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Wesak is considered the most important of all of the Festival of Lights that occur each full moon, as it is when humanity receives the highest frequency of light from the Company of the Heavens. 

It is a living event based on current astrological cycles. The Wesak Festival is the Festival of the Buddha commemorating the anniversary of his birth, his attainment of buddahood and his ascension.  Lord Buddha is the Planetary Logos for the Earth and his essence represents the attainment of Enlightenment for all souls.

“The term “Wesak” or “Vesak” references the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas, where every year all the ascended masters gather on both the inner and outer planes to share in a sacred ceremony. At the moment of the moon rising in Taurus**, the Manu Allah Gobi with the Mahachohan, Lord Saint Germain, with Lord Kuthumi and Lord Maitreya (representing the Office of the Christ) stand in a triangular formation around a bowl of water that sits on a crystal.  Buddha appears, hovering over the bowl of water, transmitting cosmic energies into the water and through Lords Kuthumi and Maitreya to be disseminated to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the initiates, disciples, and new group of World Servers.” (excerpted from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Classes).
** In most years the cycle of the Taurus full moon occurs in May. Many locations around the globe celebrate the societal holiday of Vesak in May each year as scheduling convenience. In keeping with the pure spiritual frequencies of Ascension Teachings, Walking Terra Christa holds true to the cosmic energy transmitted within each moon cycles when celebrating these Festivals of Light.


This Wesak moon energetically and geophysically represent all that we have ever wanted to become as our reality for the Earth. It is theCosmic Energy of ending of the old cycle of duality that has been grounded here for many 1,000’s of years. We are coming into a time oftrue awareness in the sense that the old forms of existence must be removed in order for a new way of higher spiritual order to be restored into the earth.

Many sources speak of theGolden Age of the New Earth as now being the state of existence that is present upon Gaia. As brought forth in the Walking Terra Christa teachings, such aFifth Dimensional reality must first be grounded into the planet through the consciousness of individuals before it can come into our reality. It is nothing less than the cessation of all lower forms of energies between humans and the rest of the kingdoms upon Gaia.

It is both a physical and spiritual process requiring a certain amount of individuals to see the vision and step forward as pioneers to create that new reality. These magnificent ones call forth the cosmic energies into themselves such that their connections to the old energy of a third dimensional lifestyle are gradually replaced by the higher frequencies that go along with raising their own vibration. These are the ones who continually uphold the light within themselves so that they do not carry lower thought forms, emotions, or create actions that do not support Oneness.

It is a pathway of great persistence and diligence of spiritencompassing so much more than the fruitful beginnings found in sharing words of love and light with others or acting to center the mental mind through meditations of peace. It is creating a state of being within that is the Peace of Love and Light.

To get to such a place, these individuals embrace the Cosmic Frequencies of Light consciously and actively so that they shed the old self and embrace the new self. They do not passively hope that theLight of their Divinity will find them and save them, they step forward spiritually and go within to walk the pathway fully themselves.  This is the Divine Service that grounds the Higher Vibrations of Light into the earth.


For that Divine Service to occur Humanity is continually gifted with the appropriate levels of Higher Cosmic Light that it requires to incorporate into its collective vibration by choice and command (consciously and through actions). That is why during the Wesak moon of 2016 the 7th RAY OF CEREMONIAL STRUCTURE is being grounded within the Earth.

It is a time of deep transformation and this order of light has already been initiated by the Masters and each of you walking the Mastery Pathway stepping into your present roles.

Without active grounding using a full consciousness of understanding for what we are going thorough, the energies coming into the planet will remain non-quantified and cannot anchor completely into Gaia.
Wesak has always brought forth these elements but they have drastically increased as the planetary system has come into alignment with the Central Sun of the Universe through the progression to a new cosmic 2,600 year cycle.2011:  Accessing Our Spark of Creation – Celebrating Our Divinity Within. This was the step of consciously activating the state of being of a Divine Soul having a Human experience. (Meaning more individuals consciously took the steps required to act this way versus just intellectually holding that idea as a concept in the mind.) This prepared the way for the energies of the Golden Ear to begin to be grounded in the coming year.
2012:  The Year of the Golden Era Being Birthed. This was the time when these Cosmic Energies could have potentially been much greater had more individuals prepared in the years before. The fact that a smaller percentage of earth’s population was indeed accessing their own divinity did not stop the Cosmic Energies from being able to start the process within earth. It was precisely because of these individuals that it could begin.
2013:  The Three Fold Flame of GAIA. This marked a formal acknowledgement of what being a Divine Being means as a human. Souls participating in Raising Vibration through accessing the Rays of God incorporated their Divine Feminine Masculine Christed essence within themselves creating a pathway for Gaia to also have grounded within her the Cosmic Rays of Light. This began in October of 2013 with the RAY OF WILL AND POWER of the Blue Flame (the 1st Ray of God), which was the first step of bringing the Cosmic Rays into humanity through having individuals access it themselves so it could then go out to others.  In December the RAY OF INNER DEVOTION (6th Ray of Ruby Red and Gold) was grounded into Gaia as enough individuals were now holding their own Divinity. This prepares the way for Love and Wisdom to begin to bloom on a global scale.
2014:  Inducting the Ray of Love and Wisdom into GAIA. With Wesak of 2014, the Golden Yellow Flame (2nd Ray of God) of LOVE AND WISDOM became fully grounded for humanity to access. It was essential that more individuals came to accept that true Wisdom only comes through allowing Divine Love to be their source of wisdom.
2015:  Accessing Freedom Within. Early in 2015, the Crystalline Flame (4th Ray of God) of the HARMONY AND BALANCE THROUGH CONFLICT was the next cosmic requirement to walk through doorways of the self to begin to remove the multifaceted dimensional elements within that block attaining the Peace of Love and Light within, which is the freedom of being a Divine Human.

Now with Wesak of 2016, the 7th Flame of the Ceremonial Structure is holding sacred and honoring what we have accomplished so far. It  can then also be infused into BEING that CREATION (of our Personal Transformation). But only IF we have walked the path of incorporating all these frequencies of light into our own DNA structures consciously and actively.

Therefore, one of the BIG questions being posed for this Wesak is

What is your Present Role as an Initiate of Mastery on the earthplane at this time?”

Each individual has their own Foundation of Light in which they bring forth their lessons, teachings of the self, and who or what they believe to be important within their life?  It is important that each initiate realize the foundation that they already have within themselves and to discover if it is enough to sustain themselves through changes and growth of the planet.

If there are too many elements that do not represent a spiritual foundation, then it will crack around them. This means that their living conditions will become very life changing in an increasingly abrupt (and potentially overly disruptive) manner as theseCosmic Energies continue to come into the planet and expand around them.

In the words of Master Djwhal Khul, Festival of Lights Master of Ceremonies:As I have stated previously, this Wesak represents the foundation that we have been building upon through the Spiritual Hierarchy, but now it starts to become grounded within the planet. It is no longer just within the consciousness of the Earth, but it will bring a feeling of completeness to a process that has been ongoing for many years. Now this grounding effect needs to be enhanced by all Initiates upon the Planet along with our assistance.

If we take the energies of the Ray of Ceremonial Structure into a personal existence, it represents the core values of a soul inhabited within the body. Then, allowing the Soul Essence, the Spirit, the Higher Self takes a higher commanding role within that body.

The same is occurring for the Earth. There is a foundation within this earth, which I think many individuals would agree with, and that is, Peace, Liberation, Freedom. Within those characteristics of living there needs to be responsibility. And that is where the Universal Laws overlight the energies of this year. Without them, we cannot have the accessibility or hope of grounding the laws. Right now they are a consciousness, and we as the masters much teach others how to incorporate the laws within their life.

The 7th Ray brings forth the element of Lady Portia being theRay Chohan as more of the Feminine Divine is being activated through the ray. This will assist Gaia to receive what she needs by bringing forth the elements of gentleness, love, and tolerance of the changes that need to occur for right order to be brought forth into the Earth.

As we take the energies of the Violet Purple Flame; it includes the Violet essence of invocation, but with the Purple, it creates a grounding energy while accessing the Feminine Divine. It is a deeper color. The Violet can come and go very easily but how does one stay grounded within that essence. It is impossible to stay centered with only the Violet Flame as it was meant to be a clearing energy – to whip through the darkness and clear up the elements that were stopping free flowing forms of light to be ignited within oneself. The Deep Purple flame brings forth the ability to ground the energies by allowing gentleness to bring forth compassion while centering the energies within the self; thereby, changing the foundation of the physical self into a spiritual foundation incorporated by the Higher Self or Divine Mind.

This ray represents both the Masculine and Feminine Divine qualities to be initiated, activated, and fully actualized.

We believe that this Wesak Moon will be more life changing on a physical level than it has ever been felt previously. The more Initiates that participate in the ceremony and truly allow their Inner Truth to be shown in their consciousness of thoughts and emotions, the easier the transition will be. Each soul has a responsibility to upholding their best intentions for themselves and for others.

Gaia needs you to be fully present within yourself and uphold the highest energy of expansion within you. It is a time when great mastery is being realized for the potential of life on this planet. We are at a crossroads ~ it is time to fully intuit all of the qualities that are essential for the transformation of this Earth.

Will you be ready to accept that you are a Divine Being of Light?



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