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Ascension / Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

Beloved Friends,

Great things are happening, the promises are manifesting one by one.

Not yet visible in our “world”, where is seems that nothing changes. But here too much is happening in the background, silently and  still invisibly.

So to put our loving attention on that and giving it energy, merged with our own audacious heart-dreams,  instead of staring at the surface of appearances and the play we do not like, is the best way to go!

What is now important for us is to focus on the actual change and allow it to happen, the change that is occurring at this time within us and as ourselves. Yes, do not doubt, we ARE being changed, we ARE being newly created!

As the structure of our body-mind changes also our consciousness changes.

And everybody’s experience is different here. Listen to yourself and take the subtle and quiet signs seriously! Do not question them and trust yourself! The more you do this the more obvious and undeniable they become.

I personally experience at this time lots of changes in the brain. There is a clicking, as if certain neural pathways are linking together in a new way. Then there are other sounds, cascades of high pitch sounds, some sound like crystal bells, others like from thin silver chips. Sounds as if a musician tries a new instrument.

And then it seems the height of the scull is growing, it feels literally as if it is becoming higher, as a new ethereal blueprint of light is downloaded, while the body-mass seems to expand into less density.

All of this has an impact on my physical body and the restructuring causes temporary imbalances, necessarily! Often they are painful.

If you don’t feel anything, but physical changes, which might not be always pleasant – it tells you that your transformation is underway. Do not worry if you are not aware of the more subtle changes, as they are occurring anyway. For some it takes some time to accept their own mode of awareness and to awaken to a level of higher frequencies to notice them in their own way.

All of us, who agreed to being part of the ascension process, consciously or unconsciously, receive the new codes into their DNA, because these codes are the information embedded in the new frequencies of light that reach our planet every day, and every day stronger!

While the instrument of our body becomes more refined, the frequency of our body rises, if we let go unnecessary old patterns.

Higher frequency or the light quotient is the basis on which our  consciousness expands. We are more and more able to see and feel more of the elephant, of which we were used to see only the foot. Now we start to see the whole leg and growing! And while this happens we remember ourselves and what our spiritual mission is, what we wanted to accomplish here.

In the deepest core it is always Love and the return to Unity Consciousness. But there are also many other facets for each one of us that emerge in our awareness, based on our individual journeys, that begin to reveal themselves to us.

We make our transformation easier and remove as much as possible resistance and thereby pain, if we

–         firmly assume that EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible! Meaning, to let go ANY kind of limiting ideas what will be revealed to us and to be open to the unexpected and the unknown!

–         let go any kind of ideas and presumptions about the process itself and how it should occur and are open, to observe in a neutral and non-judging way the process, whatever it might be!

It IS an adventure, something completely new, and many wonders are awaiting us! Lets not fail to look at the wonders while all  the crises arise which this profound transformation brings about, physical crises, mental and emotional crises!

They arise when we must let go of greater densities and erroneous beliefs. When long ago  buried emotions bubble up.  Of course they all come up! And this is a blessing, even if painful! Because we now can welcome them and let them go – into what is Greater, the Freedom, the Happiness, the Light and the Love of our  true Unchanging Divine Being, in which all the changes occur.

Indeed, we can observe that choosing Happiness now in any moment, in whatever way a crisis appears, has become very easy now, because it is Happiness that is in the air, if we look right through the old dark (and fading!)  illusion and what we think is real.

To allow ourselves to recognize Happiness and Love as that which is Real and always Present, because it is the Truth of us, and understand the illusion of everything that is less, is the great and stable foundation for all changes.

We all ARE able to locate that Happiness, that Love! We can begin to discover it when we serve others without expecting results, just being in the space of pure service. To do this we go beyond ourselves which opens our hearts and we feel more of the Love we already Are.

This specific time requires of us to accept, that change of our identity is the constant as far as we are conditional beings. We can accept this if we accept in the midst of it our emerging Forever Unchanging Truth and Reality, Which Is Divine Love-Bliss-Consciousness.

To discover It we must retreat within, into the Field of the Zero-point,  the eye of the Hurricane which has Its seat in the heart. From there we start  with true feeling, feeling to infinity.

It is the foundation of all emotions, when  we expand our contracted heart. In the feeling to infinity all motions and all thoughts come to rest, there is no change. It is equanimity and balances all faculties. This is the first step into the Sacred Heart.

All our ways are blessed, beloved friends. Trust that we all are safe in this Great Divine Process, in Which we discover that we are not separate and that we are all drawn to that One Divine Heart that we all share – if this is our desire.

Much love!


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