There’s no ME in WE

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Theres no ME in WE

For humans to evolve and truly thrive we will evolve beyond the frequencies of trauma, lack and fear.

In my experience of “future” sourceself, diamond light beings which have been with me for just under a year we evolve and move to much less dense and a collective consciousness. In quantum terms we are already having this experience on some level which is how source consciousness is communicating in my awareness. Love permeates every place…and ultimatley no place and no space as we move to one singularity.

This is the experiential timeline l choose. One where my heart is always open and we live in harmony and balance with EVERY human having equal opportunity to thrive.

WE will come into UNION or UNITY within.

WE will foster COMMUNITY with each other, sharing resources and life.

WE will become in full COMMUNION with Earth and Cosmos.

Inner and divine highly evolved COMMUMICATION and resonance flow

with aligned ACTION.

The old paradigm tactic of divide and conqueor, isolate and play to fear/survival protocols is in full swing before us like a play in kindergarten….our world experience has been based on a cosmic immaturity, a network lie and its time for us to come out and graduate if we choose to surrender these dramas.

Communication is heavily supressed, vetted and information and events is not at all what it appears to be so why do we buy into it?

This is energy work of the LOWER energy centres which en masse is here as an opportunity to make a choice to evolve snd elevate without judgement shame or blame.

Ever heard of 100th monkey? It works all ways…and the many events and strategic moves around the chosen theme of “survival” and “control” once zero pointed emerge to thrive, and freedom to live in harmony with the universal field. The medicine being served is somewhat like an “emetic” or in Shamanic terms “vomitivo” which is a cleanse.

To move to LOVE UNITY and COMPASSION, which has virtues and a positive harmonic resonance field we must take consciousness to our higher centres.

It begins with taking responsibility for self and whole…all projections and creations and making the jump from fear to love, from survive to thrive and rooting firmly in heart resonance and compassion.

Just know nothing is what it seems and stay in love, care for your loved ones and neighbours and stay centered, foster and cultivate your centre. However you choose to respond and engage will telegraph and reverberate around the Universal field determining your reality.

The love and support we have in this experience is rich and beautiful…each one of us made a choice to be here during an incredible planetary shift. We can support one another by doing the inner work, and setting amazing examples for our children and communities.

We create what we resonate…so you are invited instead of watching the information on social media or tv or gossiping or working out how deep the rabbit hole of conspiracy and dark control goes, watch your resonance and work on inner light…it begins INSIDE.

Meditation, gratitude, movement, and breathwork are the soul medicines l use every day to maintain centre….and yes there are things to clear…real time as it comes.

Trust the Universe.

Trust your Sourceself to show you the way.

Let go.

Remember WE are a COLLECTIVE….there is NO “I” …this is an illusion of separation. What is in one is in all, what is for one is for all. As soon as consciousness elevates to higher centres we know and feel this.

Reach your divine hand out and shine this unity love on the aspects which harbour the contractions, doubts, fears, and survival protocols. Every breath here is a breath for all.

We move as one.

Those who grab, hoard, judge, use their wealth, muscle, lower emotions and status for service to self are just continuing their survival timelines.

Tune in deep before you invest in thought forms with this resonance and take action feeling also the impact of the Universal footprint in your heart.

Vision what evolves when we embody unity consciousness, and elevated heart resonance…vibrate it into your heart and body as a medicine…connect to nature…animals…one another in love…feel the corners of your mouth rise into a smile and celebration…or a laugh of joy or a movement of expression or a sound to create resonance and shine like a beacon…your cells vibrate the health and vitality which you are…shining the suns of the universe from within to illuminate all.


~Susanne Amara | @rawascension_amara

Source: Ascension Energies

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