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Earth Changes / Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

In his blog, Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock describes in scientific detail how the repeated cycles of Earth’s 26,500 year precessional cycle have been reflected in the repeating of history. In detail Wilcock also demonstrates that as of December 21, 2012, as the precessional cycle entered the Age of Aquarius, that everything changed.

He explains all this in his book, “The Synchronicity Key.” (2013)


The Synchronicity Key compellingly argues that time is cyclical, not linear. We also make the case that these cycles are powered by vast, unseen geometric patterns in space.
The full proof of the geometry, and how it functions, will be laid out in my next book, The Hidden Architecture of Time — and this new discovery will now form a key part of the argument.

The Amplituhedron discovery proves that all of space, all of time, all of matter, all of energy and all of consciousness is emanating from a single geometric form.

Like the “recursive” patterns within a fractal, there are many sub-geometries of this central pattern that we will find in space — and in time.

Each of these geometric patterns act as holographic reflections of this one, singular element — which is forming the entire Cosmos.

The astonishing, provable cycles of historical events that I revealed in Synchronicity are ultimately caused by fractals of a single, universal geometry.

These cycles also tell a story, as we will review a bit later in this article.


This “Geometry of the Cosmos” ultimately gives us a tangible model for how history is repeating itself — with such astonishing precision.

The geometry itself acts as a consciousness-influencing structure that we orbit through in space.

The 2,160-year “Age of the Zodiac” cycle, appearing in many ancient cultures and myths worldwide, is one of the most stunning examples of how this works.

This seemingly tired old concept from our ancient past becomes our key to unlocking a brilliant new tomorrow.

As I have extensively revealed in both of my books and on Wisdom Teachings, this 25,920-year pattern is the “master cycle” that was hidden in over 30 ancient myths worldwide — by someone.

It appears that the ancient “Gods” — also known as angels in the Bible and other works — deliberately implanted this knowledge worldwide.

Compelling clues exist in the Bible as well as many other ancient manuscripts and legends from over 30 different cultures — all across the world.

They specifically hid this away so we would re-discover it — once our technology had progressed to the point where we could understand why it matters.


The surface of the companion star is rising and falling in set intervals — as all stars, including our sun, naturally do.

This was clearly illustrated in my epic article December 21, 2012: Romance and Reality. I highly recommend reviewing it for more details on this geometry.

The up-and-down movement of a star creates vibrations that ripple throughout the surrounding space.

Ultimately, space is structured with geometric patterns due to these same vibrations.

Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated how this works by vibrating a spherical drop of water with tiny sand particles in it.

The vibrations naturally arrange the sand into beautiful geometries….


This is basic fluid dynamics in action. In the case of our binary solar system, the “fluid” creating the geometry is what I call the Source Field.

Consciousness is a universal phenomenon. It is not constrained within biological life only. That is the big secret.

Consciousness is geometry. A thought is ultimately a geometric ripple in the Source Field.
Consciousness is geometry.

A thought is ultimately a geometric ripple in the Source Field.

Different geometric regions of space impart different influences upon the minds of all who pass through them.

This is the science of astrology — which I defend with far more provable data points in The Synchronicity Key.

In The Source Field Investigations, I show how all the planets in our solar system are neatly held in place by these same geometric patterns.
This is by no means an accident. It is a basic truth in physics that works from the quantum level on up. It always has, and it always will.

I have explained this much more thoroughly in various episodes of Wisdom Teachings than I ever did in The Source Field Investigations.


The entire second half of The Synchronicity Key is densely packed with astonishing examples of how history is repeating itself.

As one notable example, Roman history has been precisely duplicating itself in modern American history, exactly 2,160 years later.

Even the characters in these storylines are repeating — including Hitler, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.

They end up doing very similar things at precisely overlapping points in each cycle.

An event as seemingly complex, unpredictable and random as the Watergate scandal has a precise holographic duplicate in Roman history — 2,160 years earlier.

As time goes on, I hope to release more and more of this stunning new information in video form — with high production value.


The Synchronicity Key provides undeniable evidence that Jesus’ single most important secret teaching was of the truth of reincarnation.

This knowledge was orally transmitted from Jesus to St. Peter, to Clement of Alexandria, then to Origen, who documented it in De Principiis.
Modern-day researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson identified over 3000 cases of children who remembered having been someone else in another lifetime.

Those children had astonishing forensic face-matches with who they claimed to have been before.

Dr. Jim Tucker has continued and extended this research with police face-matching computer software.

Dr. Tucker has proven that the matches are astonishing in each of the validated cases. The data is far too extensive to be dismissed.
Reincarnation is an established, scientific fact. Jesus taught this same truth, but the Romans stripped it from the Bible for political purposes.

Reincarnation is an established, scientific fact.

This is not yet a popularly-accepted concept, but the data is already in.

Now we’re just in the catch-up phase to bring everyone up to speed on what is really going on.

Once we figure this out on a collective level, and stop fighting over who is right and who is wrong about “God,” we will be well on our way to the “Golden Age” promised in antiquity.


So far, we have been able to identify Joan of Arc, Hitler, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as clear-cut reincarnations of historical figures who appeared in earlier cycles.

Precisely cyclical reincarnation is happening to everyone. The clues are scattered throughout the Bible and many other ancient teachings.
However, I do believe this is only the first glimmering reflection of water from a desert oasis.

Unlike what some critics complained about in the comments — that only the “elite” are reincarnating this way — I believe in time we will discover that this is happening to everyone.

We keep coming back, and repeating the same patterns — over and over again — in extremely precise, organized cycles of time.


Synchronicity also shows compelling proof that cyclical time is the other big, hidden mystery of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Certain passages in both the Old and the New Testament suggest that Biblical figures were well aware of this hidden aspect of reality.

This means that free will is not as free as we think. Critical, generation-defining events keep repeating in very even cycles of time.

The Nemesis is inevitably defeated in each of these cycles. However, in most cases they come back again — and do the same thing later on.

If we believe in a loving Creator, we must deal with the fact that the cyclical appearance of the Nemesis is ultimately a benevolent Universal design.
If we believe in a loving Creator, as the significant majority of people in the world do, then we must deal with the fact that this is all part of a Universal design.

This epic “story” of our struggle against a seemingly all-powerful villain appears to be built into the basic blueprint of our lives on Earth — at least so far.

But why?

The ancient teachings also tell us that once we master the lessons these cycles are teaching us, the pattern will no longer need to keep repeating.

This is what ultimately propels us into the true Golden Age. It is a journey that simultaneously occurs on a personal and collective level.




The Synchronicity Key ~ David Wilcock


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