They say our ego is a mask… ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Thursday, September 27th, 2018

art by Cameron Gray

“They say our ego is a mask, they say our ego is only an image, they say we hide our true self when we are pushed to our limit! For every lesson and conflict given in our outer life remains a mirror of the aspects we need to resolve in our inner life. It’s easy to blame others for our inner suffering, but it’s the only path that makes us reflect on the reactions of our unconscious, as that is the only thing in our life that we ever have the chance of being in control of! Now it is time to either keep decaying by repeating habits or expand by consciously cocreating a new pattern!

We are like the sun, no matter what is going on in someones life, just the fact we express our existance gives a shine of hope to those cast in darkness! If we are breathing our life still serves a higher purpose, we may forget life is a spectrum, we may forget our bliss when we feel suffering, we may forget our light when we only see darkness, but as they say the facts do not cease to exist just because we ignore them! Somewhere in this world a heart is missing passion, and you hold the key to filling that hollow with inspiration, by reaching out from the cave of our fears we discover our true fate and destiny, for another unwritten dream always awaits our presence!” ~Alistar Valadez

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