To Those Awakening on 12/12/12 or Wondering What’s Occurring ~ Steve Beckow, The 2012 Scenario

Ascension / Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Today is December 12, 2012 – 12/12/12. And if all goes as expected, we believe this day will be exceptionally transformative and the formal beginning, if you will, of the Ascension process.

If you’re aware of the specialness of this day and wondering what may be happening to you and others, perhaps we can explain.

Some among the Mayans – but not only them; some among Tibetans, Egyptians, Hebrews, and many others – knew that a cycle in Earth’s history would be ending now.

That cycle is characterized by duality and separative consciousness and was devised as an experiment to see how life would fare under conditions of extreme separativeness from God.

We’ve learned many lessons, mostly about how life lived so separate from God can result in inequality, exploitation, wars and various other very unpleasant or catastrophic conditions.

And now, as is predicted most plainly in the Mayan calendar, that period of separative consciousness is coming to an end, not only here but everywhere in this universe. (Apparently, there are countless other universes.) That end may occur suddenly on 12/21/12, as many feel, or it may come gradually over a period of time. While sources disagree on which will occur, none disagree that Ascension will happen.

It isn’t coming to an end cataclysmically. The world itself is not going to end. Separative consciousness is about to yield to the unitive consciousness which has always been ours and was simply obscured or covered over – until now.

We’re about to return to conditions that prevailed before the experiment in duality was begun.

These conditions include the return of love, compassion, and co-operation to Earth. They include all who choose to go forward living in a higher-vibrational setting.

Those who choose to stay behind will have their wishes granted and continue to live as they have up till now. They’ll leave this level of vibration when the next cycle ends (or not, as they wish).

In the meantime, they’ll go to a Third-Dimensional setting in another universe. But they’ll be well taken care of during and after the shift.

The rest of us will awaken in a world that is like and yet not like this one. It’ll have trees and flowers and grass. It’ll have lakes and mountains and seas. It’ll have animals and people and even angels.

But it’ll exist within a higher-vibrational setting where flowers and grass will sing, water will run off our clothing without wetting, and, as we’ve heard it said since ancient times, the lion will lie down with the lamb.

These are those “end times” but they won’t be catastrophic.

We’re about to see Heaven return to Earth and Earth become Heaven. And it doesn’t depend on whether you believe what I’m saying or not. These events will occur whatever you believe. It does depend on whether you choose to be a part of it or not because your freewill will be honored.

All of this is being midwifed by powers and beings that we have till now regarded as living only in fables and science fiction. Angels and archangels, elohim and light beings, men and women from other galaxies and other dimensions of life are all co-operating with the Father/Mother One to cause the transformation we’re at the moment going through.

It’s being caused by waves of light and love hitting the Earth, gates and portals opening, and grids of consciousness firing up.

Be prepared for miracles. In fact the way you feel at present is a miracle, has been slowly developing over decades, and is now (in the days following 12/12/12) about to blossom.

How might you want to be with it? Like a person who’s just arrived in Paradise perhaps? Curious, open, humble, accepting. Loving definitely. Co-operative surely. Everything has been planned and laid on. There’s nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, and not much you need to do – except open to what occurs.

We’re on the threshhold of a Golden Age, not only for Earth, but for the entire universe, as dualistic and separative consciousness gives way to unitive and co-operative consciousness. It’s the most wonderful celebration one could possibly conceive and this is your invitation.

Come join us in love, peace, and harmony. Come join us in expectancy, welcome, and delight.

Come walk with us into a New World, Nova Earth, whether you see it as the Sat Yoga, Age of Aquarius, or Golden Age. The time is now and it’s happening all around us.

Welcome. Welcome, Earth’s newest awakened being.


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