There are many streams of information surrounding you at all times from various sources, it is merely about tapping into it and finding what resonates with your soul on a deep level and what doesn’t.

Ascension / Sunday, October 20th, 2013

“There are many streams of information surrounding you at all times from various sources, it is merely about tapping into it and finding what resonates with your soul on a deep level and what doesn’t. When one taps into a stream of consciousness that seems beyond themselves they begin to channel this information through words, art, and movement. Most of this channeling is unknown to the person channeling but rather seems like a sudden inspiration, epiphany or insight. The Ancient Greeks explained this process with the mythology of the muses. Almost all the art and entertainment on your planet has been channeled in various degrees and through the power of divine imagination, as these ideas spread to the collective they begin to materialize in various forms over time. Technological advancement, spiritual evolution and social progress are all deeply tied to the process of channeling. What seemed to be of the realm of pure fantasy will always manifest in one way or another as more people grasp and resonate with this idea as enjoyable.

Many of these streams of consciousness are downloaded unbeknownst to the individual’s conscious mind into the regions of the subconscious. It isn’t until the individual dreams or meditates that this information begins to become extracted at a later time – often through the symbolism of the subconscious mind. Paying close attention to your dreams and recording them down in some manner will benefit you deeply. If you wish to engage information from your subconscious dream into your conscious mind – the best method is to re-insert yourself into your dream while awake. What this means is to use your divine imagination and begin to visualize the characters and scenes of your dreams and begin interacting with them as if you were in your dream. Dialogue with the characters and ask them questions. Have fun with this process. Be like a child just playing with their imagination for entertainment. This method will begin to overlap the boundaries of conscious and subconscious mind and help information travel back and forth – also opening you up more to the process of channeling and expanded states of creativity. This will also enhance your energetic work with lucid dreaming which in turn will open you up to astral projection so that you can interact with other realms of consciousness and information more directly.

While there are many streams of consciousness that you can tap into, not all are beneficial to you or others at this time. Your receptivity to information is much like adjusting a radio to various stations, you want to ensure that your reception is as clear as possible by removing yourself from the process as much as possible and letting the information stream through. You also want to make sure that you’re tuning into a station that you enjoy. There are many beings that are willing to work with you, but not all are high guides. It is important to ensure that you are working with higher density sources of information and not lower density sources or programs set up by Archons for the purpose of confusion and misdirection. Channeling is always working with yourself – but only when viewed in a higher dimensional manner. There are no beings in the universe that are not you – regardless of density, form or seemingly polar aspects. But for the purpose of ascension you want to be working with and anchoring information from ascended states and perspectives of your collective consciousness, not regressive ones. Your Higher Self has already assembled your team of Higher Guides that are meant to assist you within this incarnation and opening up to these guides is a highly personal process.

All information received from your own personal channeling or that of others should always be taken with a grain of salt and always use your heart as your compass. This is because the information will always be filtered through the receiver’s states of consciousness, ego and perspectives without exception. That is why it is crucial to try to be as clear as possible of removing yourself from the process – but this can never be fully done as you will always be a lower density than the information that you are receiving. If you were to fully align with a higher state of density you would no longer be in a lower state of density – as you cannot regress back into density during the inhalation of Great Spirit. However higher density beings can crystallize temporarily into lower densities for interaction, but this is not permanent – but rather similar to the process of channeling, just backwards. If you were to fully reach the pure state of resonance with higher density of information you would ascend into that next state of density and would not need this information and would begin working with higher densities of information.

Many of the books that you view as holy religious texts were all channeled and great wisdom and insight can be gleaned from them. However, you will begin to see that they were highly filtered through the personalities of the authors and that the information is greatly colored by the social views of the collective at the time. This is why holy books begin to lose power over time. It is not because they are invalid but rather because the collective consciousness begins to evolve past them and higher levels of information need to begin to be channeled with more clarity. This also presents the problem with ancient prophecy. Just like fiction inserted into the collective mind, prophecy also begins to manifest with those that hold onto these ideals as desirable. But when you begin to understand that time is not linear, you begin to see the biggest problem with the idea of prophecy especially in regards to specific dates. As people begin to direct their own timelines and dimensional navigation, prophecy begins to manifest or become invalidated based upon the course that humanity has set for itself.

The best way to see which reality you are manifesting is to focus upon how you are constructing your energetic nest of manifestation and then to take a look at the synchronicity programs you are running within your life. This can often be analyzed through divination and astrology when you are having problems honing into the patterns being presented within your life. Nothing is ever set in stone, but you can get an idea of what is manifesting and what path you are opening yourself up to. This is very similar to how a meteorologist cannot 100% predict the weather patterns that will occur with certainty, but they can analyze the information and make an educated guess of probability.”

– Noctua


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