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Ascension, Zeitgeist / Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


There’ll come a time when the cabal’s unable to escape justice, and they’ll be forced to answer for their crimes against humanity. A time when our collective forgiveness will be tested more than it’s ever been, and our ability to accept each other will grow as much as our political and spiritual awareness.

A time when the darkest deeds that have been hidden from the public will be illuminated by the light of Source, and the people who’ve perpetrated these deeds will be forced to answer for what they’ve done in front of all of humanity.

A time when, to quote Peter Tosh, “[They’re] gonna run to the sea, but the sea will be boiling.

“[They’re] gonna run to the rocks, but the rocks will be melting.

“[They’re] gonna run to Jah, begging Him to hide them”.

But their begging will be of no use, because they won’t be able to hide their worst crimes any longer.

All of humanity will be awake and aware of what the cabal’s done to keep us in lower, pacified states of unconsciousness and poor health, and try as they might, they can’t and won’t stop their inevitable exposure or the emergence of a new society that’s built without their input or influence.

Try as they might, they can only stall the inevitable for so long, and they certainly can’t stop what’s already happening. I don’t bring this up to encourage an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, but to remind as many of you as I can that the cabal’s exposure is not only inevitable, but is already happening.

I bring this up to offer the reminder that when this time comes and the cabal’s no longer in the upper rungs of power, humanity’s willingness to enter the light will be tested. I’ve begun to recognize that justice is essential to obtaining peace and freedom, but forgiveness is just as essential.

Once the cabal’s exposed and brought to a higher form of justice for their crimes, we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and collectively running this society in a way that takes everyone’s needs into account. Like others have said, the cabal hasn’t caused all of our problems, and in a world where their influence is no more, our actions and the things we do to move into the light will be essential.

The spotlight will move from what the cabal’s done to what humanity has and continues to do.

Our daily habits and routines will come into question, as will the manner in which we treat each other. The new world we want to build has to be built by everyone stepping up and being prime examples of change, and needless to say, if we have a guillotine mindset at the time of the cabal’s exposure, nothing will change.

How can we expect to build a new world rooted in peace, love, and general positivity if we can’t express higher qualities when it comes to holding the cabal accountable? They certainly need to be held accountable, but what comes after that accountability is most important.

The things we do once the cabal’s out of the way will be of absolute importance, and it goes without saying that we won’t want to waste any of our precious time. Instead, we’ll want to get to work creating the society of our dreams, and the first step to creating this society is forgiving the cabal when light’s shone on them and their crimes.

In my view, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal and move beyond an issue that could otherwise hold us back, and it could be pretty easy for the things the cabal’s done to bring us down when we initially learn about them. However easy it could be, we’ll be tasked with challenging ourselves by forgiving them and each other for whatever injustice or division has kept us apart.

I don’t think a lot of people who talk about bringing down the cabal understand what it’ll be like when they’re actually out of the way. How many of you out there have pondered what the next step will be when they aren’t in any positions of power?

I’ve thought about this more than once, and for me, the answer continues to be that we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and coming together to achieve feats we would’ve never thought possible. A lot of things seem impossible, but as we’ll learn soon enough, we’re capable of being and doing anything we want.

With this in mind, I think we should forgive the cabal when they’re inevitably exposed and brought to justice. They’ve done a lot to hurt humanity, and some of the things they’ve done will be sickening when we first find them out, which is why forgiveness will be the most difficult and revolutionary thing we’ll ever collectively do.

Forgiving a force whose hurt humanity so badly will wipe out much of our collective karma, in my opinion, because we’ll be forgiving the greatest source of evil on this planet. Think about what that’ll do for us individually!

Can you imagine the weight that’ll be lifted from our shoulders when we forgive the cabal, and subsequently, everyone we’ve ever perceived has hurt us? The collective consciousness will lighten exponentially, and humanity will have a much easier time coming together to create all of the wonderful changes we’re destined to create.

In my developing opinion, the future we want to build starts with our forgiveness of the planetary ‘elite’ and our recognition that a next step will need to be taken after they’re exposed to create the world of our dreams in joy and unity.

Fighting against the cabal by writing or speaking up about them can only go so far, and when the time comes, our readiness and willingness to build a new world will be put to the test in a lot of ways – one of which being our willingness to forgive.

The sea and the rocks certainly won’t be there to offer the cabal solitude, and even though Jah is a loving and forgiving God, He/She won’t stop their exposure.

Ready yourselves for a future that’s unlike anything any of us have envisioned, and expect for it to start with the exposure and eventual forgiveness of the cabal. They certainly won’t be making any more big decisions that affect our lives, but they’ll still be around and, after a long, long time, maybe they’ll have something positive to offer our evolution.

Wes Annac – Promoting the divine qualities in a time of chaos and ‘elite’ exposure.



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