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Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, February 27th, 2015

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“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” – Malcolm X (sometimes attributed to Gordon A. Eadie)

This world is desperately in need of consciousness and awareness, and it seems like everywhere we look, diversions and mind control tactics are being used to keep us pacified and asleep.

I don’t know about any of you, but the more I try to be a part of society, the more I realize that it’s engineered to keep us from exploring our consciousness or becoming aware of the things the people in power are doing to mentally, emotionally, economically and spiritually oppress us.

What’s interesting is that the elite oppress us by using subconscious programming to cause us to oppress ourselves. Mind control is very real, and while direct forms of mind control like MK-Ultra are used, the control the general public is subjected to is less direct and more cunning.

The media subtly influences us to want wealth, fame, expensive material things, vacations, etc. All the while, we’re distracted from the things the elite are doing every day to take away our freedoms and enslave us.

If the world suddenly became aware of the various distractions and subversions that are being used to keep us from empowering ourselves, I’m sure everyone would ditch their TVs and the endless drive for wealth and status that pacifies us and finally start holding the elite accountable.

A lot is being done to zap our social and spiritual awareness, and I think it’s our responsibility to cultivate a conscious lifestyle that recognizes and transcends all of the things that are being done to distract and oppress us.

Except in the cases of direct oppression from the government, which is happening in the US and around the world, the oppression we’re experiencing is self-inflicted yet pushed onto us by all these external influences.

These influences, which are enforced through the media, program us to care about unimportant things and turn our attention away from things that are actually important, like our spirituality and the crimes the elite commit on a daily basis.

Cultivating a conscious lifestyle is more important than ever, and while none of us are perfect, we can at least try to live consciously and stay away from things that hold us back.

I’m no different from anyone else, and I’ve made choices that were definitely misaligned with the consciousness I want to cultivate, but it’s important to at least do what we can to live consciously.

We’ll inevitably make mistakes along the way, because this life is about messing up and learning from our mistakes. I’m sure I’ll make plenty of mistakes in the future, but I’m realizing that it’s essential to try to be more conscious in the way I live my life.

I think the fate of the world depends on it, and as most of us know by now, we can’t change the external world until we make the inner changes that allow us to live consciously and set an example for others to live by.

A conscious lifestyle isn’t just a concept we should toy around with or embrace only when it’s convenient for us. We need consciousness and we need it now, and the best way to bring it about is to consistently embody it. No matter what circumstances we face that make us want to slip into unconsciousness, we have to confront them from a socially and spiritually aware perspective.

We have to realize that our every thought, word and action plays an important role in how our life (and the lives of others) plays out, and when we realize this, we can finally make the changes that’ll allow for a smooth and free-flowing existence.

Like others have told us, once we become aware and establish a conscious lifestyle, we have to use our awareness progressively. However egotistical it might sound, we have to create a framework for conscious living and use discipline to stick to that framework, and once we do, we have to shed our light on everything about this world that’s broken or misaligned.

We have to talk about the things the elite are doing to keep us oppressed, because if we don’t, nobody will. Spiritual evolution is equally worthy of discussion, but we don’t have to focus solely on it. We can use our awareness to talk not only about it, but the things that are being done by the upper classes to keep us from raising our consciousness.

We have to talk about the things that are being done to keep third world countries in poverty. We have to talk about the bogus laws that have been enacted without our consent, which limit the freedoms we’re supposed to have.

We have to talk about the subtle social and cultural influences that lead us to give away our power and awareness, and if we continue to shed light on these issues, we’ll awaken millions of others and create a solid, worldwide force for change.

But this won’t happen unless we put our awareness to good use by living for love and spirit and talking about the issues that clearly need discussed.

A lot of issues are worthy of our attention, and one of them is the rampant drug addiction problem this country and the rest of the world faces.

Drug addiction is a disease of the brain, but we’re conditioned to see a hard drug user as someone who’s made bad choices in life and deserves to be where they’re at because of those choices.

What most of us don’t know is that the people in power are primarily responsible for introducing drugs like crack and heroin to the world in the first place, nor do we realize that once some of these drugs get in our system, they basically possess our brains and cause us to want more and more until we end up in a casket.

Hard drug addiction is just one out of a lot of issues that deserve our attention, and without trying to sound negative, I’m tired of the way this world is. I’m tired of the subtle manipulations that seep deep down into our subconscious and influence our behavior, and I’m tired of the ways I’ve knowingly and unknowingly played into it, thereby supporting it.

I’m tired of being subconsciously programed and manipulated to serve the agenda of some billionaires I’ve never met.

I’m sick and tired of it all and ready for a change, and I’m sure some of you can say the same. It’s time to become the conscious pioneers we’ve always been meant to be, and we’ll have to embrace a disciplined, conscious lifestyle and the willingness to say things that need said, even if we come across as obsessed or egotistical.

We need to use love and consciousness to mend the ailments our society faces. Nothing will change until we can learn to love ourselves (thereby empowering ourselves) and use our newfound perspective and the creative tools we have at our disposal to expose and bring down the elitist forces who are keeping this crazy, conditioned world in motion.

We have to be the ones to change the world, because the powers that be certainly won’t do it for us. They’d like us to think they will with their cozy, benevolent sounding “new world order” that’ll “bring the world together” until their rule, but as usual, they’re selling us candy coated lies, underneath which is a hellish existence that oppresses and enslaves us even more.

It’s time to bring the planetary controllers to their knees, and we’ll use love, consciousness and creativity to do it. People like Bob Marley have shown us we can not only use our awareness and creativity passively, but as weapons that pierce through the hearts of evil and destroy the malevolent leaders who’ve oppressed us for centuries.

When we’re all united in this goal, we can collectively share the truth with the rest of the world, which is slowly starting to open up to it.

We need to unify and use our voices to bring down evil and cultivate real and lasting consciousness. From my perspective, the first step is to craft a conscious lifestyle and align against everything evil in this world that steals our love and awareness and turns us into blinded zombies who play into a damaged society because they don’t know any better.

Our potential to change this world is greater than we realize, but we have to get to work exposing everything that’s misaligned with a new way of life that embraces love, unity and consciousness over division, hatred and the rule of the one percent. We can do it, but we have to believe in ourselves as much as the oppressors believe in themselves.

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