Two ends of a Stick is Only ONE Stick

Spiritual Perspectives / Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

…”There are some who say we are separate individual ego’s encased in a bag of skin, others will say we are one with the Universe…which is the right view? Well, the answer is revealed if we think of a stick, IT has two different ends, we can paint them different colors, we can plot their separate points on map grid, we can show they are not the same, yet the true reality IS only the one stick. So one can see that the ends of the stick cannot do anything alone, for the illusion of the separate ends of the stick becomes nothing without a direct relationship with the entire spectrum of the stick. In that same way, what we perceive as empty space between you and me, are only the radiating waves which hold everything together. Without understanding that everything we do, feel, and think, effects everything that is around us, we will continue to live with a illusion of our-self. Whether if we speak it or not, whether if we act it out or not, all our thoughts generate electromagnetic brain waves. Our being effects everyone and everything around us, whether if we believe it or not, for our beliefs mean nothing to the eyes of the Universe. We do not need special knowledge to see this take place, just drip a drop into a bowl of water and watch the ripples radiate out. Now watch a drip of thought enter you, and see how it changes how you feel, it changes the view of the world around you and those you interact with. You are a direct expression of the Universe, and without a direct relationship with that view, one is just casting waves with a closed EYE. As long as we think our thoughts are individual to only the thinker, we will never understand why our view of the world is so fragmented and full of conflicts. Look closer as to the true source of our thoughts, and one will begin to discover the hidden Universe we all possess inside, and that relationship will bring harmony within us and radiate throughout our life!” ~Alistar Valadez
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