True Wealth Sovereignty in A New World Rising

Alternative News, Ascension / Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Why would an evolved being do something to debase oneself for money, or false empowerment and raw power? Our current situation lends itself to a time of chaotic upheaval to the core. When those who are ready to have equality in wealth awaken totality, the world will then be a place of natural intent and basic principles based on love as the governance. This posting is part two in my series on true wealth.

The errant fabrication of malice with regard to wealth is rampant. Money is, and has always been used to create a vast group of undermined and out-classed people. It was originally designed to separate and to create a natural divide. “We have money and you don’t,” is the concept here.

In a sense the creation of the fiat money was a ploy to destroy the natural sovereign persons’ ability to live a simple abundant life of true wealth.

As this intent was from the start malevolent, it did require a mass agreement that was previously determined to override one’s capacity to naturally thrive. As the Over-Worldly Group obstructed the basic tenets of primordial intent, there was a desperate ploy to divide, regroup and subdivide those who had from those who did not.

By setting this into place one was out-classed and set apart from those who were deemed important. As those who were deemed important connived further to usurp and control, there was little resistance due to aggression with force. Those who did not have were very happy with the notion that they had all that was required. They knew how to cohabitate with nature and with the laws of nature. Living harmoniously in alignment is the initial tendency and to use only what you need, then replicate, restore, resource and replenish, and most importantly one knew to never, never, exploit or misuse the resources. Think of The Ringing Cedars book series here.

As the ones who had the wealth took over through power, it was equated with the deficit based false-wealth accrual, achieved in an underhanded manner of course. As this became the norm the true precepts of natural abundance and flow were hidden and were also not honored or revered. Abuse became wide-spread those in power continued to hold over anyone not of the same class and intent, a non-respected force. This force was engrained in those who did not have. They became the ones who slaved and worked to have. Over many decades and throughout periods in history the bar was raised until finally in the now moment there is a huge divide and the haves are the ones who have without mercy, taken again and again by pillaging the world through a lower intent.

The notion to consume is formidable and has been the forthright way and money game for eons. The creation of wanting-workers, destroyed the very fabric of a way to live that was previously very pure. Wars fueled by the agenda of nations held those who did not have at ransom by engineering a society of wanting-workers. The wanters gradually were fed the glitz and glamor of having really nice objects to adorn body, home, including many toys and external delights. The rhetoric involved dispelled the old ways of simplicity and living in harmony with nature for the modern society of wantees was and is, spurred by greed and fueled through the ludicrous use of repetitive promotion to scam and control as many consumers as possible. This holds true today.

There has been such a malevolent intent behind all aspects of money and wealth to the extreme today, that there is such discrepancy. The spokes of the money–misfortune wheel, have imploded and splintered from the natural flow of our inherent wealth and true abundance. At this time there are those who are aware and who are from the future, as I am, who know of the true wealth principle. Untill more know of this it will be seemingly impossible to step away from the wanters group, and to be voluntarily segmented from the lower influences with regard to the prevailing financial monetary games and master agenda. All is designed to separate and divide.

While one is living in a world of deceit, one may want to abdicate and separate from this dark controlling force set in place to unify, rather than allow those who know the truth of nature’s abundance. The technologies are here to support all life on the planet with the same across-the-planet wealth. Exploited fundamental resources diminish, but not totally, as there is a hidden reserve on this glorious rich blue planet. There is no need for consumerism and strife around money and wealth.

Right now one can stop the merry-go-round of pain inflicted by a small group of power mongering money whores who debase ones sovereign right to live in the natural alignment with true wealth and unending resources. We are the ones who know and who are here to write and speak of this truth. We shall not be sequestered nor silenced, for we are the ones who are here to share the truth, nothing but the truth, with valor and virtuous righteousness. Live abundantly simple. Plant a Food Forest in your community.

Part one of this discourse on wealth can be found on my blog site:

A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright 2013




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