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ON JANUARY 6, 2020, Norwegian scientists from the Polarlightcenter Geophysical Observatory noticed a strange activity of the northern lights over Norway, Finland and Iceland. They recorded a sudden change in the currents of the earth and the magnetic field. Local media reported that 15 minutes before “this shock wave”, the NASA space satellite transmitted how the density of the solar wind jumped more than 5 times, and the interplanetary magnetic field near Earth DIRECTLY REVERSED 180 degrees. Scientists said that in the Earth’s magnetic field for many hours a CRACK OPENED, through which a solar high-frequency stream flowed to the earth. A 180-degree turn of the interplanetary magnetic field and the formation of a local discontinuity in the polar ionosphere did not occur by itself.
On JANUARY 7, 2020, it was recorded that the supermassive black hole M87 threw powerful jets toward the Earth. As a result of observations conducted by astronomers for four years using the Chandra observatory, powerful jets emitted by a black hole were EXACTLY DIRECTED in the DIRECTION of the Earth.
We are talking about the object M87 (in the center of the elliptical galaxy M87, the constellation Virgo), weighing about 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun, at a distance of about 55 million light-years from Earth. Its core is very active, generating powerful radiation of various frequencies, including gamma radiation.
A gigantic jet emanates from the M87 core. This jet contains several bunches, the optical radiation of which is strongly polarized. The color of the radiation is blue.
Radio emission comes both from the galactic nucleus and from the surrounding extended region of about one hundred thousand light-years in size. Galaxy M 87 is a powerful source of X-ray radiation.
It also turned out that the M87 is a rotating black hole. The nature of the M87 radiation is constantly changing.
IMPORTANT – from the M87 source, particles with energy exceeding 10 in the 19th degree of electron-volt came to us. This energy is SO powerful that the particles came to us WITHOUT deviations in galactic magnetic fields, that is, along a DIRECT LINE.
Powerful gamma-ray bursts have a long-wavelength continuation – the so-called afterglow. Following the initial gamma-ray pulse, the X-ray flux of a typical length of several days follows CONSTANTLY. It goes into ultraviolet, then into visible light, into infrared radiation and, finally, into radio waves, which are fixed for weeks and months.
Another important aspect of what happened. During those “many hours” when our planet was open to space, there was a forced reconnection of the magnetic lines of force of magnetic fields, of which there were at least two. Earth’s magnetic field and M87’s magnetic field. We for a while became a tiny CONTINUOUS of this space giant, who included us in his magnetic field.
KEY RELEASE is the fundamental physical process in plasma, responsible for all phenomena of plasma activity. There are two types of reconnection – forced and spontaneous. In our case, it was precisely the FORCED reconnection of the lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field, in which the magnetic configuration undergoes a restructuring of the plasma flow from the outside.
The participant of this space action is the SUN, it also contributed to the surgical operation for the Earth. And it was updated. 12/21/2019, a powerful magnetic explosion was recorded on the Sun
Despite the fact that the existence of such explosions was supposed by experts 15 years ago, observation of one of them took place only at the end of 2019.
As a result of the eruption, the magnetic fields of the star were torn, and then reunited, which led to an unprecedented magnetic explosion. The release of the substance occurred in the form of a prominence. Previously, researchers observed a spontaneous reconnection of the solar magnetic lines of force, now they saw the reconnection FORCED.
Under the influence of a stream of elementary particles coming from outer space, the molecular composition of DNA changes – what will come next can only be assumed.
The global impact of PHENOMENA suggests a corresponding large-scale action – energy. So, it is time for us to be witnesses and at the same time PARTICIPANTS of the further destruction of old energy matrices (thoughts, habits, patterns, egregors). Large and small, in a variety of options. In all manifestations – from the global plan to the plan of the personal, individual.
But in one thing you can STOP DOUBT – the old world … no, it is not doomed … THE OLD WORLD JUST DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, THE WORLD BECAME DIFFERENT.
First, it’s worth understanding what happened at the time of the connection by the energy cord from the M87 galaxy, in the center of which is the Black Hole, with our planet Earth. This cord looked like a hose that stretched from a huge black ball and was connected to the south pole of the Earth. Inside the Earth there is an infromir or a world of the second dimension, where all low-frequency or negative energies that people in the third dimension generate are dumped. Naturally, over many millennia, this cesspool was filled up and an energy hose and device (Black Hole) were connected to the Earth to pump out these wastes of human life.
This energy hose consisted of an internally hollow pipe, and there was powerful luminous energy around. It was this energy that acted on the Earth’s magnetic field, spread the magnetic lines and connected to the South Pole. It was clearly visible how previously the dark interiors of the Earth began to move away. After that, light energies from the hose-cord filled the inner space of the planet. Pulses of light energy (gamma radiation) passed along the surface of the planet. They cleaned the elements of the Earth: water, air, earth and ether.
Black holes cleanse the planets of accumulated negative energy, otherwise the planet becomes conditionally heavier and gradually plunges into the dark space of another, lower dimension, and then the Black hole, which grinds and separates not only the planets, but also the sun of the entire Galaxy.
How did the cleansing of the human subtle bodies take place on January 6-7, 2020. Since man remains inextricably linked with the planet, the gamma-ray pulse cleared not only the thin bodies of the Earth, but also the thin bodies of people – most of the negative energies were extracted from the karmic body of a person.
An interesting description was given by one clairvoyant. On the mental plane (the body of thought) in her head, as if shot from a beam weapon, as shown in science fiction films. These rays eject metal fragments of some kind from the head. And then the head began to fill with other light energy. The light filled his head, and then spread throughout his body. This phenomenon was ubiquitous in every person on Earth, which can manifest itself as a decrease in anger and irritation from negative thoughts.
The resignation of the Medvedev government is directly related to the purge described.
A huge ray of attention of the creatures that carried out the support and manipulation of power, just in a panic and haste went into denser spaces. Of course, not everyone left, but the hasty folding of their energy structures was very noticeable against the background of the processes described above. It should be understood that many rulers in power are nothing more than puppets, spacesuits, whose puppeteers are finding it increasingly difficult to remain in the renewed energy structure of the planet. On the subtle plane, there is also a certain re-signing of agreements on mass management in order to avoid global panic and the collapse of egregors supporting the social system. However, they will no longer do this as masters of the situation. The government’s bravado over tightening taxes and the constitution is nothing more than another attempt to intimidate the public for pumping energy.
Also, another attempt to intimidate people and lower the vibrations back to the previous level also explains the behavior of the United States with Iran, organizing fleeting world wars. It is clear that in this way Trump is trying to switch his attention from his impeachment to external factors, but the deeper reasons are precisely in downloading the resource. There will be more such attempts, as avatars in power will increasingly change the firmware and openly glitch, which means that there will be more delusions in the news, so we do not pay attention to this.
The article by Alyona Sabirova, translated from Russian
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