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“The Unification Coil was invented and created by Daniel & Erica Nunez now in partnership with NativeCleanEnergy.com. They combined the work of Marco Rodin’s “Rodin Coil” and Randy Powell’s “Abha Coil” to come up with the Unification Coil.” [1]
“Using the Unification Coil Rewired, the 1Stop Energies team has been able to successfully measure a clear indication of Overunity; which is more output power than input power. With more time, we will be able to raise these numbers and potentially create an unlimited supply of energy. Thank you for your support, donations, and energy; you truly make this work a reality.” [2]
“Change is necessary in order for our planet to evolve and become truly sustainable. This can begin now, by introducing a new way of creating our electrical devices in a way which conserves energy. The Unification Coil utilizes Vortex Based Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and Electromagnetism in order to create vortexes of self regulating electric energy. We exist in a pool of energy; which is why our planet thrives, now it’s time to harness and give back to this pool. LED efficiency is only scratching the surface of what these technologies will promise; we look forward to demonstrating a full showcase of applications in the near future. Change is now; thank you for being part of the movement for energy independence.” [3]

Introduction to The Unification Coil


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Unification Coil Rewired: 458% Overunity

How does the Unification Coil Work?

“The coil itself is a physical mirror image of the magnetic fields that exist all around us. By using specifically patterned designs that implement rotations of copper wire, the coil creates a magnetic vortex which is capable of condensing the energy of the magnetic fields in such a way that it can be harvested and utilized. This quantum energy becomes available to us in the form of both high voltage and high frequency energy without any moving parts. Energy in this state can then be utilized for a wide number of applications.”


Daniel and his wife, Erica Nunez, based out of the Bronx, New York run the 1Stop Energies business together.

“What began as a ‘sustainable night light project,’ became a life long journey to reshape the way to generate and utilize electricity on a fundamental level. After closely contemplating the efficacy of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources; it became apparent that these options relied on finite sources of energy and couldn’t possibly create an ‘end all’ platform for energy independence. Thus, commenced the quest to develop a type of energy generating system which could truly sustain and balance energy in a new way. We commenced by creating simple energy efficient motor/generators based on open source information attainable through internet searches. Shortly after, this led us to Vortex Based Mathematics. The entire VBM premise is based on universal ‘natural pathways’ or ‘flow paths’ that exist in the 3-d space we inhabit. After seeing other small scale models created by driven inventors and researchers; we decided to take it a step further and develop our custom framework to control and ensure geometric precision in toroidal space. We began testing different wiring algorithms and creating custom circuitry to understand and replicate our own findings for both on and off grid uses. Over the course of 4 years, we have developed enough collective knowledge to replicate our results on large and small scale uses; while posting our findings to the internet community in an attempt to raise awareness and peek interest into these wonderful new possibilities.
“With universal harmonics, implosion physics, and number sequencing in mind, the 1Stop team began to combine knowledge with intuition; until the Unification Coil was born. Now, our goal is to integrate the Unification Coil Technologies into as many electronic devices as possible; in order to begin a global transition into a truly sustainable and free way of living.”

website: http://1stopenergies.com/


Vortex Based Mathematics by Marko Rodin

Vortex Based Math – Randy Powell

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