There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time

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“There are no hierarchies reserved via quantum synthesis, but everything is available to everyone at any time.”

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This is the most complex and difficult to understand element of this whole situation out of everything that I have ever explained or anyone else in this time or any other.

We are a product of all other products that are a product of all other products. Multiple dimensions, layers, complete universes unto themselves all fit into the same spot at the same time, at different angles like pieces to a multi-dimensional pie, or better yet a clock with many gears or even a merry-go-round at some kind of circus designed out of multi-dimensional experiences.

The whole point of self-awareness and free-will is to experience some form of self-expression, authority, and the basis for continuity through the restrictions of the physical form. We then become aware based upon the separated, restricted, ordered, material and sensible kinds of world elements that we must in order to make sense of this society and existence. What this was previously was an inverted sense of self based upon an overpowering presence of self that is unified beyond physical limitations or times, probably due to a greater access of temporal or energetic background store of information that yields knowledge of the self’s history.

The point is, it comes from have no restriction other than in concept to having literal dimensional depth of one’s face pressed in and around the ‘sensory highway’ to give one the sense of being ‘plugged in’ to this world and is based upon the isolating, organizing, and mediating electrostatic resistance within this space. That is, all energy is ‘taxed’ by the universe itself and everything here is part of a big processing system utilizing information, energy and consciousness in a uniquely geometric format.

So with the access yielded by advanced spiritual practices, advanced technology, or possible some other world event whereby people are able to see and access interdimensional capabilities, then you are faced with a condundrum.

From that point forward, there is no ‘then’ that is the single complete then, there is no ‘now’ that is the ‘true’ and sure now, and there is no ‘when’ that is not modified, calculated, modulated or otherwise obtained through computerized systems.

From that point on, one’s access to time and space, depends on their intent and desire to carry out operations, missions, explorations, observations, experiments and so on. There is no more restriction based upon having to do what is being done in order to survive in that moment. Those with more advanced access tend to replace all the physically requiring methods of obtaining what is needed with temporally focused methods however this also usually has its own set of side-effects. A kind of keeping one’s self sharp instead of always relying on technology kind of thing.

When one gains that access, what one does becomes the eternal impact of their existence on the universe. What they do becomes part of the background circumstances that brings the universe around again the first place. This becomes the extremes of the far edges of the spectrum of duality in consciousness. Either Heaven or Hell. It’s something interesting to note here, which is something that one in this business of thinking may do often, is to notice the order of the composition. Heaven first, then Hell. When we are born we could say that we we perceive before the first cognition may not be so much as a Heaven or a Hell even if it’s complete other impressions of existences. Yet once we are poised for the beginnings of re-awareness we are said to be in a vacuous sense of pleasure in which the very walls of our abode are as much a part of ourselves as our own body and shape. Then the Heaven breaks and Hell is let in as much as we are let out into it and the process of duality begins itself, but where will the merry-go-round end, is that up to Human or God?

The concluding idea here is that with multidimensional access you can go to any time and space. This either destroys or exalts 100 percent of the people who experience it. This is the hurdle, the dimensional gap that humans have been reduced to chattel through the ignorance of.

“So there is no elitist power structure over your real essence, but your “Autopilot-Mode” essence, can be modified into some degree of simulated soul essence. However, especially successful individuals in evolution often have a particularly difficult time. Their superiority makes them the enemy of the elite and the system in which they operate on historical level.”

“Quantum soul-synthesis is routed with human dna and based on terrestrial gravity influences, which means that the gauge symmetry you use on earth for your quantum synthesis, urges completely different premises for the interaction between the quantum used by humans and the mind associated with it.”

Your body has a ‘gravity’ or a smear, an impression, an emission, a residue, or a kind of electrostatic wake as you move through ‘time’ which is an extra-dimensional space meaning it is attached at a right angle (or so) to every atom capable of defining motion or distance in this universe.

Yes, by associating or entangling one’s atoms in a certain situation one can align their atoms to a mirror image in another universe. This is a quantum clone. There are various necessary processes that take place in order to maintain continuity for these simultaneous feeds that can occur. This is all old tech and the newer tech is closer to universal immortality.

The idea is that with a soul there is already a kind of quantum telemetry, some kind of server system set up which is actually a source of potential for human consciousness and is the remnant of the original energetic self in the parallel universe.

This quantum mind is a programmable, formattable, quantum system capable of magnificent extrapolation, virtual experience, and mind to mind communication. This mind is difficult to access but is accessible with enough pressure. This is the mind that must be accessed in order to preprogram events in history and guide Earth through hyperspace and ‘manually’ influencing the outcome of mass events.

“The evil is involved in the destruction of quality of life. Elitist circles are not involved in the true power structure of planet earth, because they are subtly misdirected in the wrong direction by those for whom they perform ceremonies and rituals, without noticing that they are their little puppets. The highest elite of all empires on earth is not very smart or intelligent, because they don´t know the bigger picture, so they do not at all understand the puzzle, were they are orchestrated into via data automatisation of their soul trough soul recycling and mind replacement technology, which is something thats very different from mind and dna transfer technology.”

“This universe is actually a nearly 80% simulated multiverse as a portal for a temporary cache of property for simulated souls in which the movement of time can exist and portals never travel back to the identical starting point”

Returning to this paragraph again, this is what my past experiences with secret research experiments have shown.

The most advanced technology would be indistinguishable from reality and so there you have it. Artificial environments mixed in directly with the true environment. According to my experience with this, the majority of the solar system is entirely fabricated by a very advanced projection system that deals with time and space in it’s own domain like it has separated and altered the two to create it’s own universe.

“Its just about sharing a different view. Autopilot-Mode souls, exist and live in the temporary cache around organic wave functions”

This is the main issue. People tend to fall asleep and become like video games that are played over and over and nothing changes. Imagine never changing your routine, you’d become like a robot. Imagine people that do it for eons. It’s literal robots, that’s what happens, that’s the version of falling asleep inside this system. Like a person turns to stone, although it’s the soul that changes whether burning brightly or dimmed.

The bit about the universe being a temporary cache (primarily in the first paragraph related to this), this

“which is why historical data, changes backwards in time and generates parallel timelines because it will not overlap interdimensional coordinates, from physical expansion in a quantum field”

What we are experiencing is not linear in nation because the entire system is not linear in nature but follows the laws of hyperdimensional space. The beginning and the end are not the same as how we perceive things here. Things are happening right now from that perspective that you are unable to see.

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  1. Overall, it makes sense. The only problem I had with it was the grammar, which interrupted my flow of thought. Nevertheless, the article opened new territory for me, and offers many paths to follow. I especially liked the use of common experiences to which the average layperson could relate.
    Thanks Silke F! Bill Gallagher

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