay, but we should think of this journey more like spirals, when we circle around this is our cue to start rising up and reaching for the next level! It’s not the details of our life story we should really cling to and worry about, for what we carry beyond this life is the ‘experience’ we live on this daily level, and with this realization the key within is found, as the infinite doors of possibilities begin to unfold before us! We should continuously do the inner work of overcoming our deepest fears, as this remains the limiter of our expanding spirit, by stepping into the unknown and taking a leap of faith, we can walk the inner pathless path to self discovery!” ~Alistar Valadez/DMT

Art by: The Art of Jonathan Solter & Derek Heinemann




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