There is thought we hear, and there is consciousness we create, when we are silent of thought ~ Alistar Valadez

Spiritual Perspectives / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018


..”They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but it is really created when we live a life of not knowing what we want, as most of us only let fears dictate our fate, when all along we have had the inner power of all the mystics, sages, and saints that have passed this world throughout the ages. There is thought we hear, and there is consciousness we create, when we are silent of thought, IT speaks, when our thoughts speak, IT is silent, and learning this balance will take us far beyond our wildest imaginations. For the empowered spirit can move mountains, build temples and pyramids which last over 10,000 years, imagine what greatness we will co-create once we discover that power hidden within! The key to unlocking this mystery is not found in a ‘method’, for that puts our divine awakening into some far off future, the only true enlightenment comes when we awaken in the present moment, and realize that the past is only a memory and a vision is all we have of the future. When we can FEEL that in our bones, beyond just understanding the literal sense of the words, then we will know what a true paradigm shift really means!

The key to wisdom is in the recognition of patterns, just think of your breath, as it just goes on and on without a needing to focus on it, but if we decided to switch our focus on our breath, like in a meditation, suddenly it flows to how we wish to sway the currents. And we know it is so, as we can FEEL that in our bones, it is a ‘flip’ of control, as that sensation of change is vivid and real! And our ‘awakening or enlightenment’ is no different, that ‘flip’ feeling IS what makes it FEEL real, as that moment arises when we realize that our thoughts do not define us. It may be hard to see the harmony while within the chaos, but if one has ever been in a airplane, what we always notice is the ‘individual’ gives way to the ‘collective’. From a higher view the smaller details are less important, as a higher order and pattern is clearly in motion. It may be hard for many to grasp this at ground level, but if we look closer at society and to those around us, are we really looking at conscious beings? Or is it not so that most are only putting on a show, just like actors playing a role, only showing slivers of the self to a select few, but never revealing the true self in full? Look closer to the patterns that surround you…

This is what writings of poetry and expressions of artists are here to do, to remind us, inspire us, to never forget that it is better to FEEL and express the whole spectrum of self, to unlock the invisible prison of thoughts that surround us, rather than hiding behind our fears and only showing a sliver of who we really ARE. For our awakening, our enlightenment, is about the transformation into an empowered being, as the time is always NOW to unlock a Divine Moment of Truth within us!” ~Alistar Valadez

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