VIRAL: Deaf man moved to tears after entire community learns sign language for him

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By Alixandra Caole Vila

Muharrem, a deaf man from Istanbul, reacts to the amazing surprise put together by his entire neighborhood. Screengrab

MANILA, Philippines – Imagine how life would be without interaction.

People have a habit of not appreciating daily interactions. Even the gesture of saying good morning to the people you live with is a habit that is taken too lightly. For someone who has been living a life without being able to speak and to hear, daily conversations are treasure.

Muharrem is a young man from Istanbul. He has gone his entire life without being able to speak with strangers because his hearing is impaired. One day, his sister, Ozlem, worked together with the Leo Burnett ad firm, Samsung and local residents to give him an amazing day he will never forget.

In plotting the surprise, the local residents took on the challenge to learn sign language for months. Cameras were also installed to capture his reaction on the stunt.

As seen in the video, Ozlem takes Muharrem out on a normal day (NOT). To his surprise, the man beneath the counter at the bagel shop greets him with sign language. Then more people did the same thing as his day went on. For the final surprise, he was dropped off a public square where his neighbors greet him altogether.

“All for Muharrem to have one day with no barriers,” the video says.

Watch his heartwarming reaction on this video posted by


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