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New Science, Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

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ABSTRACT: How do we explore the depths of our reality and experience, seeing underneath that which appears on the surface? What we call reality and consciousness depends on our level of observation and mystical penetration. The most common error is conflating Consciousness and Awareness. Consciousness is a product of widespread communication, while awareness is a focal capacity. Do our attentional habits create our experience?Neurologically, consciousness appears to be an emergent property of operational information propagated throughout the brain and psychological space. But we should carefully avoid materialistic errors of category and levels of observation.

How can we integrate different theories relating to the basis of reality?  No shortage of comparisons and correlations between spiritual notions and scientific theories has been made. This article focuses on the light motif that structures other layers of nature — descriptions of the physical and metaphysical origins, properties and behavior of light – virtual, photonic, and symbolic.

What is the basis of the universe and the material of fundamental reality? Researchers continue to study consciousness not only as the source of the human mind but of all energy and matter. Consciousness is viewed as the essence of the universe, a unified field which gives rise to and pervades all manifest phenomena.

Can we directly experience the unified field? Correlations are drawn between the zero-point field and the pre-personal depths of transcendence. Darkness is the gate to light. The field of cosmic consciousness is described as a cosmic emptiness—a void that is paradoxically also a fullness. Can the mind travel through meditation to eternity? The biggest gaps in our knowledge concern the universe as a whole and our entanglement with it. We don’t understand Nothing, which is virtually everything.

“The last stage is reached when, in the highest tension and concentration, beholding in silence and utter forgetfulness of all things, it [the soul] is able as it were to lose itself. Then it may see God, the fountain of life, the source of being, the origin of all good, the root of the soul. In that moment it enjoys the highest indescribable bliss; it is as it were swallowed up of divinity, bathed in the light of eternity.” –Plotinus

Human nature [hsing] and consciousness [hui] are expressed in light symbolism, and are therefore intensity, while life [ming] would coincide with extensity. The first have the character of the yang principle, the latter of the yin. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 101.

“Death: the mingling of the mother luminosity and the child luminosity: When the path luminosity mingles with the ground luminosity itself, at that instant one can free oneself into the absolute clarity…. Great yogis allow the luminosities to arise and mingle in that space, bypassing Bardo projections. They become the light of life itself.” –Dudjom Rinpoche

“Pure Consciousness is included in fundamental space-time geometry along with the precursors of spin, mass, charge. In fact, everything we see in our real world stems from patterns in the most fundamental level that percolate up to our level which is many, many magnitudes of order higher.” –Stuart Hameroff

“Were it physically possible to place a sentient observer at the zero-point, looking at the macro world from beyond space-time, the observer should perceive the exchanges of energy in the underlying structure in electrodynamic balance and in resonance with Self and experience the connectedness of all things. Those who explore the samadhi states report precisely this same phenomenon as scintillating points of light when experiencing The All That Is.” –Edgar Mitchell

“Nick Herbert thinks that consciousness is a pervasive process in nature. Mind is as fundamental a component of the universe as elementary particles and forces. Mind can be detected by three features of quantum theory: randomness, thinglessness (objects acquire attributes only once they are observed) and interconnectedness (John Bell’s discovery that once two particles have interacted they remain connected). Herbert thinks that these three features of inert matter can account for three basic features of mind: free will, essential ambiguity, and deep psychic connectedness. Scientists may be vastly underestimating the quantity of consciousness in the universe.”
–Scaruffi, http://www.scaruffi.com/science/qc.html

“The deepest subjectivity is not personal.”
― James Hillman,
Lament of the Dead: Psychology After Jung’s Red Book

Is consciousness a primordial factor of existence, an irreducible dimension of nature? Our experience is inherently subjective — an objective world independent of the observer doesn’t exist. Particles and Observer are entangled at the quantum scale, so observation affects the matter being observed. Fundamentally, in a holographic model, each part is related internally to the activity of all other parts and the whole. When the realm of discrete objects is transcended, everything becomes united in an indivisible whole.Matter is continually emerging from and dissolving back into a nonmaterial unified field. Manifestations are real at their own level of operation. All thoughts and creative dynamics arise from this underlying transcendent field, known classically as the Clear Light or Primordial Awareness. Background consciousness is the sense of self. The deeply unconscious is the ground of our psychophysical being.Scientific truths and possible realities seem to emerge from the collective psyche into consensus reality (beliefs about the true nature of reality). Plausible theories and concepts compete with pop notions for acceptance. Our notions of Nothing have expanded into a few potentially graspable concepts. For example, most of the mass in protons comes from the fluctuations of ’empty’ space.

Can we unpack the nature of Nothing? Is ’empty’ space a no place with no time and no laws? Panpsychism suggests that

everything in the universe might be conscious, or at least potentially conscious, or conscious in certain configurations. Panprotopsychism postulates that fundamental physical entities are proto-conscious. Some fundamental physical entities have protophenomenal properties (Chalmers). Naturally, there are arguments for and against such notions, just as for materialism.We live in a quantum sea of light, radiation and tidal forces conflated with the energy density. Light is the fundamental archetype of reality. It appears when the Ouroboric zero-point bursts open in radiant glory, from the unfathomable primordial darkness, as photonic light and undifferentiated consciousness. As such, it becomes more than a metaphor for human consciousness and primordial awareness – the invisible ground of pure light.

How can we integrate different theories relating to the basis of reality?  No shortage of comparisons and correlations between spiritual notions and scientific theories has been made. This article focuses on descriptions of the physical and metaphysical origins, properties and behavior of light – virtual, photonic, and symbolic. The biggest gaps in our knowledge concern the universe as a whole.

Quantum cosmology attempts to describe how the universe emanates from the void. Kant said space and time are the necessary categories of thought. Einstein taught us to think in terms of an interwoven spacetime.  We comprehend our experience in terms of space-time geometry. A dynamical geometry, the psychophysical twelve-dimensional matrix, informs our very being. Consciousness-researcher David Chalmers suggests that perhaps the universe exists in terms of psychophysical laws, and that consciousness may involve both an information state and experiential state.

Symbolically, the Absolute is represented as Source, Fountain or Well, the Center, the One, the All or Whole, the Origin (Arche). This Principle or Primordial Cause is Sacred or Holy, Mystery, the Ultimate. The “original ground” is the concept of an unconditioned reality which transcends limited, everyday existence. We don’t need to worship, literalize, or concretize such qualities to recognize their evocative power.
The archaic mind (unconscious) is constantly aware of the sacred. The Absolute reveals reality as light — a background sea of light known as the electromagnetic zero-point field of the quantum vacuum. At the lowest energy state, the zero-point field is unobservable. The zero-point field is the root of all energy. The immediacy of the unmediated nonlocal reality is the zero point field, which connects the smallest quanta with distant galaxies.

Potential & Consciousness
Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me.’
―William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

How do we explore the depths of our reality and experience, seeing underneath that which appears on the surface? Consciousness is impossible to measure objectively. What we call reality and consciousness depends on our models of scientific and psychological observation and mystical penetration. Conjecture begins with the conundrum of the mind-body problem and heads toward musing on the meaning of life.
Is the fundamental basis of reality a constant state of becoming — potential emerging into actuality?

Are we capable of understanding ourselves and the universe? Consciousness still straddles the borders of science, philosophy, and spirituality. Groundstate, structure and pattern. However, we can describe at least three functional aspects of consciousness and focus of attention that relate to personal and collective conscious-unconscious phenomenology and models of reality — the way we perceive it, the way we imagine or interpret it, and the unified ground underlying existence.

1) Personal self-awareness fused with direct sensory experience and emotion (awake and aware of surroundings).
2) a fusion of imaginal memories, myths, dreams and conceptual interpretations of experience.
3) Non-dual unity and totality; the universal, suprapersonal or global aspect of dimensionless abstraction, we call “Consciousness,” or God in potentia.

Is consciousness fundamental or emergent? The most common error is conflating universal consciousness and self-awareness. Absorption is the ability to maintain focused attention on a task or stimulus or “openness to absorbing and self-altering experiences” (Tellegen and Atkinson, 1974). Mystics also describe a series of meditative absorptions.

Is matter fundamentally endowed with a quality of consciousness? Neurologically, consciousness appears to be an emergent property of operational information propagated throughout the brain and psychological space. The emptying of psychological space is direct experience of the primordial ground — unconditioned primordial awareness.

But we should carefully avoid materialistic errors of category, levels of observation and experimenter bias.

There are scientific truths and possible realities that seem to emerge from the collective psyche into consensus reality (beliefs about the true nature of reality). Plausible theories and concepts compete with pop notions for acceptance.

How can we integrate different theories relating to the basis of reality? There is no shortage of comparisons and correlations between spiritual notions and scientific theories. This article focuses on the archetypal light motif that structures other layers of nature — descriptions of the physical and metaphysical origins, properties and behavior of light – virtual, photonic, and symbolic.  We need to move from an ‘objective’ worldview to one more event oriented.

What is the irreducible basis of the universe and the material of fundamental reality? Researchers continue to study consciousness not only as the source of the human mind but of all energy and matter. Elemental consciousness is viewed as the essence of the universe, a unified field which gives rise to and pervades all manifest phenomena.

Is mind in nature a form of electromagnetic information source that interacts constantly with molecules, including DNA? The matter-brain-mind connection may well be electromagnetic, and holographic, and morphogenic information fields, and rooted in the vacuum fluctuation, operating nonlocally (nonconscious) as well as with gradients, currents and chemicals.

Can we directly experience the unified field? Correlations are drawn between the zero-point field and the pre-personal depths of transcendence. Darkness is the gate to light. The field of cosmic consciousness is described as a cosmic emptiness—a void that is paradoxically also a fullness. Can the mind travel through meditation to eternity? The biggest gaps in our knowledge concern the universe as a whole and our entanglement with it. We don’t understand Nothing, which is virtually everything.

Dark Light of the Void

The Void is not devoid. It is void of physical particles. The zero-point field is the ground state energy of all fields in space. Matter is an insubstantial wavefunction (a potential) at the quantum level. The collective potential of all particles everywhere with their individual zero-point energies is one universal zero point field.

Nature has been hiding the zero-point field (zpf) in a blinding light. Since it permeates every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to it. It blinds us by its presence. What we do see is all the rest of the light that is over and above the zero-point field. 
We cannot eliminate the zero-point field from our eyes. Even with its distinctive pattern of dynamic electric and magnetic fields in continual fluctuation, the vacuum remains the simplest state of nature. Life takes refuge in a single space – absolute space.Classically, absolute space (not relative space) is considered non-causal in relationship to manifest phenomena. But we are beginning to describe it more accurately as non-linear, non-local and/or entangled with all events and objects of the phenomenal world. 

All events emerge from the framework of absolute space. Though insubstantial it has properties, qualities, and ramifications. The study of space supersedes the study of matter in motion.
 Foundational Infrastructure

We cannot know absolute space, but the ground of our being that arises beyond our observation can be inferred by its tangible effects. It implies that all the matter in the universe is interconnected by a virtually infinite ocean of electromagnetic waves, creating a universal entanglement.

Nonlocal correlated physical systems may be entangled via the space-time they occupy. Electromagnetic energy may facilitate the observation of entanglement by altering probablilities in shared spaces. Quantum particles can be linked a special way to act like one entity. It means we are connected by the primal field through all matter to the furthest reaches of the universe.

Space and geometry are fundamentals of natural science. A supercharged zero-point field with a large energy density is now considered a real entity, not merely an artifact of quantum mechanics. 

Zero-point fluctuation perturbs electrons in their orbits, leading to shifts in frequency. Atomic decay and spontaneous emission are zero-point field effects. Interaction of matter and the field correlates with resonance, uncertainty, wave-particle duality, and fluctuating particles.

Quarks and electrons jiggle from zero-point interaction. They are also perturbed by the secondary fields of all other matter jiggling. Matter emerges from and depends on dynamic interchange of subatomic particles with the zero-point field. 

In a self-generating feedback, the zero-point field drives the motion of subatomic particles. Reciprocally, the motion of all the particles in the universe generates the zero-point field – an ouroboros process.

The concept of matter becomes ephemeral and provisional. Interactive electric charges awash in a sea of electromagnetic and other fields create a sort of cosmic inertia through electromagnetic drag. Instead of mass there is only charge. Perturbation of the zpf may produce gravity and curvature. Research suggests a specific resonance frequency for particle-zpf interaction may give rise to inertia. Such notions must be kept in context and self-consistent with a real non-gravitating zpf.

There is a regular transition of the wave properties from massive particles to entangled photons. Yet despite extensive experimental work, the origin of these waves is not well understood from the theoretical side. Waves of de Broglie type can be regarded as the natural manifestation of a higher dimension of the kind needed for the unification of the interactions of physics.

Simple Information

Haish-Rueda-Puthoff (1994) suggested that both inertia and gravitation are electromagnetic phenomena arising from interaction with the zero-point field. Wave interference information encoding might account for coherent particle and field structures. Information is as or more fundamental than energy or matter — the main ingredients of reality.

An information process runs physics.

The information theory of the universe models bits of information as fundamental, while neurodynamics conceives of quanta of information.  Holonomy supersedes general systems theory and thermodynamics as models of brain/mind/consciousness. Emergent nonlocal quantum information self-organizes matter, life and consciousness.

Matter, energy and consciousness are expressions of the same informational order. Fredkin says, “At the much higher level of complexity life, DNA–the biochemical functions–are controlled by a digital information process.  Then, at another level, our thought processes are basically information processing.”

Laszlo (2004) has suggested there is a subquantal coherent field of pure “in-formation,” different from the zero-point field. He calls it the A-field, or Akashic field, known by its real effects but as yet without a mathematical description. It propagates nonlocal coherence across all domains, an all-encompassing medium that underlies and becomes all things.
This vacuum hologram carries information in distributed form as interfering wavefields that propagate throughout the universe instantly without attenuation. These “cosmic holograms” link or “in-form” all things with all other things, remembering what has been, sustaining what is, and propagating what will be.

Changes of the sub-quantum level are described as “virtual” and unobservable. This ground energy state is the repository of all fields and all virtual particles. It emits and reabsorbs photons, electrons, and all the quantum particles in the universe. This is the virtual substructure of scalar, vector, and tensor potential.  The vacuum, which plays the key role in structuring universe, is a cosmic virtual state hologram. The quantum vacuum is a dynamic massless scalar field.  A hologram is a scalar field. Scalars are just active information; a hologram is pure information. A simple definition of information is ‘any form of radiation that communicates one or more properties of a physical entity to another physical entity.’ How does that information transfer between systems work? Is consciousness actually information, or an emergent property of universal information? The photon is considered a hypothetical means of information transfer.

Lucas Tessaro suggests that “the binary representation of information could reflect the fundamental unit of the Universe, the photon. Being both electric and magnetic, the photon could represent information with patterns of photon activity oscillating between these two states. The presence of electromagnetic fields similarly reflect this dualistic conceptualization of the photon. The presence or absence of photons, the state of those photons, and the associated correlates of those photons (frequency, intensity, density, etc.) likewise could play a role in the conditioning of space with information.”

This gives rise to the relatively recent notion of “space-memory”, but that is beyond the scope of this paper.

Consciousness Enters Phenomena

The creation of consciousness remains as big a mystery as the creation of the universe. Entanglement is a property of nonlocal quantum correlation. Nonlocal coupling is not transfer of information. Microcosmic quantum entanglements can scale up into macrocosmic effects including mental phenomena.
DiBiase (2013) suggests a, “new synthesis gives a self-organizing quantum-holographicnon-local informational basis for a transpersonal model of consciousness in a participatory universe. In this synthesis, consciousness is conceived as quantum non-local significant information interconnecting the brain and the cosmos by means of a holoinformational field, with a non-local/quantum holistic component interconnecting mind and cosmos, and a local/Newtonian mechanistic component interconnecting brain and mind.This non-local quantum-holographic cosmos manifests itself through a quantum-holographic transpersonal consciousness, interconnecting in a participatory holistic and indivisible way the human brain to all levels of the universe.http://journals.sfu.ca/jnonlocality/index.php/jnonlocality/article/view/21/40

Consciousness and matter are emergent phenomena. The goal of psychotherapy is to facilitate the optimal emergence of consciousness from objective or primordial psyche. It is a psychological approach to religious imagery and myth which also incorporates physics and biophysics.
Psychologically, incarnating divinity becomes a process of living awareness of the transpersonal center of the psyche, which is only known through images, including the God-image. Various images and metaphor of Light have always been used in religion and metaphysics to describe such states.

Jung suggested that the purpose of human life is the creation of consciousness, which he defined as a psychic substance connected to an ego. Unperceived contents remain unconscious. Using self-reflection, repeated separation of the knower from the known represents increments of consciousness. Authentic consciousness emerges from experience of being the object of consciousness. Such “inner knowing” is gnosis leading toward meaning and nondual experience.

That man and the universe are a vast enterprise for creating consciousness is the new central myth with aspects that unite cross-cultural worldviews. Another part of the new myth is that authentic consciousness achieved individually is never lost. Can it be that every human experience augments the sum total of universal consciousness? Are we each a crucible for the creation of consciousness?

The total of our conscious experience may accrue to the collective treasury of the archetypal psyche – the collective unconscious implying earthly life may be transferred to the divine or archetypal realm at some informational level.

Such notions are understood psychologically, rather than religiously or literally. Deep meaning arises from the realization of the self, which is metaphorically described in terms of the emergence or embodiment of light.

Entangled Photons
Entanglement is an essential feature of quantum mechanics where photons can be intrinsically and absolutely linked. Dean Radin and others suggest consciousness may be linked to field effects of entangled particles in the brain. Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon exhibiting nonlocal behavior or (10,000* times) faster than light communication, but we don’t have equipment to measure that phenomena (SciAm).In quantum information theory, elementary particles become entwined when they interact. Quantum particles theoretically exist in every possible state at the same time. For example, unless measured, a photon can spin vertically and horizontally at the same time, expressing potential for polarization. Atom-photon pairs have been created experimentally (Johnston).

Probabilities or superpositions give rise to uncertainty which gives rise to entanglement (which is also the alleged source of the arrow of time). Entangled particles represent a probability distribution. As quantum uncertainty spreads, particles become increasingly entangled. Entangled particles seem to share one big entangled state.

As they become more correlated with one another, the particles become increasingly entangled with one another. Individual particles lose their autonomy entrained to the collective state. When correlations contain all the information of the holistic system of entangled particles, and the individual particles contain none, particles stop changing, having arrived at a state of equilibrium with rare, random fluctuations. Information becomes increasingly diffuse, but never completely disappears.

Seth Lloyd says, “The universe as a whole is in a pure state. But individual pieces of it, because they are entangled with the rest of the universe, are in mixtures.” A new ontology is implied if the universe is one big entangled object — a conscious universe. Bohm and others contend that each part of the universe contains information about the entire universe.

Information about all systems in the universe exists as a potentiality in every system. But each system in the universe only manifests information in a specific range so it can never manifest all the information that is available to it. Individual human minds have nonlocal aspects.

However, it also means there is nowhere information about our existence does not exist as a potentiality. It also implies some of that systemic information is potentially directly available to us from the pervasive zero-point field or Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (Thakur). Our subconscious accesses and analyzes information outside our conscious awareness. It emerges as intuition and creative flow.

‘Consciousness’ is characterized as primordial, undifferentiated, nonconscious, or unconscious. The holistic fabric of reality is simply connected. Simple consciousness arises from the undifferentiated consciousness of pre-spacetime – in spiritual terms, the unconsciousness of God.

The holographic frequency domain is a plenum which projects the information from the deepest level of the structure of space into the material domain. Thus, the image of the whole is a ubiquitous presence in greater or lesser resolution. The infinite is an aggregate of finites — discontinuous events.

We might regard an EM wave as a wiggle of nothingness, existing in time, which is like saying that a photon is an oscillation (wiggling) of spacetime itself. Photons are discrete energetic events, wave undulations of surface patterns in the complex infinity of dynamic interaction. The holographic field supports the photonic field at every point in space (with or without perceivable energetic events) with the energy of the entire cosmos.

Technically, every point in space represents the convergence of all photons from all light sources. A flux of virtual photons connects our universe with the non-spatio-temporal negative universe. Buffeting by the vacuum fluctuation knocks out observable photons. Most rapidly decay back to zero-point, repeating the endless cycle.

Matter arises from the plenum/void of the virtual vacuum potential, from particle-antiparticle annihilation, from the virtual photon fluctuation in the underlying plenum once poetically called the Dirac Sea or quantum foam. Patterns arise, interact, endure, and disintegrate. The void undergirds the ambient background fluctuation. Everything is made of Light. Only light ‘matters’.

Photons do not have mass; they do have momentum. Einstein’s equations predict that from light’s own point of view time has stopped, and distance has shrunk to zero. So, all light knows is ‘now’. It doesn’t exist in time and space as we do. Light, somehow, lies beyond the world of space, time, and matter. It is not part of the material world.

The discrete ‘particle’ properties of Matter and Light (quanta) are in fact caused by standing wave interactions. Radiant energy is the energy gradient of electromagnetic waves at different frequencies. The photon field is a flow of light.

Whether we look outside into our environment or inside into ourselves we find primordial Light. Light is the first and only thing to emerge from the Unknown. Light is the archetype of the revelation of ultimate reality.

The Nature of Manifestation
The primordial level of self-interaction is unstable virtual particles. The vacuum potential is raw untranslated spacetime, which correlates informationally with raw or primordial (non)consciousness. Aether, hyperspace, and spacetime are all different states of the same entity at different scales.Aether has no reference points, no meaningful motion, no time, no wave fronts — just absolute space. At the hyperspace level of observation, we find EM waves, strings, branes, quanta, etc. Finally, classical spacetime emerges, the objective Universe as we naturally perceive it. The infinitesimal center is coextensive with the universal continuum.

1. Aether — (Sub-quantum level) Dimensionless, eternal. David Bohm’s implicate order, Basil Hiley’s pre-space. The scale at which non-local, instantaneous state change occurs. Nature’s four fundamental forces emerge from here.
2. Hyperspace — (Quantum level) Wheeler’s quantum foam. Quantum gravity. Quantum weirdness. A medium where more than one object can occupy the same space; allowing for quantum wave superposition, parallel, and non-linear, information processing.
3. Spacetime — (Classical level) Intersubjective creation; Gravitation, matter… the objective Universe.

Photons are electromagnetic fields, or rather waves in the electromagnetic fields. Photons are the basic unit of energy and cosmos. A photon is a single particle of light. Virtual photons are static. Photons shift from virtual scalar (nonordered) to normal vector (ordered) photon energy through photon/antiphoton pairs. Quantum electrodynamics suggests that the vacuum is a multi-dimensional realm stressed with an extremely high potential known as the zero-point energy.

Scalars are dynamic quantities, which have magnitude but not direction, like vector waves. They also exist in the space between our own atoms. The void is not devoid, but seethes with impermanent virtual particles and fields. The flow of mass, and our own mass, through time is generated by the ubiquitous interaction of photons with the mass. This is so for both virtual and observable photons.

The active vacuum is active spacetime. Mass moves through time by integrating virtual photons, and absorption-emission of observable photons and biophotons. The internal dynamic flow of time has infolded sublevels and engines that pump up the quantum field effects to breech the mystic threshold of observability. Tesla referred to this form of negative energy as radiant energy.

The fabric of space is a turbulent plasma-like realm comprised of virtual particles continuously appearing from and disappearing into a physical hyperspace. This virtual particle flux has an enormous energy density, the “zero point energy”. Zero-point motion imparted by the virtual particle flux is not thermal in nature and is present even at the “zero-point” of zero degrees Kelvin, where all atomic motion is supposed to stop.

At the interface where nothing becomes something, nonluminous virtual photons teem in the zero-point field (zpf). Mass attracts photon flux from the vacuum. The radiant ground is the fundamental source beyond the boundary layer of quantum foam. Photons are the self-luminous manifestation of Absolute Space. Nothing arises but standing waves from the seething zero-point field of creative potential. It is the source and sustenance of existence — the light of life itself.

We are bioholograms projected by coherent light and sound. We arise from and are sustained by field phenomena. Waves of biophotonic light and sound form our essential nature through acoustic holography. This coherent light transduces itself into radio waves. This holographic biophoton field carries sound as information that decodes the 4-D form as a material object. The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the luminosity of its invisible ground.

We now know that our universe is awash in a background sea of diverse light waves, countless fields of them, all occupying the quantum vacuum of local and outer space. It’s a titanic ocean full of electromagnetic riptides, which wield influence everywhere — the renewable energy of always. The zpf is continually absorbed and regenerated by charged particles.

The Field is the Only Reality
Dimensional fluctuations occur in the field of frequencies. Scalar waves are oscillations of the stress energy tensor of the vacuum. More intense “undulations” are holographic patterns from which spacetime emerges. Quantum fluctuations are the emergence of equal but opposites particles from the vacuum.“Let there be Light.” Potentials in the vacuum are primordial causal agents creating force fields from their interference during virtual photon flux. Charge emits measurable photon energy. ZPE charge becomes observable emission. Real EM photons (quanta of light) are emitted from that charge and spread into 3-space at light speed.

But there is a jump effect which happens during the orthorotation of light, or acceleration to the speed of light. Mass turns into photons during the final part of orthorotation which is in the virtual state. This is the missing link between relativity and quantum mechanics.

Bernard Haisch says, “Electric and magnetic fields flowing through space oscillate as a pendulum does. At every possible frequency, there will always be a tiny bit of electromagnetic jiggling going on. And if you add up all these ceaseless fluctuations, you get a background sea of light whose total energy is enormous. This is the electromagnetic zero-point field.”

Particle-wave systems must be in constant motion, continuously processing space in order to continue their existence. If motion ceased, they would simply disintegrate. Virtual particles pop-up from hyperspace into spacetime as the result of random field interactions, such as resonance. We are observing energy exchanges in nature. Nothing else is taking place. A wave requires time and space. Amplitude happens in 3D space, and then it moves so that those dimensions change. Time is motion in space.

Particles stay in spacetime because they have stable standing waves. Is a spherical standing wave an emitter and reflector? A transmitter and responder is a transponder. In the case of two emitters, the emitter basically creates its own responder. If spherical standing waves are virtual transponders the vacuum potential produces an information circuit.

Radiant fields are, in effect, spherical standing waves that follow a double helix spiral vortex Mobius Klein path. Plausibly, the incoming wave is the compressive gravity aspect, and the outgoing wave is the expanding electromagnetic aspect. Is a spherical standing wave (radiant field) the signature of a virtual transponder simultaneously receiving, translating and then re-broadcasting information?

Philosophy and physics explore the nature of reality itself, and the relationship between the mind and reality. Both the Qabalah and Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics elaborate on emanation from negative existence, describing the pre-spacetime / pregeometric and geometric templates of what Fuller called “nature’s own method of self-assembly.” Creative flow of light describes both illumination and emanation. We are also a flow of light.

Negative Existence: Tohu and Bohu

The first Sefirah is Kether, the Crown, the beginning, the primal void. A dark light leapt from this most secret depth, like a colorless mist that gives form to formlessness, and as the mist spread, a burst of flames took shape in its center, and the flames streamed down to illuminate the lower Sefirot, and down, down to the Kingdom.
The qabalistic Genesis begins with the emanation of Ain Soph, “supreme wisdom,” the Godhead as pure light-filled creative intelligence, source of all manifestation. The Limitless Light flows out into the 10 Spheres of the Tree of Life down through the Four Worlds of Creation:  Archetypal (divine), Causal (mental), Astral (emotional), and Physical.Emanation means that God sent forth a portion of his own essence into the manifestation, rather than creating a separate reality. This cosmic pattern or design reflects the divine order, the pervasive design of the world, echoing the alchemical maxim, “As Above, So Below.”

“Light” is the living power of the Creation. It fills every part of reality, and allows its existence. The Light pervades us. In Qabalah, Ain is a ‘nothingness’ with a hidden or invisible potential from which the Universe will eventually manifest. “The Negative Existence” — that which is concealed — is comprised of:

Ain = “Light” or “Nothing”
Ain Soph = “Limitless Light” or “No Nothing” (i.e., not even the knowledge of “nothing”), and
Ain Soph Aur = “Limitless Light in Extension” or “No Nothing Ever/Always”
Ain is the highest and first of the veils. It is literally translated as ‘nothing’, or simply ‘no’; absolute emptiness, the opposite of existence, complete absence.  Ain Soph proceeds from Ain by necessity.  It is literally translated as ‘no limit’.  Where there is nothing there are no boundaries or limitations; this is the limitless foundation — the eternal in its purest sense.

Ain Soph Aur is the lower veil, situated closest to the Tree of Life, and it proceeds from Ain Soph as a necessity. It means ‘limitless or eternal light’. Without any limitations, things happen because there is no reason they shouldn’t. Light plays a very important role in the philosophy and symbolism of Qabalah. Ain Soph Aur is that human experience of light. They symbolize three aspects of an “Unknowable Concept of Being and Non-Being.”

Negative Existence may be outside the range of our realization, it does not mean that we are beyond the range of its influence. Those who have penetrated furthest into the Unseen have given us symbolic descriptions by means of which we may turn our minds in the direction of the Absolute, even if we cannot reach it. They have spoken of Negative Existence as Light: “Ain Soph Aur, the Limitless Light.”

The experience of the “NOT” finds Its counterpart in every mystical tradition. In Taoism it is called Mysterious Unknown. The Sufis refer to the experience as fana ‘l fana (fana means “extinction”). The Hindus call it nirvikalpa samadhi. The Buddhists call it nirvana, sunyata (emptiness), satori, and anuttara samyak sambodhi (full enlightenment). The Qur’an refers to the Mysterious Unknown by the same terms used in the Torah.

All mystical traditions describe the “Mysterious Unknown at the Roots of All Things” as both inactive (impersonal) and active (personal aspects). The Zohar names them the “Vast Face” and “Small Face” of Qabalah.The inactive aspect is represented by the letter Ayin. It is also known as Al (lit. upon), Shomer (Witness, Guardian), Atiqa (Hidden One), Supernal Israel, the Ancient of Days, and other Names found in the Sefer HaShmoth and the Torah.

The absolute is movement and stillness without beginning, yin and yang without beginning. Buddhists call this complete awareness, Taoists call it the gold pill, Confucians call it the absolute. What is called the infinite absolute means the limit of the unlimited. Buddha called it “as is, immutable, ever clearly aware”.

Ayin means “eye,” and in the Idra Rabba Qadusha it says: “This is the tradition: Were the Eye closed even for one moment, no thing could subsist. Therefore, It is called the Open Eye, the Holy Eye, the Excellent Eye, the Eye of Fate (mazal), the Eye which sleeps not nor slumbers, the Eye which is the Guardian of all things, the Eye which is the substance of all things.”(Idra Rabba 136,137)

In the Sefer Yetzirah, the Ayin is called the “Organ of Nakedness.” In Arabic, the word for the NOT is “La”: this is written virtually identical to the Ezra letter Ayin. The shape of the Phoenician or Sinatic letter Ayin is also suggestive — it is a circle.

Design science teaches that pattern may be more important than intensity in virtual to matter self-organization. The morphological or geometrical aspect of nature plays a dynamic role in the identity and behavior of all objects and processes.In Synergetics, a geometrical system of holistic thinking, Buckminster Fuller described Cosmic Zero at the geometrical heart of the Vector Equilibrium Matrix.The maximum number of dimensions allowed to a symmetrically-divided sphere is twelve.  The 12-dimensional model appears to offer a psychophysical solution to consciousness, quantum gravity, the origins of life, and the birth of the universe. V.E. is the breeder of wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and non-locality at the quantum level.

Vector equilibria in isotropic vector matrix produce the discontinuity of particles, while the vector-weaving around the VE nucleus produce the continuity of wave phenomena. It describes the nuclei of atomic structure.

Vector Equilibrium is a zone of neutral resonance where waves can pass through waves without interference, yet, it never physically exists as a structure. It is the ultimate dynamic equilibrium zero state. The five Platonic solid arise from it as this foundation of all cosmic structural geometry. According to Fuller, “zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium is the nearest thing we will ever know to eternity and the omniscient mind of Universe.”

This is the geometry of the Unified Field — the “zero-phase of conceptual integrity inherent in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness.” When it comes to modeling a most fundamental aspect of physics wherein the zero-point field of energy has infinite density yet cannot be seen or measured, the vector equilibrium simply and absolutely fulfills this ground-zero starting place from which everything else springs forth.

Cosmic zero exists, paradoxically, in the realm of the psyche and in quantum reality in the atomic nucleus expressed as force. It is the form of formlessness, the root metaphor. It also forms the roots of the cosmic Tree of Life, since there is a fine-to-non-existent line between organic and inorganic matter on the quantum scale. Physics is the patterns of organic energy, all of which are dynamic, alive. Mass is energy, so the subatomic world is always restlessly in motion. Inert matter is full of motion when we look closely at it . The activity of matter is its essence.The properties of mass, inertia, charge and gravity — and those who observe them — are the result of space resonances produced by zero-point scalar waves. At zero-point, waves pass through waves without interference. We come from, are sustained by, and are returning to the radiant light of our mass. All electromagnetic force is mediated by virtual photons.Some scientists think the ground of our consciousness is synonymous with the ground of physical existence.  Pre-spacetime is the absolute frame of reference and the ground of existence. Thus, luminous ground is inherent radiance. Primordial consciousness has the same nature as the ground state of absolute space, from which emerge all mental and physical phenomena. The nature of primordial consciousness is empty and luminous. Entering the groundstate of consciousness can be done.

Is undifferentiated consciousness the same dynamic as matter and energy? Is there a physics of consciousness? Is this more than correlation or poetic metaphor for unextended matter? The field of pure consciousness can be understood as the subjective essence of the unified field, which acts as the ultimate origin of creation. It not only acts as the origin of all individual thoughts, but also all of the forms and phenomena in nature.


This is how madness begins, this is madness … You cannot get conscious of these unconscious facts without giving yourself to them. If you can overcome your fear of the unconscious and can let yourself go down, then these facts take on a life of their own. ~Jung, Liber Novus, Page 253. Footnote 211.The pupil is taught to concentrate on the light of the inmost region and, while doing so, to free himself from all outer and inner entanglements. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 121

Thus consciousness is at the same time empty and not empty. It is no longer preoccupied with the images of things but merely contains them. The fullness of the world which heretofore pressed upon consciousness has lost none of its richness and beauty, but it no longer dominates consciousness.
~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 121.

‘‘A halo of light surrounds the world of the law. We forget one another, quiet and pure, altogether powerful and empty. The emptiness is irradiated by the light of the heart of heaven. The water of the sea is smooth and mirrors the moon in its surface. The clouds disappear in blue space; the mountains shine clear. Consciousness reverts to contemplation; the moon- disk rests alone.’’
~Hui Ming Ching, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 121.Among these other disciplines, Jung described the wisdom light of the Gnostics. In the Apocryphon of John we find:

7. And It gazed into Barbelo in the pure light which surrounds the invisible Spirit and Its luminescence, and she conceived from It. It begot a spark of light in a light resembling blessedness, but it was [not] equal to Its greatness. This one was only-begotten of the Mother Father who had appeared. He is his only offspring, the only-begotten of the Father, the pure light.

Then the invisible virginal Spirit rejoiced over the light [which] had come into being, that one who first appeared from the first power of Its Pronoia, which is Barbelo. And It [an]ointed him from Its own goodness/Christhood until he became perfect, not lacking anything of [good]ness/[Christ]hood because It had anointed him in the [goo]d[ndss/[Chri]st[ho]od of the invisible Spirit. And he stood in Its presence while It poured upon him. A[nd] im[medi]ately when he had received from the Sp[irit, he] gl[or]ified the holy Spirit and the perfect Pro[n]oia, for he had been revealed because of her. And he asked to be given a fellow worker, which is Mind. And It stared. And in the invisible Spirit’s act of staring, Mind was revealed. And he stood with Christ, glorifying him and Barbelo, for all these came into being in silence.

Jung termed the nondual “Pleroma,” where nothingness is the same as fullness”…an Absolute in which there is no division between subject and object. Jung intuited this nondual Pleroma to be a collective transpersonal reservoir, an ocean of collective unconscious. From this omnipotent universal Pleroma our individual psyches coalesce around “attractor archetypes.” In this sense Jung echoed the eastern axiom: “Emptiness is Form, Form is Emptiness.”

Considering the primordial nature of the psyche, Jung reflected on the ‘seeds of light broadcast in the chaos’ (Khunrath) , of the ‘scintillae’ (Dorn), soul sparks (Eckhart), of fish-eyes at the bottom of the sea, or images of luminous serpent eyes. He spoke of the virtual light of such luminous nodal points emerging from the abyssal depths, eventually including dynamical processes and all types of universally recurring patterns of behavior in the psyche.

Jung described his intuitive apprehension of the Pleroma exhaustively in Seven Sermons to the Dead. Jung’s Plenum is a field of universal potential, unbound luminosity and infinite awareness. Space isn’t an empty vacuum but characterized as universal potential and creative flow.

Hear Ye: I begin with nothing. Nothing is the same as fullness. In the endless state fullness is the same as emptiness. The Nothing is both empty and full. One may just as well state some other thing about the Nothing, namely that it is white or that it is black or that it exists or that it exists not. That which is endless and eternal has no qualities, because it has all qualities.

The Nothing, or fullness, is called by us the PLEROMA. In it thinking and being cease, because the eternal is without qualities. In it there is no one, for if anyone were, he would be differentiated from the Pleroma and would possess qualities which would distinguish him from the Pleroma.

In the Pleroma there is nothing and everything: it is not profitable to think about the Pleroma, for to do that would mean one’s dissolution.

The CREATED WORLD is not in the Pleroma, but in itself. The Pleroma is the beginning and end of the created world. The Pleroma penetrates the created world as the sunlight penetrates the air everywhere. Although the Pleroma penetrates it completely, the created world has no part of it, just as an utterly transparent body does not become either dark or light in color as the result of the passage of light through it. We ourselves, however, are the Pleroma, so it is that the Pleroma is present within us. Even in the smallest point the Pleroma is present without any bounds, eternally and completely, for small and great are the qualities which are alien to the Pleroma. The Pleroma is the nothingness which is everywhere complete and without end. It is because of this that I speak of the created world as a portion of the Pleroma, but only in an allegorical sense; for the Pleroma is not divided into portions, for it is nothingness. We, also, are the total Pleroma; for figuratively the Pleroma is an exceedingly small, hypothetical, even non-existent point within us, and also it is the limitless firmament of the cosmos about us. Why, however, do we discourse about the Pleroma, if it is the all, and also nothing?

The pairs of opposites are the qualities of the Pleroma: they are also in reality non-existent because they cancel each other out. … Since we ourselves are the Pleroma, we also have these qualities present within us; inasmuch as the foundation of our being is differentiation, we possess these qualities in the name and under the sign of differentiation.

Clear LightHuman consciousness instinctively seeks ‘cosmic zero.’ Arguably, the most sophisticated model for the psychological nature of mind and the “Nature Mind” comes from centuries of experimentation and direct observation by Tibetan Buddhists. They emphasize experience of the Clear Light and primordial awareness, and aim at glimpsing, recognizing, and stabilizing such states with their practices.If the vacuum (scalar) potential of Absolute Space equates with “pure unconditioned consciousness” or ‘complete awareness’ can we experience or apprehend such directly as has been implied by spiritual masters? In what sense does ‘primordial awareness’ correlate with scalar potential, the uncreated state of vacuum fluctuation? In what sense is this pre-conscious, or non-conscious an agent of mind-matter creation? Is it knowable through intuition, gnosis, spontaneous apprehension, or spiritual discipline?

We can compare and contrast the mystical and scientific observations. Pure consciousness is knowledge born from pure intuition. This can be called pure knowledge. It pertains to the non-phenomenal forms of uncreated existence. Absolute space is the noumenal source of phenomenal consciousness, a fundamental quality, and Mind is a higher order hyperspace field outside brain’s EM field. Fundamental proto-consciousness finds more particular expression when matter comes together in a certain way. Physics still struggles to describe this process, but is currently looking toward spin and entanglement as observable clues.

Endless Real Potential

We are beginning to understand what nature has been hiding. The zero-point field is a blinding light. Since it is everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to it. It blinds us by its presence. The world of light that we do see is all the rest of the light that is over and above the zero-point field. We cannot eliminate the zero-point field from our eyes. So, the vacuum is filled with a distinctive pattern of electromagnetic fields. Even with its pattern of electric and magnetic fields in continual fluctuation, the vacuum remains the simplest state of nature. Life takes refuge in a single space – absolute space — the luminous core of meaning itself.

This “ground of becoming” may be characterized as a relative vacuum state of consciousness,voided of all manner of mental activity. This mental phenomenon can be accessed through meditative quiescence, the cultivation of nondual contemplative insight. Such relative and ultimate vacuum states of consciousness seem remarkably similar to relative and absolute vacuum states of space presented in contemporary physics.

Photon interaction is the absorption and emission of photons by particles or objects. The macroscopic world is created by this interaction, which is the basic quantum change interaction. Scalar waves are emitted and absorbed by the nuclei of atoms, passing right through the electron shells without interaction. If photon interaction is invoked, classical reality emerges.  Photon interaction creates classical objectivity. Since light carries time, photon emission from an entity strips away the time dimension converting it to a spatial object.

Ervin Laslo says, “Information is entirely basic in the universe. In the latest conception the universe doesn’t consist of matter and space; it consists of energy and information. Energy exists in the form of wave-patterns and wave-propagations in the quantum vacuum that fills space; in its various forms, energy is the “hardware” of the universe. The “software” is information. The universe is not an assemblage of bits of inert matter moving passively in empty space: it’s a dynamic and coherent whole. The energy that constitutes its hardware is always and everywhere “in-formed.” It’s in-formed by what David Bohm called the implicate order and physicists now regard as the quantum vacuum or zero-point field (also called physical spacetime, universal field, or nuether). This is the “in-formation” that structures the physical world, the information we grasp as the laws of nature.”


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Holographic duality gravity



“It looks like important physical objects, such as curved space-times … emerge naturally from entanglement in tensor network states via holography,” writes physicist Román Orús of Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany.

In particular, a formulation of tensor networks called MERA (for multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz) seems especially promising with respect to understanding gravity. MERA tensor networks describe patterns of entanglement in certain complicated quantum systems, generating a geometry reminiscent of the extra-dimensional space that Maldacena discussed in his duality. In other words, it’s a real-life realization of the quantum field theory-gravity duality.

“When seen from this perspective,” writes Orús, “one would say that geometry (and gravity) seems to emerge from local patterns of entanglement in quantum many-body states.” Thus, he points out, the tensor network approach supports the conclusion suggested in previous work by Raamsdonk and others: “Gravitational spacetime emerges from quantum entanglement.”

electric dna

Electric DNA and Mind

tellegen scale of absorption

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“A metaphorical chip holding all the programming for our universe stores information like a quantum computer.” This is the radical insight to the foundation of our Universe developed by Mark Van Raamsdonk, a professor of theoretical physics at the University of British Columbia, that says that the world we see around us is a projection from a set of rules written in simpler, lower-dimensional physics—just as the 2D code in a computer’s memory chip creates an entire virtual 3D world. “What Mark has done is put his finger on a key ingredient of how space-time is emerging: entanglement,” says Gary Horowitz, who studies quantum gravity at the University of California Santa Barbara. Horowitz says this idea has changed how people think about quantum gravity, though it hasn’t yet been universally accepted. “You don’t come across this idea by following other ideas. It requires a strange insight,” Horowitz adds. “He is one of the stars of the younger generation.”

“We’re trying to construct a dictionary,” says Van Raamsdonk, that allows physicists to translate descriptions of our complex universe into simpler terms. If they succeed, they will have found the biggest jigsaw piece in the puzzle of a Grand Unified Theory—something that can describe all of the forces of our universe, at all scales from the atomic to the galactic. That puzzle piece is, specifically, something that can describe gravity within the framework of quantum mechanics, which governs physics on small scales. Such a unified theory is needed to explain the extreme scenarios of a black hole or the first moments of the universe.” The catacylst for Van Raamsdonk’s theory was a 1998 paper by Juan Maldacena a theoretical astrophysicist at Princeton’s Institite for Advanced studies that proposed that to understand quantum gravity through string theory, you can look instead to the much more ordinary, well-described system of quantum mechanics called quantum field theory that concluded that it seems that all the information about our complex multi-dimensional world can be described using a simpler, lower-dimensional language—just as a 3D image is projected from the 2D screen of a hologram, or a 3D computer gaming world created from a 2D memory chip. “After that, people wrote thousands of papers just testing whether that could be true,” says Van Raamsdonk. “No one has actually proven it, but we’re as certain about it as about anything in physics,” he added.


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