What is the Divine Plan? – Part 6 – Conclusion ~ Wes Annac

Ascension / Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 5

Phillip Gilbert tells us about our apparently constant desire to descend and ascend.

“The life-force – what you call creative harmony – ‘spirit’ emanating from the source whose nature is always veiled, must express itself in form, created by thought. And, by expressing itself, it ultimately enriches itself by the return to [it’s] enriched form. So, by intricate processes, spirit constantly takes on form.” (1)

Perhaps we take on lower-dimensional forms as often as we do because we want a challenge. The higher realms will feel more amazing than anything we can imagine from our current perspective, but it seems clear that we’ll always want to learn and grow in the greatest, and sometimes, most challenging ways possible.

Experiencing a dark place like the earth catapults our higher-dimensional growth, and after this challenge, most of us will probably look for the next way to challenge ourselves and serve others.

Mike Swain tells us about the ‘steep mountain of lower-dimensional existence we have to climb before we re-realize Source.

“Life is a steep mountain which we have to surmount before we can return to the Great One.” (2)

After all of the pain; all of the challenges and hard times, the work we put in to re-reach spirit ultimately pays off. Experiences we initially label as negative seem to be unavoidable while we’re here, but how we handle them determines the effect they’ll have on us.

We can climb the mountain as slowly and peacefully as we need to, or we can race up it with enthusiasm, as long as we don’t forget to stop and see the sights along the way. Either way, we’ll inevitably reach the top and remember Source in an undistorted form, so we might as well make our ascent enjoyable.

Why should we let stress and fear bring us down if we know we’ll re-reach a blissful state of consciousness in the end anyway? Why not appease that higher consciousness while we’re here and enrich our lower-dimensional experience? This planet can be great if we let it be, and the choice is entirely ours.

In our final quote, Jim McLean tells us more about the perception of the straightforward nature of life we’ll gain in the realms beyond ours.

“Here we have risen above the craving for superstitious phenomena, mystery and miracles, which still cloud many minds on earth.

We are able to accept the straightforward plan of steady progress, progress according to natural laws controlled and directed by Creative Mind. There is a gradual refinement of mind and matter until states of formlessness become desirable and the soul becomes merged with the unifying Spirit we call God.” (3)

We eventually flow into an understanding of and desire for Source, whether it happens gradually or rapidly. As consciousness grows, superstition will be replaced with an understanding of the beautifully coordinated nature of existence and we’ll be able to work with the natural laws of creation.

We’ll be able to understand the intricate manner in which our individual and collective experiences are planned, and the truth of our existence as individual facets of Source will become much clearer.

Intuition tells me that more seekers will become aware of the divine plan and the coordinated nature of their existence in due time, and for now, I’m happy to have offered a glimpse into this plan with help from the forces who are working to bring it about.

The sources we’ve heard from can only tell us so much about the divine plan and the wonderful things that await, and while we’re here, working toward its achievement, we can recognize the hand spirit plays in the direction our lives take and be thankful for the assistance we’re being given.

We’re fortunate to receive so much enthusiastic assistance in climbing up out of the darkness, and I look forward to learning more about the intricate coordination of our existence and the forces coordinating it.

We have a lot to learn about spirit’s continual effort to help us see the light, and surrendering the physical self to the greater perception we’re gaining will help us learn more than any piece of writing ever will. You’re encouraged to turn within for greater insights about the divine plan, but personally, I’m glad there’s so much material out there about it.

Now that we’re starting to understand it, we can work in its favor and become beacons of light and expressers of a good vibration. It starts with the decision to act on the inspiration this knowledge can provide, and like I mentioned, it feels good to do one’s part.

Wes Annac – In service to humanity’s evolution.


(1)- Philip Gilbert through Alice Gilbert, medium. Philip in the Spheres. London: Psychic Book Club, n.d.

(2)- Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977.

(3)- Lesley May, med., Letters from Mother. A Family Biography in Two Worlds. Ed. Edmund Bentley. London: Psychic Press, 1964.



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