… we are the ones who will begin to shift the tides and transcend this unconscious nightmare into a living dream of bliss on Earth

Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, July 1st, 2016

Justin Totemica_Moment of Truth


…”Never forget that every word that you express, every artwork you manifest, every dance you reflect, cast waves of influence not seen by your essence. So never underestimate the power of your spells of magic, never underestimate the power of your influence, for it is because of spirits as you that the collective unconscious is becoming conscious! They say that some people are so far out and lost in the illusion of the world, it’s like they are walking blindfolded on a tightrope and if you scream too loud they may get scared and fall once they realize the truth of their own divine nature! For those who have crossed beyond the event horizon, have to find the balance of sharing wisdom over the urge of just giving the answers, not unlike the message of most common religions. As all great teachers know that if the the truth is said as to be understood IT will be believed, and there is no need to think that we have reach a peak with our knowledge, for when on goes deeper down the rabbit hole of what is behind the illusion and veil of perceived consciousness, something else far more sinister is discovered pulsing behind the hidden shadows. For until we enter the cave of our fears and face our own inner shadow, no amount of expressed good willed effort will create the change we wish to manifest in our immediate realm! Until we go all the way on our inner path and deeply incorporate and understand the science of psychology and philosophy within our daily lives, we will never understand that we too are but unconscious beings. When we silence our mind and the inner realm beyond words is discovered, what arises is the manifestation of the source of our inner whispers, impulses, and desires in full archetypal manifested form. We each must DO that process of self reflection on our own if we are ever to become empowered spirits, for until the illusion of separation dissolves today within our hearts, we will only be doomed to repeat the same mistakes as our ancestors, as we are the ones who will begin to shift the tides and transcend this unconscious nightmare into a living dream of bliss on Earth!” ~Alistar Valadez
Art by: Justin Totemical “Synapse Pinball”


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