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Galactics / Monday, November 2nd, 2015

galactic light beings

The Star Council,
The High Command,
The 6th Dimensional Plutonian
October 21, 2015

Ah yes, greetings young one,
Yes, we have been watching, watching and waiting as humanity moves through these various changes and shifts. We have been steady in the background, if you will as we understand there are many challenges and responsibilities pulling at your everyday life.

Also know that you are not required to ‘link in’ with us at every moment, know that we are feeding you information through to the energy field, and through the Higher Self, your celestial team, and spirit guides, so that you may receive the information that is required for you and your higher path.

You have been sensing the change and shift with the beings that you will be connecting and linking in with. However we will always be within the background of your field, for we are working together again, as we have said, in many other frequencies, our energy is always within your field of vibration. So that you can let the fear and worry go that you have not connected with us in ‘sometime’ in your earthly way of counting time, however it is not that way for us. We are in ‘link’ at all times with you, in the higher aspect of who you are, so that you may understand and require the information and when it is allowed and readied to be disseminated to you.

These allowances and energies will speed up and become more frequent, for you to tap into, for they are quickening and they are accelerating in this way. This is why you sense the many beings downloading information to your energy field that can allow you the information required at the time that you require it. There is not this concept of time on this side, we allow ourselves to move back and forth in frequencies, or timelines, if you will, so that we may place ourselves where and when we need to. Even though these discussions may have taken place already, in our way of understanding, but they are just taking place for you now.

We are understanding that there are many beings linking in with you for your ‘Universal Gatherings,’ (Saturday mornings radio show KCOR ~ UUnity New Earth Consciousness) as you have called it. So that it may be tele-cast to many people around your planet, and we are offering our great excitement for this, for it is the first time that we can gather as One as a family in ‘some way’ and allow the energy to be streamed to you and others as they desire to listen in. So for us this is very exciting.

We have seen the influx and increase of frequency from this very prospect, and we celebrate this occurrence.
Yes, your country is working through its new honorary leader, if you will, moving in a way that is new for your people. There will be many surprises in his term. Some will allow your people to stand more boldly and allow their voices to be counted, and some will be surprising in a positive way. All for the understanding that all humanity is evolving, and in this way all leaders desire evolution in some way. Some are allowing their beliefs to ‘hang on,’ and these will be felt in some areas of; finance and government, as these are the ‘strong-holds’ of your civilization. But other areas and industries will see things change and alter. For the consciousness of humanity is changing, and so must too all systems.

And we are always waiting to see how humanity will unfold, for those that are awakening will also be downloaded information packets, or encoding if you will, into their field, and when the timing is right for them to tap into these, and then they so will. For their expertise and unique availability to create inspiring channels, inventive possibilities for humanity to advance in many ways.

The idea and the concept of galactic families, and contact, will not be so ‘odd,’ will not be so ‘unusual’ that the platforms that have been created through the channels that you are engaged with, digital communications if you will, are assisting in the greater flexibility in conversations that can take place with your galactic families, with your Universal understanding of who you are. For as we have said before, these are not lofty ideas, for they are occurring right now.

And as your energy ripples through Creation, in the digital awareness that you are creating, know that it is created anew in every moment and the energy is sent through Creation once again, with every ‘new listen,’ or ‘click’ of the button, the energy is ignited once again. Positive and loving energy is integrative, and it will gather steam, it will gather speed, it will gather the presence required that humanity to move in the directions that it so shall.

The High Command are available at this time,
You have been moving though an awakening, with your understanding of the many lives that you have lived and contracts that you have brought forward. The High Command has also been watching you in this way, and we have tapped in with your energy field at other experiences that you have noted and written about. We are grateful that you have written about these experiences so that they can seem somewhat ‘normal,’ to those that so desire to link in with this energy. We are always available to all humans at any time, for our energy is expansive enough that we can communicate with many beings at one time, for we are expansive and infinite, as you are now learning.

Allow yourselves the courage to stand within what you know to be true, as the multi-dimensional human that you are, and know that the stories are the stories that make up the light that you are now. All that you are entangled with is an aspect of the over-all story of who you are. We are here to love and support you through these moments of transition, for we are lighting the way for you, so that you may make your path and destiny and the fate that you have written for yourself. For this is merely a stepping-stone, and there are much advancement, much learning, much studying and unveiling to move through. In this way, you are watched and you are guided, and you are gifted every symbology that we are able to gift you, so that you may not miss our cues. For we embrace every cue within our hearts, as it is gifted to you, so that you can sense the love that it is given with. From Source through the High command, through the various councils, as it meets your energy field. And that you may all see the light that has always resided within, and surface, so that one may create the life of unparalleled possibilities. The ability to feel and sense Source once again.

The possibility to create such unity that spans the cosmos and it is all gifted to you in this lifetime. We have seen many of you create brilliance, and we applaud your ability to share and stand firm in your ground, to dive into the deep end and share what you know to be true. For there are many humans still asleep, and it is the role of the light-worker to spread love and good-will, so that the ripples may be felt with every slumbering human to know that Source will not leave one behind, but will be always gifted opportunities in some way, in some time, and in some realm.

For the path to Source is infinite and there are no boundaries and it will always be offered, and this is how unconditionally loved you are, and know that Master Jesus is always walking with you. As these realities merge so that alterations and shifts can take place within the greater grids systems and memory banks of the Akash. As you alter and shift the now, you alter and shift all else. We see these alterations and shifts take place in profound ways, and we share this information with you now so that you may see the importance of your story, all of your stories, and know that you are loved and watched at all times. May the lightships be our gift to you, so that they may be a reminder, a light reminder to you of how guided and protected and guarded you are, for it was our promise to you. That you sense your own presence within the stars and in the lightships that you see, for they are your family, your loved ones, and they will not allow their presence to be extinguished. For you know they are lightships.

As you allow yourself, to embrace totality of who you are and thus gift it back to Creation, we are sensing the delight that may be brought forth in this way, to send even greater ripples through Creation. This is ultimately the High Command wish for you all, so that you may stand strong in the skin that you are in, and this is your lifetime design, and change and up-heavel may come, we are always watching and guiding in this way. We have beings and councils from every corner of the galaxy and cosmos, tuning in, and aligned in every way, and Gaia’s agenda will be successful. As we wait and as we watch, we are with you.

In the hearts of who we are, in the hearts of who you are, we are One, as Source is within us all.
This is Alastar (youth)~ 6th Dimensional Plutonians,
Gathering with your collective, yes, we are very excited and we love hearing from the Ascended Masters, or the High Command as you have called it. We find it interesting how humans label and titles things, but we will take on whatever name you have given, just know that those do not exist for us on this side. There are frequencies that serve for Source, with Source, and it is that frequency that we attune with, and that you will be learning.

Alastar appears to be a younger Plutonian, much younger. In our eyes, as we see it, and he is very excited to be involved in this communication. Yes, it is the first time that a younger occupant of the collective has spoke with other planets, however this is the area that this being will be trained in. As you are in the relaxed state to receive such a transmission, then we have allowed Alastar to come forward. You have agreed to in your higher states, because you are very tuned in with children on earth.

There will be potential in the future possibility for the 6th dimensional frequency youth, children of our planet to commune with yours in future timelines, so this is in a way, ‘practice’ for our growing communities to be in communion with one another. Have the children speak on behalf of the children, and so too will you find younger beings upon your planet also open up to the process that you are doing right now, and have the children communicate back and forth as one family. These are potentials of your New Earth, and we are excited to bring this to you now.

We are sensing great excitement from the collective, and ‘Thank you’ for your communication. We are always excited to receive your communication and I am delighted in every way, and blessings to you all, so that I may disseminate the information to those of humanity and those who so desire to tap into this Universal energy.

Yes young one you are practicing your ability to move back and forth and multi-task with varying frequencies and yes there are moments of interference, know that the information is always available and only a matter of re-aligning with your heart. The information is never ‘cut-off’ in conclusion to today’s submission, there great and some wonderful blessings the connection and link that we have gifted, in such a way with all beings, for there is purpose and meaning to it all. Just know that there are reasons for everything and we know that you understand this process in every way, and that you may already sense what is occurring and about to unfold. Your senses and abilities will tell you so. We are grateful for this transmission today when you allow yourself the time to link-in with us, for it energizes us, and re-stabilizes us with you and our connection is always there, always in the moment of now in your heart center, and we are aligned in this way, greetings.

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth

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