Time arises only when there is approximation between action and idea ~ J. Krishnamurti

Spiritual Perspectives / Monday, December 8th, 2014





For us, idea becomes extremely important, not action, and action is merely an approximation to the idea. Is it possible to act without idea and therefore no approximation at all at any time? This means really that one has to go into the question of why idea has taken the place of action. People talk about action: What is the right thing to do? The right thing to do is not an idea divorced from action, because then action becomes an approximation to the idea, and still the idea is important but not action. So how are you to act so completely, so totally, that there is no approximation, that you are living all the time completely? Such a person has no need of an idea, of concepts, of formulas, of methods. Then, there is no time but only action; time arises only when there is approximation between action and idea.

This may sound extravagant and absurd. But if you have gone into the question of thought, into the question of idea, and as you cannot live without action, you ask, ‘Is it possible to live without idea, without word, but only with action?’ It is only when the mechanism of thought is understood that there is action which is not an approximation. Surely, if you think about this yourself, you will see what an extraordinary thing it is.

Collected Works, Vol. XIII,Action




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