We are continuous with the Universe as a wave is continuous with the sea ∞ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

…”We are continuous with the Universe as a wave is continuous with the sea. But most of us are blind to this, just as a fish is blind to it’s sea. To FEEL this, beyond just understanding the words, One must GO beyond the point of no return, and that is the key to setting the heart and spirit free! Another persons words cannot be the way, for words only point, for IT is You who must lead the way. But far to many of us get stuck looking at the fingers that point, and never DO the work of walking the path within Today. Words are only to inspire, just like the spark of a flame, yet the ‘work’ still needs to BE done by You, as the individual, to add the fuel to FEEL the Fire. Reaching a place of inner silence brings us closer to our True Reality, which is the realm of What IS, and just like adding a drop of ink into the ocean of consciousnesses around us, what we where once blind to, can Now BE seen as clear as day. For what once was thought of as empty space that separated us, turns out to BE the ripples and waves which connect us ALL together from beginning to end!” ~Alistar Valadez

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