Will Harader: There Is No Path Back to God

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, September 21st, 2015



By Will Harader, The Galactic Free Press, September 17, 2015

There is no path back to God. This seems like such an incorrect thing to say, doesn’t it? I’m sure you’ve been told that everyone is on the path back to God, but I’m going to say something very different, there is no path back to God. Why? Simple, because you were never separate in the first place.

If you want to transcend the illusion, begin by dropping all your assumptions, everything you’ve been taught. You’re not going to see past the illusion by basing your quest upon an illusion, yet this is exactly where so many spiritual seekers start. You begin with the belief that you’re separate from God, and you have to do something to get back to God. This is the core of much of what we call “spirituality” and you’re given all these things to do to get back to God, but it’s based upon a lie.

You are not separate from God, never were, never will be. It’s an impossibility, God Is Omnipresence, Creator and Creation. Separation isn’t possible, but believing you are separate is, and everything you believe, everything you think you know, is what makes up your illusion.

You have to understand the nature of experience, and the mental synthesis of experience, known as knowledge. How can Oneness see Oneness when Oneness Is All There Is? In the Higher Realms there’s no space, no time, no experience as we know it. To see Oneness, you have to take a “step back”, but that’s impossible since Oneness Is All There Is, so an illusion is needed, an illusion of something other than Oneness, an illusion of separation.

This is where the mind comes in, the mind does the impossible, it separates Oneness into different “parts”. It creates the “me and you”, the “us and them”, the “external and internal”, the “good and bad”, the “right and wrong”. With the illusion of separation there’s suddenly “different things”, and experience and knowledge of these “things” becomes possible. This is the function of the mind, and the mind is the very core of the illusion.

How long does it take to get to some place you never left? You can easily spend a lifetime lost within illusion. Very difficult to “get back” to Oneness when your own thoughts keep reinforcing your separation. Impossible to be Whole when you’re divided against yourself!

People ask “How do I realize God? How do I see beyond the illusion?” and again, those thoughts are reinforcing the illusion. There’s nothing you do to get to God, it’s an undoing. There’s nothing to believe to get you to God, God is unbelievable. There’s nothing to know to get you to God, God is the Unknowable. Your search would be more fruitful if you stopped searching. There isn’t any “how”, there isn’t anything to find, There Is Only Now.

If you insist on wandering around in illusion trying to get back to where you’ve always been, let Love be your guideposts. Love is the true experience of Oneness, and as the illusion is transcended, Love becomes ever present. Fear is what makes the illusion seem so real. Fear is what separates, and it’s held in place by your beliefs and your taking life so seriously. Let it go! Why choose unhappiness for yourself? Choose Life, Love, happiness, joy and laughter. You will be doing such an immense favor for yourself and others as well.

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