Unconditional Love Will Heal the World

Spiritual Perspectives / Friday, August 21st, 2015

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If we have love, we have everything we could ever need and we no longer have to search for something that’s always with us. Love might seem distant or unattainable here on earth, and the lack of love we see in the world results from a lack of love in our own hearts and the hearts of everyone who struggles to find any real joy or happiness.

Love is unconditional, and it doesn’t rely on circumstance. It doesn’t require certain conditions, and in any moment (even our darkest times) we can bring it up from within and use it to heal ourselves and the world around us. We can access it at any time, but we usually choose not to because of whatever negative, dull or painful thoughts stop us.

I wish I could offer a remedy for the daily struggle to get out of a negative mindset and into a centered one that departs duality and realigns with true, transcendent, unconditional love, but the best thing I can recommend is to find certain external things that help us get back into that space, such as nature or an inspiring piece of music.

These things can make us aware of the love that’s always been here, and while we don’t have to rely on them to reconnect with our inner love, they can help us when the stresses pile on and we just want to give up. They can inspire us when we struggle, because they realign us with the creative, inspirational force that’s responsible for everything we create and all of the help we give the world.
It requires us to confront and transcend the influence of the mind and ego so we can use them to our advantage, and like other people have said, the mind only inhibits our progress when we let it control us.Beyond that, we have to understand that what we seek is accessible in every single moment. Love, bliss, higher consciousness – these are all at our reach, every moment of every day, and we just need to open up to realize it.

Like so many other things, we just need to understand the mind so we can use it progressively. This requires us to leave the realm of the mind and, like so many spiritual teachers have recommended, become aware of our thoughts and the fact that we can regulate or ‘control’ them – not the other way around.

Most people are controlled by their thoughts, which is why they run around chasing so many desires day after day. They want more money; they want more of a reputation in the world; they want the respect from their colleagues and even their family that they think they deserve. They want more and more, and some of them will stop at nothing to get it.

They’re ruled by the ego, but if they could leave the mind and rediscover true, transcendent love, they’d realize that they’ve been controlled by something that they can instead employ to make a positive change in their life, the lives of their family and the world as a whole.

Nobody’s exempt from the ego’s control, and even the most dedicated spiritual seekers can routinely fall back under its spell. We’ll know we’re being controlled if our thoughts are racing and each thought stresses us out more than the last, and at a certain point, we just have to let it all go and drift peacefully back into the blissful love that exists beyond the mind.

If we do our best to stay rooted in love, even during our darkest times, our connection will eventually become instantaneous. One day, we’ll realize that we’re now constantly connected with a force we used to search for in external things and any ‘high’ we could find. Now, we don’t struggle to connect at all, and in fact, our connection is smoother and more flowing than ever.
As this happens, we’ll effortlessly pick up on all kinds of intuitive guidance. We’ll realize that our connection with love is really a connection with our higher consciousness, and we can now access a vast treasure of guidance from our higher consciousness and any genuine spiritual guide we’re willing to invite into our space.We no longer have to deal with the stressful thoughts that used to cloud our minds and keep us from making any progress, and love is now a constant guiding force that inspires and encourages us to stay dedicated to our commitments, try new things and invite the spirit to be a part of our everyday lives.

I’m convinced that ‘divine love’ and ‘divine stillness’ (as a reader recently classified them) are the keys to staying connected with love, our higher consciousness and everything else that constitutes the greater level of awareness we want to reach. ‘Divine stillness’ could also be classified as ‘divine openness’ or emptiness, because it requires us to get to a space beyond the mind.

Once we’re in this space, we can ‘control’ or work with our thoughts to produce inspiring works of art or awaken the masses on a variety of subjects that have to do with the true nature of existence and the higher states of consciousness we can connect with.

From my experience so far, love can take us out of the mind, give us a wider perspective on everything, and inspire creative expression. Connecting with love is easier when we’re open and passionate about life, and like so many other things, passion is a shade of this ever-important love energy that, once we connect with, will produce miracles through us.
Throughout all of the pain and hardship, at least we have love. Even if others think we’re naïve or ridiculous for being so passionate about love or anything similar, our passion will pay off in hard times by giving us the strength to keep going.It also helps to remember that we aren’t doing all of this alone, and along with everyone else who struggles, we have the help of our higher consciousness and, should we finally realign with it, so much inner love that we won’t know what to do with it all.

As long as we have that little extra umph love gives us, we can achieve anything we’re willing to believe we can. Love will bring us both challenge and success in all of our projects, creative or otherwise, and needless to say, it’ll reintroduce us to states of consciousness that’ll amaze us and remind us that life is meant to be joyful.

Life is meant to be a fun, challenging, invigorating process of personal and collective growth, and we can make it this way for ourselves and everyone else who’ve been disconnected from love for too long.



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