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Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

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Just the term “Alchemy” makes most people think of a crazed medieval chemist stooping over arcane books trying to create gold from lead. The concept of Alchemy in Modern times has been lost to fantasy and lore. Even many of the spiritually awakened people ignore the Art of Alchemy as something misunderstood in the Ancient past, without even giving it a second thought. The philosophies of Socrates and Aristotle and the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians are a distant memory to most.

My explanation of Alchemy is very simple, as I try to keep it easy.  The written works on Alchemy were written in a time when awareness was much higher than it is now, and people could understand what was written.  They knew this was inner spiritual work done on a energetic level, and not creating actual metallic gold outside of yourself for spending purposes. Things are different now, and our level of awareness and clarity are at low levels.  I know they are improving, but we still have a ways to go.  You will read other articles that use complicated definitions and terminology that I don’t feel are necessary in our current day.  We need to spend less time learning from books and more time doing spiritual work as we learn, if we want to generate the Golden Age in a timely manner.  It is for this reason I keep it basic and very simple. There is no need to make it complicated.  Just as a note, I did spend years studying the complicated written works, and it was through actual experience that I became able to take the knowledge I learned and explain it in the easiest way possible.  If you can’t make it simple, you really don’t know it.  This article is a brief introduction to the concept of Alchemy.  It’s one of my favorite things to discuss.

Aether/prana/chi/spirit/light moves through absolute everything. We as humanity are at a point in time where this amazing energy has come in and now covers the planet.  The Aether transformed into Azoth and then into Monauah (my name for it) This is new energy to us and is increasing at a rapid rate that most will not be able to keep up with due to lack of personal inner work and living in the past/old inorganic timeline.  Alchemy is simply the purification of our energetic centers so that our bodies can hold more of this Aether/Azoth/Mon​auah.  Monauah is a name that I discovered as the Azoth and the Aether merged into one powerhouse energy.  I wrote about this in recent articles.

Without doing the work of Inner Alchemy we cannot take advantage of this energy. No one will do our work for us. The energy is waiting for us to make the necessary changes, to make room for it to live more freely within our own body vessel. On the flip side…just reading and being knowledgeable about Alchemy is not any better than thinking it is just superstition. You have to actually DO the work to get the results. Many are still in the past and fighting negative ET’s, removing implants, running from Satan etc…. and this new energy is not compatible with the old. In order to move into the new, you have to let go of the old to make room. Clean your house, or remain stuck and live in fear.

Your body has 3 Cauldrons – lower, middle and upper. Your job is to transmute those Cauldrons by cooking away what you no longer need, clearing your blockages. Inner fire is the fastest method of this transformation. Your Chakara system is part of these Cauldrons. The more you burn away, the more room you have for more light, which will raise your vibration and increase your ability to manifest.

The first thing you have to do to create this scared inner fire is light the match.  This is done by striking your inner Cauldrons with your will and intention.  If your Cauldrons are filled with past issues that are no longer present, not just personal ones but Universal and Galactic ones, no fire will be generated.  Because you don’t have the right mixture in your Cauldrons to create the necessary fire – in other words, they are too full with what you no longer need.  This inner fire requires that you have moved on.  Once you have a fire beginning, the next step is to clear the mind of the egoic generated thoughts.  The true nature of mind is empty, only clear light lives there.  But to get to that clear light you need to burn away your inner goo.

Here is a good analogy one of my teachers uses. I will paraphrase in my own words to convey my point.  Let’s say the Sun represents the clear light of awareness we are trying to obtain.  The blue sky that the sun exists in, is space/aether/azoth.  The clouds in the sky are our egoic thoughts.  In order to connect to the sun’s warmth and fiery essence, which burns away the dross in our lives, we have to clear the clouds blocking the sun.  What can you generate within yourself to blow away the clouds?  It is called your “Wisdom Wind.”  This is generated in meditation when you sit still in the body, silence in the speech, and spaciousness in the heart.  This clears away the clouds so you can connect with the fire of the sun, and your Cauldrons will begin to ignite.  When you finally connect to the clear light of awareness you will feel bliss arise from the depths of your inner being. There are different meditation and spiritual practices to achieve this.  There is not just one way.  The trick is to find what works for you and DO it every day or as many times a week as you can.  A large part of my practice is Tibetian Bon Buddism.  I do have a teacher, and his name is Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.  Click on this link to read his biography…..CLICK HERE FOR INFO ABOUT TENZIN  

Tibetian Bon is not a belief system, or religion. It is more like learning the science of the mind by doing.  It teaches you how to use the Wisdom Wind to clear away your inner clouds which leads to the connection of the clear light of awareness.  This is how you find true inner and outer freedom.  What I have learned from this tradition combined with my Hermetic information about Alchemy has been absolutely life changing for me. I did write an article a while ago on one of the practices that I enjoy, which I learned from Tenzin.  Here is the link to that article.  CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO MY ARTICLE.   I use this teaching in my daily life and it works.

So lets get cooking, and create our real internal Philosophers Stone, which is the clear light of awareness.


Lisa Rising Berry



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